Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi guys, so i guess i'll introduce muself to, am charlene am 24. i live in west yorkshire england. i have being with my man for 6 years and have 2 boys. i love tvd its the 1st tv show that i,ve being so involved in. i beleive that everything happens for a reason even if we dont understand it right now, i've had a very bad year, and lost alot of people this year, so for me tvd has become some sort of realase. i only really come on this forum cos some other sites its all arguing and delena fans can be so aggresive, but so can some s/e fans.

@peter yeah i dont go on many other sites epescially since end of s3 cos some fans are just crazy n pure nasty hating on the writers and actors theres no need. peter i read your story its great and the other side council idea is genius!!

am hoping for lots of stelena goodness in season 4 cos they didnt get much this year, i also hope that elena grets chance to tell him she chose him n why, and perhaps what she was thinking about damon in them last moments?


@kay i'll check out fb later when i have a chance. 

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

lol you should go  troll youtube, and wiki, tumblr and reviews. god though do i hate that johhny depp quote.

i think it was peter who said that perhaps damon sayin she wants alove that consums her was somehow compelled into her and thats why she used the word. thats a great theory.

but we've said before that consuming isnt a good thing. and when elena was saying that he consumed her she didnt seem like she really wanted to feel that way, that it didnt really make feel good. alll in all i think that is alot of how she feels that she doesnt really like thses confusing feelings cos she certainally knows how she feels with stefan, so the compelleing theory could work quite well.

@heather, i think the delena fans make too much out of the kat photo. in 1.10 stefan tells elena this room holds all the memories that he  thought were worth keeping. no one said they were all good. and he's had that pic 145 years he he hasnt being in mf all that time, so he hasnt consently looked at that photo, but like i said earlier kat holds alot of life changing events for stefan. not really good changes. and he needed to make all distinctions between her and elena.

this is my fan fic

please be gentel its my 1st ever fanfic or doing anything like it, and am not the best speller lol

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

@peter do you have a link for your fanfic, cos i cant find it.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hello people!god its so werird being on a different timezone!!

welcome peter its great to have another indifferent deep member of this forum, love all your posts.

so much being wrote so i'll try to keep up lol!!

@kay as that person not replied on fb yet?i think we've manged to bring her out of her damon dream world lol!

i can remember who wrote what, so i'll just put my thoughts in.

the kat photo delena fans think its weird that he keeps it  looks at it. to me we dont know how often he looked at it before coming to mf and seeing elena. i think he's looking at it and rememberin/remonding himself of how he got to where he is now, being a vampire his broken bond with damon. becoming a ripper. all becuase he was 17 with raging hormonrns with someone who knew how to mess with these emoitions. bringing me to why i couldnt ship s/k. katherine took from stefan compelled him would change him without him knowing. kind of like who damon was to caroline in s1. and now kat claims she loves stefan its like damon loving elena why??i need her to tell us why like i do damon.

but i could ship k/e i liked the scenes from s2, can remember which episode but the flashback of k/e in the gardens.

as for elenas transtion, its probably going to be rocky at the begining cos of all the heightened feelings not just the confusment for damon but for what shes had to experiance over the last few years. 

@peter i dont ship d/e cos i cant picture them like s/e, plus for what damons done and what he contuines to do, how he reacts to things is what elena doesnt like, and she sceared of his reaction. where as she now has seen all sides to stefan but shes how he's fighting for his humanity, thats why she'll always want stefan more because there the two halfs of the puzzle that fit, they both want the same thing and they both fight for thier humanity and their souls, plus each others.

but i do like d/e in  a friendship sense which i,ve said before. i loved the scene in s2 when there in elenas bed and she tells him "it wont be because he loves me it will be because he loves you"

to me this shows how well she knows stefan, knows what stefan needs. and makes damon feel, yes i think elena willhelp damon become someone else and learne about himself, but noe because of something romantic. i beleive its what drew damon into her, her compassion and ability to help and forgive people.

 i know s/e are endgame, cos i dont think the writers anticipated such a reaction to damon. but am quite sure that 80%dlena fans are reallt damon/ian fnas. i didnt like jp comment of stefan and elena will be together for a while, i just wonder what it will be thats drives them apart, how ever if d/e did become more it would never be stelena, nor would it really be any thing more than what they are now. the dlena fans who are saying vampire elena will choose damon. no elenas feelings/traits as a human will be heightened, she didnt want this and she'll fight for her humanity. i think she'll change becuase of jeremy. other people to. but mostly jeremy. cos this show is always about the impportance of family ties.

i also think plec says stuff just for delena fans cos they were pretty miffed at end of s3!!

@emily hope u enjoy my fanfic its long i just cant seem to stop writing lol. love yours thought, i had actually read 1st chapter before you put it up. there just isnt much stelena wrote.


