The Princesses and the Frog (Season 4)

Oh another thing I was wondering.  I assume that Blair is one of the "Princesses" in the title, but who are the others?  Also, does Frog refer to Louis or Dan?  Hmmmmm.I don't think it refers to either Louis or Dan. In 4x18 it was decided that Dan was not a frog but more of a labrador and Louis, well he's already a prince! Call me crazy, but I think the frog could be Blair...


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MARCH 7th SET PICS- (Spoilers)

I don't want to get my hopes up, but did you guys notice that Chuck's bow tie matches in colour to what Blair is wearing??


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Team Chuck Vs Team Dan (Spoilers)

That's certainly what evil Josh Schwarfan and dastardly Stephanie Savage you to see. But think about it for a second, and one might begin to question what purpose that scene served. Nothing happened; two characters looked at each other in a smug way. Not a single storyline was advanced. It was 30 seconds of wasted air time.

I disagree, the look on it's own would have meant nothing if it wasn't for the conversation that preceded it:

Chuck- "Plan's working"

Blair- "So it seems to be"

Blair told Chuck that she couldn't be with him until she established herself- the 'plan'. The short scene they had in 4x13 was going back to that story line and showing the progress that was being made. The intense look passed between them was sort of a 'yeah I remember what I/you said'. It also left hope in the hearts of all the Chair shippers out there!!!

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I don't know about all you guys but Chuck is really starting to annoy me! One second he's declaring his love for Blair and how he's willing to wait for her and the next he's openly discussing sex with other girls (end of 4.11) :( It would be good to see Chuck making some sacrifices in the name of love. In season 2 he had performance issues with anyone other than Blair but now, after he's come to terms that he loves her the producers have made it all ok!? 

Why is it always blair that ends up hurt in their relationship??

P.S: I still LOVE Chuck, I'm just annoyed!


Any thoughts on the matter??

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It's definitely Lois and Clark :(

As much as I'd love Chair to get married, I don't want gg to go downhill! I love the game as much as Chuck and Blair do!!!!

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Episode 2.08 and 4.06

I was re-watching season 2 when I couldn't help but notice the similarities between two Chair scenes. 


- 2.08 title: Pret-a-por-J

-4.06 title: Easy J

- (Blair's bedroom) In 2.08 Chuck and Blair come to terms with their relationship fate: GG- "2 lovers realise that they're better off as whatever they are..." They seal it with a kiss

"...the moment we do, it won't be the start of something but the end..."

- (Blair's bedroom) In 4.06 Chuck and Blair come to a truce in the war and decide that it was fate :( "It was fate...A tragedy" They seal it with a handshake 

"We're holding onto the pain because that's all we have left"

Chuck and Blair like the game and without it they're not sure how long they'd last...


I'm definitely reading too much into this but hey it's worth a shot!!

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