Serena should go take a long walk off a short pier

Blair says something about Lily hopefully being able to run Bass Industries without engaging in the human flesh trade. Then she says she forgave Chuck for something nobody else would ever forgive (i.e. Jack), and THEN he did the one thing she could never get over (i.e. CJ)

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Serena should go take a long walk off a short pier

which indecent proposal? the sleeping with jenny or selling Blair out to his uncle?

Er...the indecent proposal refers to Jack, of course. Because he made an indecent proposal to Blair?

Of course Serena knows about Jenny, she found out in 3x22.

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Serena should go take a long walk off a short pier


What makes it worse is that the dialogue makes it pretty clear that Serena KNOWS ABOUT THE INDECENT PROPOSAL.

What the frell. If someone did that to my friend I'd tell them to stay the HELL away.

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To those who wants the show to get cancelled

I actually realized today that I would watch for Nate, Serena, Dan love triangle - it sounds like something that should have happened since season 1Eh, I kinda hate it. By this point they've cheapened Serena's feelings for both guys at least for me, and whichever one she ends up with I'm not going to believe it. Her heart thumps for Tripp, she thinks Aaaron's THE ONE, she thinks Gabriel's THE ONE, ehhhhh...

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How do Chair fans do it?

and can the writers for ONE FUCKING MOMENT please stop shitting on Blair? JFC.


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Never thought I'd say this, but... (Spoilers)

Eric and Rufus for the WIN. Serena and Dorota for the FAIL

(Eric was alway made of win, the "Never thought I'd say this" refers to Rufus.)

So, it seems from spoilers that Serena knows about the IP by now. SHE KNOWS CHUCK SOLD BLAIR OUT FOR A HOTEL. And yet she encourages Blair to go and see Chuck and bring him back from the train station?

FUCK NO. She should be telling Blair to stay the hell away, that she's better off without that fucktard bringing her down, that what he did to her is unforgivable and that even if it's hard, she has to make a clean break.

This is seriously starting to look like a case of Battered Woman Syndrome, where the abused party keeps making excuses for her abuser ("He's not a bad guy." "He really loves me." "When he's good, we get along great.") and can't break away. It happens all the time. BUT BLAIR'S SO-CALLED FRIENDS SHOULD NOT BE ENABLING IT. Why do Serena and Dorota keep telling Blair that she'll regret it if she doesn't go after Chuck? If it were my friend I'd be distracting them, pulling them away, helping her FORGET, not get pulled back into the endless cycle of abuse.


I have a new respect for Eric and Rufus, who are all, "Hell no, he's beyond redemption" and give Chuck the cold shoulder when he comes back. You know what? They're RIGHT. All that apologizing Chuck does in 4x03, all the so-called remorse he shows? Two episodes later and he's back to using Jenny as a pawn in his sick and twisted game of stalkery abuse and attempts to destroy Blair.

What, when Blair tells him that it takes more than Chuck Bass to destroy Blair Waldorf, he decided to prove her wrong?


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Apparently GGFansss confirmed that yes, Dair is happening this season. (Spoilers)

Personally I have more trouble believing that someone could be a Blair fan and prefer her to be with someone who treats her so badly.  Someone who belittled her, pimped her out, then tried to propose the minute after falling out of bed with another woman.  The OOC behaviour is that Blair would keep throwing away her dignity by returning to the boy who causes her so much misery.


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I don't really think he should feel bad about what happened with Jenny because of anything it did to her. The Humphreys need to get over it. He should feel about the Jenny thing because of what it did to Blair and how it was betraying her.

He should feel bad about the way he treated Jenny AFTER the sex. Everyone keeps saying, "The sex was consensual!" That's not the point, the point is that Jenny basically got kicked out 0.5 seconds after losing her virginity (she ran out, but that was b/c Chuck was denying her existence while she was in the NEXT ROOM and clearly he was on the point of kicking her out). And he didn't give a **** about her after that, he was off trying to propose to Blair. GROSS.

It's just Blair and Chuck season 1 and 2, the fights, the drama

No, it's not.

Blair doesn't need one more person like Serena and Dorota telling her she should go and find Chuck, she should go and help Chuck, that she can't do without Chuck in her life.

What she needs is someone who will take her aside and say, "I know it's hard for you, but you need to get AWAY from this guy. He's toxic and he's dragging you down." A TRUE FRIEND would do that, not push her back into the same destructive cycle. What Dorota said in 3x18: "I don't need you to be happy couple, Miss Blair. I just need you to be happy." That's what Blair needs someone telling her right now. Not Serena pushing her to break her date and go and see Chuck, WTF.

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I'm curious, does anyone really care about Chuck having a new identity?

I think it's been mentioned before, but the death of Chuck would be a double-edged sword, even if he were to be killed by a double-edged sword.  Yes, he would be gone for good, but we'd have to put up with everyone mourning him for ages.  They'd surely have Blair wearing only black and not getting any sex for the rest of the season.

OK, we can change it to "The Castration of Chuck Bass."

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Aww, Sweeti, I love you too!

oh also - I REALLLLLLLLLLLY am into Blouis. OK.

 he's cute, he seems so down to earth, he's EFFING ROYALTY.

I'm so with you. And he's such a romantic idealist! Even more so than Blair! ALSO, ACCENT.

Using Jenny? Really? And I have to deal with people saying "Rufus is awful for not wanting him close to her daughter or part of his family" Well, Chuck is trying to use Rufus's kid for a revenge, I hope Blair and Jenny team up to destroy Chuck Bass.

WORD TO ALL OF THIS. Remorse? What remorse? If he felt so bad about what he did to Jenny he wouldn't be using her as a pawn.

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