PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

 I cried in season 2 in, episode " Into You Like a Train" and the last minutes of the finale.

Another moment when I cried was when Derek pulled Meredith from the water and when they tried to save her. And you see Derek sitting on the floor outside crying. 

I cried through half of the later episodes of season 5. I cried my eyes out during this season.

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Best Love Scenes! (Relationships)

I love all of Mer/Der scenes. But if I has to choose some of them:

Candle House scene, Sex in the Exam room, The Proposal.

But my favorite love scene with Alex/Izzie is of course the Wedding.

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

After seeing those episodes I'am speechless, it had so much emotions. I cried and laughed.

Don't get me started at the cliffhanger l got shocked. Not knowing how things is going to continue, are both dead or is one of them going to make it.

When I saw Izzie's expression in the elevator she had a look of uncertain in her eyes. As much as I want both of them to live, George has such severe injuries. So its a bigger chance that Izzie makes it. I hope that Izzie makes it, because I love her and Alex together.

I  just loved the post-it wedding, its so MerDer. But I hope they make it legal next season and that we get to see more extraordinary moments between Meredith and Derek.

To summarize the episodes, I loved all there is to say about them.

All the actors and  the crew did a amazing job and they all deserves a medal or a Emmy.


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What a Difference a Day Makes - 100th episode (Episodes)

I also cry in this episode.

I absolutely loved this episode. It was so many good scenes and the well written.

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No Good at Saying Sorry (Episodes)

It looks like its gonna be a good episode tonight.

I live in Sweden and we are 3 episodes behind.

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Sweet Surrender (Episodes)

For me it's TWO DAYS!!!, I don't live in the US so I have to download the episode on Friday.

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Other tv shows?

Other shows I like to watch: Private Practice, Ghost Whisperer, Brothers and sisters, One Tree Hill, Friends, Supernatural, Alias, CSI, Buffy, O.C, 24 and some other shows.

Some of the shows doesn't go on Tv anymore, so I see them on DVD sometimes.

But Grey's Anatomy is my absolute favorite show.

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Favourite Grey's Episode and Why? (Episodes)

Season 1: A Hard Day's Night, when it all began.

Season 2: The finale episode of the season, Losing my Religion. That episode have everything, Danny died, Burke got shot and of course the sex in the exam room.

I also like the bomb episodes, those are very intense and exciting episodes.

Season 3: Drowning On Dry Land and Some Kind Of Miracle. Good storylines and great moments.

Season 4: Freedom: In this episode so many good things happened, even though Jeremy dies. But he and Beth got the chance to be each others first. The cement boy. And of course the Candle House.

Season 5: Episodes 11-19: The crossover episodes, Death Row Patient, Derek's depression and of course The Proposal, which I love the most so far.

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Favorite relationship and why?? (Relationships)

Meredith and Derek. They are so perfect for each other. Despite eveything they been through they always find it back in each other arms, their love is so stong.

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Sweet Surrender (Episodes)

I totally agree with you. It's torture..

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