Where will Dair go for the summer?

I'm sorry...but are you saying that 'chair marriage and baby' is LESS outlandish than dan and blair taking off somewhere???


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Spoiler Chat w/ Kristin (Spoilers)

Yeah, but I somehow doubt that Chuck would help Blair get together with Dan. Serena, maybe...and even that maybe is a stretch. Remember, she still thinks that the book is open on Dan and her. Chuck would most likely stand in the way...its just too much of a character change for him.

I wonder what the hell Penn is talking about.. I am Dyinggg to find out lol


Go Dair Go!! boooyahh

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Sunday Goodies: This Little VDW (Spoilers)

OKay...I have a theory.


The out of the norm thing that Dan will do, will be to hunt down Eva (harry potter girl). For some reason I'm convinced its not over between her and Chuck. Except for when she shows up it will be with a pregnant belly!! (lol...or a baby...i dont know how long its been and my math sucks)

That would be kewl...A little scheme to get Blair. Scheming is un-Dan like (up until recently that is)

:D I like this. I want it to happen...lol just to see the look on everyone's face "nooo....not another Bass!"

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Where will Dair go for the summer?

Yeah, I totally underestimated the frustration here, my mistake - sorry. OF COURSE there are for one new Chair thread 20 new Dair threads. It won't make them last any longer though, you know.^^ JS.


Do I hear a little paranoia?? lol. Dair is gonna happen (but I'm actually kinda hoping that they don't run off together at the end of this season) I want them to last, so I want Blair to get back with Chuck (and be utterly miserable with him) and then go back to Lonely Boy!! (hehe go DAn go!! get your girl!)

but yeah, if i were a chair fan, i would be a little paranoid too :D

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If Chair is endgame..

Hello all,

I'm Charishma....and....(drumrol pleasee....)

I'm a dair fan (Hehe) boooyahhh

So anyways, I'm enjoying the hell outa this season.

At first I was sad when I read the spoiler (the one about how B and C get together and Dan is left behind with real fealings for her)

But now I LUV it. Cuz you know why?? Chair as endgame this season, means a WHOLE damn season (season 5) of DAIR! wooohooo. Blair and Dan is gonna happen. :D and the spoilers confirm it...soo damn happy

Damn..its gettings late (I really should get to doing my paper..lol) I thought I'd finally post something on this forum. Been reading the posts for a while. I'll be back tommorow though...

So heyyyy all! I look forward to discussing with ya'll.

PS: It really is funny when a Chair tells someone to grow up (no insult intended :D. I just find it so damn funny)



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Team Chuck Vs Team Dan (Spoilers)

Dair all the way! lol

I think Dan is better for Blair. Many many good and obvious reasons, but the one I choose is...

Its pretty much been made clear that Chair reunion happen this season, so that means Season 5 bring on the Dair!! (and the Dair endgame...cuz lets face it, this amount of forshadowing and careful scripting...its all for a reasonn babbyy!) go dair go!! wooohoo

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