Little J comes home to find out her Brother has feelings for Queen B (Spoilers)

I'm excited for her reaction too. I don't know why, but for some reason I keep on picturing her being DB's biggest supporter (after intitial shock and displeasure ofcourse). I'm thinking she'll shock everyone by actually liking the pairing, and sticking up for them...

crazy eh?? But i can't help but picture it...


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Where will Dair go for the summer?

^ Yes! <3. Dan will punch Chuck, and run off with Blair- into the sunset...


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Dare to Dair?

i would be happy if they didn't actually fully happen...but that they hint at something. I like their build up and how slowly they are doing makes it feel more special i dunno....i just want them to CONTINUE with them and not just drop it for CB...

THIS. I just want it to be explored properly.

But yeah, as far as critical opinion, I can see how the writers would be swayed towards DB. And them admitting to there no longer being any endgame is a Major plus.

Maybe Blouis this season is a way of keeping their options open about Chair and Dair. I'm thinking the writers want to feel it out a bit more before deciding on anything again. Keeping S away from D, and "redeeming" Chuck (lmao..Can't even believe some think of this as a possibility) definitly go with this...


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4x18 pic (Spoilers)

I kinda don't care what Chuck buys or where he buys it. He just needs to stay the hell awayyy from Blair.

On second thought, let him buy a building in Brooklyn, and stay busy with trying to rectify his father's mistakes. That will keep him far away from DB---so they (DB) can have some on the sly sexy time ;)...ohh yeahh lol

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Yes please. Keep him with Eva. and far far far away from blair.

Eva should totally turn up with a baby in tow (or pregnant) at the end of this season....hooohaa That would KICK ass! :D


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End of Dair already?! (Spoilers)

^ True. They were inspired by the Philadelphia Story. But that doesn't mean they're going to follow it word for word. It could also be used as a launching off point...which it hopefully is. They need to give this Chair thing a break. Enough is enough already... At least bring on the Blouis.

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Dare to Dair?

im sad...its one thing to not have Dair this season. But to not have them at all?? why oh why do this to us?? :(

I keep telling myself to stay positive...I hope the writers do whats right. I'm sooo sick and tired of Chair. Like wth is so good about a couple whose crowning moment is drunken limo sex?

LMAO I just Do Not understand why GG is so committed to Chair. If they sacrifice Dair for them, I will seriously shoot someone lol

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Dare to Dair?

^ this

I'm actually kind of happy with it this way though. I mean a Dair reuinion right now would be to quick, since they haven't even acknoweleged their feelings for one another. Dair right now would probably mean a prop. Dair in season 5....a lot better! :D Hopefully Blouis acts as a catalyst for Dair. I'm pretty sure he will actually...

I've been re-reading some articles from last year. I noticed that they wanted to explore Dair last year (romantically) but pulled the plug on it (i'm assuming, since it didnt' happen). THen they spent the following season making Chair and Derena a little (a lot?) less likable, and explored Dair further.  I'm thinking this all bodes well for Dair. Why take all that time with a couple that will only last the span of a view episodes??

Keep heart ppl...!:D Dair will happen. We need to beleive lol

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The QUEEN has spoken

^ yeah when they finally got together. Like an actual relationship. What else would she say?

But yeah, I just hope they give us some reallly good Dair in season 5.


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GG Favourite Characters

Blair, then Jenny, then Dan :D They seem to be the most 3-dimensional characters of the show. While they've been explored, in some ways they are relatively untapped. There is always somewhere to go with them...where you haven't been before


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