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Stelena Appreciation Thread

so what does everyone think is going to happen in s4? cos honestly all this crap about elena remembering whats damons done i cant think how it makes that much of a differenace she already has strong feelingd for him now. her love for stefan should be heightened plus shes going to understand both boys internal struggle now shes experiancing it to. so may conclustion is its going to be stefan in some way she causes elena to be with damon in a way, either  by him leaving cos he still feels quilty. not being able ot help elena with her bloodlust , cos he's still trying to control himself. or he thinks that elenas feeling for damon are too strong and that she really loves him and wants them to be happy blah blah. i dont what you think.


@emily, have you wrote any more fanfics, i just wrote 1 but it seems to have got a bit long lol!!! althought i do have a idea for another 1 just want to finish this one 1st.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

@emily i,ve being on thw iki site, i hate that delena fans come on and write things on both the stelena n stfan pages.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

this is the comment

izzygilly Thu, Jun 7, 2012, 7:15 AM

I curious to see when Elena starts to remember all the things that Damon made her forget now that she's a vampire. As we found out in the finale, he met her first. He flirted first, and I think they made a real connection at the party. He also confessed his love for her a while back, made her forget and gave her back her necklace. I'm hoping to find out that he did other sweet things like that, too afraid to put himself out there, that she starts to remember. I really hope that she leans on Damon as she's learning to be a vampire. Because as much of a Stefan fan I started out as, Damon is just so much more interesting as a love interest. There's more room to conflict between them, there's more room for learning curves. It won't be easy or boring with Damon, while I think that Stefan is just too bland, even if crazy ripper Stefan is hiding in the wings.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

@lisa did you post the link about jp interveiw on e!? hers a comment from the bottom, i wont say anything yet.i'll let you guys diesect it 1st and i'll come back tonight!!


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Stelena Appreciation Thread

also sorry, but i was just thinking how much i liked bamon from the books, but i dont see it transpiring in the books, bonnie pretty much hates him but i was thinking of some nice scenes like klaus episode think it 2.19? but then i thought they planned on making it look like bonnie dies and usin elenas emitions to prove it to klaus, just like stefan in 3.11. i mean to be fair stefans was a tad more extreme i wont defend is actions here even though i know he would have really never have killed elena, the point is both stefan n damon have had plans which involve elena fear/feelings to make it work.


also on elena s darkness, she wont stefan, and she wont be evil, i think its just going to be a big blow up of elenas emtions thats being building up tp such a pressure inside her. and whith newly turning she may not be able to control it staright away, although it would be fun to have elena a little bit funner, not katherine fun. 

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

lol very deep posts ladies!!!

@emily great fan fic!!i've wrote one 2!!its called how we got here and its just stelena!!!lol

@kay, i agree what your saying about d/e not having a relationship in s3(personally i dont want them to have one period) i feel with s3 it was all about damon loving elena, and i dont really like what they did to his character. yeah what he said in 3.02 i think was worst than 2.08 when compelled her. and that scene in 1.03 when he stroked her cheeck, i think that damon was confused by her, she looks like kat he's here to get kat, yet she showed an intrest in him, picked up and something.


the thing with d/e throughtout s3 is they had to pushed together for somthing to happen, and i wish damon could tell someone why he loves elena. cos frankly i dont think its cos he wants to be a better person, i think damon gets angry when he's forced into the hero role. he needs to do it off his own back. also i dont like hoe elna acts so much epecially 3.19 with jeremy. the way damon talks to him and she doesnt defend him, but i dint really get why elena didnt think it was safe for jeremy to go in but ok 4 her. oh yeah cos damon would haved saved her ars and left jeremy.

i get that elena turning will heighten what she feels for damon now, but all this about she'll change when she remebers, wtf???if i remebered that i'd be pissed. plus i would just try n remember how i felt, shes a 16 yrear old girl what some weird mis tweenties bloke telling how she wants to be loved, from the look on her face she was weary but intrigued yes, and curious. and i think curious is always the main feeling elena feels to damon. curious to see how he reatc curious to see how he can change. curious to see who he was before. also when she was compelled in 2.08 i hope she remembers a this point it was all stefan foe her.

perhaps she will be confused by all these new emitions, but i still feel that it will be stefan that puts something between em, and thats how she wends up closer to damon. but what ever elena felt before will be heightened, so yea this thing with damon but also how muched she loved stefan.he made her want to live before, will he be the reason she wants to complete the transtion?

also in damons flashback which still anoys me lol, i think to  a 16 year old girl, whos alwasy live in this town known these ppl what damon was describing i think most 16 year old girls would like the idea of. but by the point she met stefan she wasnt that girl. stefan eloped her, filled her mind body and soul complelety. she could breate again.

and to then experiance everything thats about to happen over the next year and half.(year n half lol omg)

shes had more than enough advanture, she knows what she needs and its these people, somrthing to make her feel safe, at home, stefan.

whenn elena says in 3.22 he consumes me, listen to how she says it, alsost deafteltly consuming isnt a good feeling she cant breae with damon, and even if she loves him it wont be enough for either of them

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