How Dan feels about Vanessa leaving

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Vera Wang commercial (Leighton Meester)

She looks amazing! But a few scenes of that commercial bothered the crap outta me.. first is the scene when the guy finally arrives to her window... when she is watching his last steps her hair is not behind her ear but when he arrives with the flowers it is..gawd, hate that ¬¬ (0:24/0:25).. second is the hugging scene... her face looks weird, forced and the whole hug was a fiasco to me, not a cute, sweet hug... 

But anyways, I love Leigh and hope the fragrance and campaign to be a huge success!

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[Finale] Who do you think will be end game? ( not who you want )

Despite all the BS the producers/writers say about no endgames, I think in the very end they will give it up to the fanbases. So... basically:



Nate/Random or alone trying to "find himself" 

Lily/Random new billionaire*

Rufus/Alone or random*

* I don't think they keep both Derena and Rufly together


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Blair's not pregnant (Spoilers)

I'm like:

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New Promo Poster for Season 4 (Spoilers)

Worse poster ever ......


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Goodbye V., you troll

Just a little vid I made to give Vanessa a proper send off:

Enjoy! Sorry the poor quality lol

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The Wrong Goodbye (Season 4)

Nobody comments the pregnancy test! 

LOL dude... nobody said anything here because there are a lot of threads about it in other sections of this forum... try checking out on the main page the general discussion and spoiler threads... 

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Blair's not pregnant (Spoilers)

Ya know, I'm done discussing this until we are given new information... it doesn't matter whether it was a last minute scene or not because it is not about the past but the future.. it's about the possibilities the writers have in their hands and what they will do with it...

And the truth is the writers can relate that pregnancy test to anyone they want and then come up with some lame storyline to justify it... we all know it's the kinda thing they do..

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Blair's not pregnant (Spoilers)

i dont see how it could be serena ..

its blair

It may be Serena's from her night with Ben. We don't know how long it has been since he left in the show's time.. maybe he's gone for just a few weeks, maybe a month or two.. so IMO there's a possibility..

I also don't think there is the need of a chair baby to keep the hope of the chairios up.. the title of the season finale says it all.. plus GossipGirlssss revealed a spoiler saying that we would find out something about Louis that would make us want to ship him back to where he belongs, so maybe that's the cliffhanger they need to bring chair back.. 

And on a third note, I saw somewhere, can't recall right now, that Ben will be back to S05, so maybe he gets back because S. is preggers? 

Those are only theories, of course. I just don't to assume so fast that Blair's preggers because it too damn obvious...

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