finally a nair scene :) (Spoilers)

Yeah nair is better than dair :)

Anything is better than Chair.

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Anyone know how long Jules is staying?

How many episodes?

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Chuck is like a piece of garbage...

Chuck isn't LIKE a piece of garbage, he IS a piece of garbage.

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Sweetie Serena ,dont be a whore

I don´t care about her sleeping with random men, go for it girl!

What annoys me a lot is when they make it look like Serena´s only goal in life is to "meet" guys to sex.


I think she should be allowed to do whatever she wants but the way the show is going about it makes her seem a little slutty.

I'm a little different from most people here--I have zero problems with Serena sleeping with a lot of guys, I don't care how many.

What sometimes troubles me is how often she seems to be the "other woman," and ends up sleeping with/kissing another woman's boyfriend/husband. Or in this case, going out with her professor. She didn't seem to feel bad for Maureen at all in S3, or Vanessa in S4 after what happened with Dan in 3x22, and that bothers me.

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Filming Hospital Scenes/Tate Donovan Directing (Spoilers)

It's always Serena.

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I HATED Chuck sooo much this episode.

I hate all Chuck's. Good Chuck, Bad Chuck, Drunk Chuck, Business Chuck....I HATE THEM ALL!

Except for S1 Chuck.

Same here.

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Does anyone know why... (Spoilers)

They don't hate her. The writers really suck lately. Season 1, Blair was THE BEST. Her scenes were amazing, loved them all....same for season 2. Season three and four, the writers just started, I don't know, snorting cocaine?

The Season 1 writers didn't hate her, but lots of them left and I think many of the new writers DO hate her.

Losing Henderson and Steinberg was a real loss for Blair. Especially Steinberg. They left after the Writers Strike...I sometimes wonder if there's lingering animosity there, b/c one of the new writers in S3 who was GOOD with Blair (in 3x18) hasn't been back this season, while the writers who hate Blair are being hired in greater numbers.


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Chuck is like a piece of garbage...


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This is not the Blair I hoped for.

I want the blair we got in 4.02 to come back i really miss the queen b we saw in that ep

Every time she gets a bit of character growth, it gets negated because of the Chuck/Blair ship. I'm so sick of it. If they'd allowed Blair to progress and move on as an INDIVIDUAL from where she was in 3x18, that would have been AWESOME.

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This is not the Blair I hoped for.

For me the issue is that Blair has many negative traits: she's vindictive, bitchy and obsessed with pointless status.  However, at her best the negatives are far outweighed by her positive characteristics: brains, loyalty, dedication.

At the moment the absence of brains is meaning that the negatives are outweighing the positives and that's a shame.

I completely agree with everything you said. I think a large part of the reason that her characterization has been suffering this season is this need to put her on a level with Chuck, push this notion that she and Chuck are "meant to be" because they're "just as bad as each other." Newsflash, CB got ruined in S3 and nothing Blair has done will ever equal what Chuck did in 3x17, so they should just let her MOVE THE HELL ON, but they won't, and it's SO FRUSTRATING.

AL, while I agree, I don't think the Blair you speak of has been alive since season 1.  

She appears in flashes (3x18, and 4x02 as well IMO), unlike Chuck, who's

I know why most people are glad that Eva's gone: It was to hard to watch that there's a female on Chuck's side who knows when to call it quits and stand up for herself, not taking every crap he's throwing at her. Eva had some pride, while Blair's back to her weakling ways.

Er, no. I'm glad Eva's gone because she's a Mary Sue self-insert from bad fanfic written by a Chuck stan, only the writing's so shitty nowadays that she's actually CANON.

And I disagree that she's some kind of empowered figure. She left because Chuck believed Blair over her, not because she realized that Chuck's a horrible person. Even her last words as she left continued the ego-stroking and Chuck-validation that she was designed for from her first appearance. Worst Prop Ever.

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