Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)


that sounds like something she'd say.

I am probably sooo wrong.



"I'll be right here, doing my thing"

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My very first grey's anatomy fan vid



tell me what you think, I realize the one video clip of the house of candles KISS is not in it.. dang... it was soo cute, I dunno why it didnt show up.. next video I do, I hope it'll be more clips.. will have that in it. lol

tell me what you think of the pics and clips, and also the song :)

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Who will die in season 6 (Relationships)

well now we know ;p

I miss charlie.. i was just beginning to like him

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Five least favorite Grey's character's




Izzie(i liked her and didnt)


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Five favourite characters

I cant choose just 5

ok ill try..








and the ones who got voted off the 5 for me.







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what would another spinoff be about ?

whats S6??

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Predictions for the Season 7 (Spoilers)

I loved all your ideas.

but i remember Shronda saying on twitter she would love to do a flashback but cant find younger actors to play them all.

Maybe we should come up with people.. like maybe the girl who was in 8 rules for dating my teenage daughter, the one with red hair can play Addison.

i dunno who else..

i would love to see their flashback.. see how they acted and who they once were together lol they seem bestfriends when addison's brother was in the hospital

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what would another spinoff be about ?

ohh i agree..

a medschool and the class be in seattle grace like maybe their class would be the room that the interns had with the dead bodies in it.. they learn there and evenutally(sp) become interns and work in the hospital.

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I love your avatar ahha

sooo funnyyyyy and soo cute.

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grey's wedding?this marriage doesn't know from behaviour (Spoilers)

aweee. if they get married on a ferry boat.. like they decide to do something for freiends and family.. and on a ferry boat. orrr if their friends and or family decide to give them a honeymoon AWAY from sergery and do a wedding and a ferry boat honeymoon..


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