1x19 Crystal - 2nd blackwell child revealed!

I also think its Melissa.. Faye would be too obviousCan't believe we have to have another 3 weeks for the episode.

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The Other Child of John Blackwell

Well, I guess I need to take my theory back because after watching 1x17 "Curse" Eva turned out to be a normal human .. >_<

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Adam & Cassie or Cassie & Jake

i used to ship for Adam & Cassie but with the curse thing going on now? I'm not sure about that anymore..

And Jake? I'll admit he's handsome and all but I still think the show should have casted someone with more than just one face expression ..


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Anyone else confused about their parents?

What also bothers me - apart from what has already been mentioned - is Mellisa's dad. Every other parent of the current circle is either alive or has been confirmed as dead. But about him?

Also, I wonder how many elders there are? The show really needs to clarify the witch status of the parents. So far, we've been introduced to three elders, with the fourth on his way, but thre are still a lot of questions in the open regarding The Elders.

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Favorite Character

I agree with Nayte~Angel.. I enjoy Cassie's character but something just doesn't feel right.. I haven't read the books, so I can't live whether or not she is like in the books but I think someelse should have played Cassie..


My favourite character is Faye - bitchy, hardcore and simply amazing.. She knows want she wants and isn't afraid to go after it, even if shw knows what's she's doing is wrong.. The thing about her is no matter how bitchy or how much she screws up, we all know she's a good person.. She just doesn't let it show very often..


I also want more screen time for Melissa .. ! She's the most underused character who hasn't gotten a proper storyline so far

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The Other Child of John Blackwell

The latest episode (1x16 "Lucky") made me think: Could Eva be the other offspring of Blackwell?


Their are 3 points to support this theory:


1. I'm not 100% sure about this one but  I think at some point during the beginning of the series it was pointed out that the 6 coven members have to come from different bloodlines, so that means that they can't be related in any way.


2. She killed Lee. Well maybe he is still alive, but he seems pretty much dead. Eva used magic to do it, whether is was witch magic or voodoo magic is still unclear but I go with the first one.


3. She woke up the same time Blackwell came back to town. I think that would be too convenient if there was nothing behind it. Maybe Blackwell put a curse on her to prevent her from becoming a witch, making the same mistakes and abusing black magic as he did. and perhaps the curse was broken with his arrival in Mystic Harbor. But if all of this is ture: Why didn't he curse cassie? Maybe he wanted to, but the fire on the boat got in the way and he had to run away? It would all make sense. But I should really stop speculating... :D


What are your thoughts on my theory? Do you consider Eva to be the other Blackwell offspring?


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