Stelena Appreciation Thread

20 reasons why Damon is better with Elena then Stefan is

1. They met first when Elena wasnt as depressed.

she wasnt happy either with matt, she was instansly attracted to stfan and he helped her through her 'depressed state, he made her want to liv

2. They have more passion and fire.

you should rewatch some episode 3.14 .crying wolf, the sceane where stefan gets out of the tomb. poilet episode. the 1st time their together

3. They challenge each other.

no damon controls and makes the decsions

4. It is more balanced.

cant be more balance than s/e because their equal, they share and respect each other

5. They are alot more fun like Buffy and Spike were.

fun isnt everything to arelationship, stefan and elena share many monets, 2.02 they could have more if they didnt have to deal with everything else

6. Damon could control his bloodlust although he has a little trouble with his emotions like anger, hate, and sadness.

yes he can control it, he has more than a little trouble, i mean seriously would you want to date a guy, that if you pissed off would snap your brothers neck

7. He is honest even when it is brutal he tells it how it is so he is more trustworthy then Stefan ever was.

it makes him more trustworthy just cos he comes out and says it, whilst stefan tries to not hurt anyone?

8. He will always choose Elena.

so will stefan, unless its what elena wants, if your refering to the matt thing. or his brother who stefan saved whilst damon put the moves on his girl.

9. Damon is better at planning things.

i think your wrong stefan manged to drive his point home about the hybird, damon got the stakes took off him cos he pissed rebecca off, damon went ahead with his own plan in 2.21 which lead to jenna being used in the sacrifice and damon getting bit, and stefan leaving.

10. Damon is the only one that makes her laugh even in situations that are not funny.

so elena doesnt laugh with stefan, what about 3.21? what about 2.2 these were surrounding bad situations

11. Damon doesnt sugar coat anything.

thats cos thats the way damon is, stefan cares who others feel around him

12. He is more handsome thanks to his icy blue eyes.

thats not a reason thats your own personal choice

13. He isnt in denial like Stefan is.

no stefan feels everything, and damon lays on the quilt. stefan tries to fight everything he is so he feels worthy to have a life, love and friends

14. He was selfless enough to compel Elena to forget him.

he shoulsnt be telling his brother girlfriend in the 1st place thaat he loves her. and in his flashback, it was nothing to do with elena, he was waiting for katherine and he didnt want stefan or anyone to know he was in town

15. He isnt a self rightous dick like Stefan.

nope just a dick

16. When he kills he doesnt over kill like Stefan in ripper mode by ripping victims apart and writing there names on walls reliving the kills.

yes stefan has something majourly wrong when he gives in to the blood, that why he fights it and lives off animals cos he doesnt want to be that person. damon however kills on a whim, when he's had his feeling hurt or angry, he's reckless implustive and needy. both are bad in this sense, the differance is, stefan feels quilt and remorse and cant move past it unless he turns off his humanity

17. Damon wasnt the one who tried to drive her off the bridge where her parents died just for stupid revenge that wasnt that big. Sure Damon did bad things but not that bad.

stefan would never had killed her, he had to make klaus belived her. even damon was proud at what stefan achieved with klaus. but it was also a turning point for stefan, damon force feed her blood just cos he didnt want her to die, let he would have let everyone else elena loves die, knowing the person is elena would never want this

18. He makes Elena rethink her life.

no he gives her an alternitive, that quote, shes the ship and he's the ocean, and stefan the safe hourbor. the ship needs to sail the ocean. it does but it cant stay there forever, cos all it will do is drift rot and sink. it needs to return to the harbor, to be caered for and feel safe

19. He is better in bed and a better kisser no doubt no wonder Elenas breath was so taken away.

wow have you personally being with him?cos again this is personal opinion. my breath would be took away to if i was being pressed to a wall and groped everywhere

20. He is more of a challenge.

more of a challange in what way?challange him to stay good? that she'll want to turn him into stefan, cos she only likes the good side of him, and he likes being the way he is. this is why they wont be endgame cos he just isnt stefan

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

k so i just found this on wiki, lol perhaps i should post her that post i got from tumlr, se if that pisses all over er delena paradelol, k that was naughty, but just read am sure she repeats herself. for every point i,ve put a point in so mine is a different txt to hers.


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Stelena Appreciation Thread

can anyone actually think what the turning point was for elena to start looking at damon different, was it season 1 when stefan 1st had a little slip n they shared that dance?

damon here is actually pitiful the way he tells elena bout stefan still being on the people blood. its not cos he wanted to help stefan its cos he didnt want stefan drawing attention to them. but did elena feel he was helping stefan recover? even though it was here and her giving him a little blood evey day.


i still find it hard to understand elenas attraction to damon, in the books elenas quite different, and so is damon, but even in the books she says she can not live without stefan.i still shipped s/e in the books but i could see elenas attraction and the reaons why in the books.i think am gunna read last lot.


although i see this storyline from the book making more sense in the show, givin stefans personality and his love for elena, plus how he loves his brother.

i do wonder how there going to anger these flashbacks, i wont be happy if they try and change what we've believed for 3 seasons, to be fair i think damon's flashback was a kick in the face for s/e fans, but it wont change elenas choice based on that 1 flashback, it just depends what else there going to throw in there.


i also didnt like the statment of "going to drive a severe wedge betwwen the brother"

i loved damons speech to stefan in 3.16. very cheesy but it shows how far they,ve come. plec said it was a story about characters journeys, but to me, if they cause a rift betwwen them were back at the start, i dont know, its just a lot of maybe's and my opinion.

i just want stefan happy, and the people who are mostly lik;y to make him happy, are the 2 people who could destroy him.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

omg that post is so funny. so good and true!!

this is just why i cant ship delena why i find it so hard to see them together.

stefan is torturd by the blood this is so right. and even damon says even after he's ripped them apart he feels so quilty he puts them back together.


i agree stefan leaving is what pushes d/e closer, and you know as much as i think i'll cringe every time i see them together,both elena and damon need to do so that they can see its not right. also with stefan gone elena will understand more clearly everything about him that she loves, and how it differs from damons love.

i think that damon and rebecca are so good together too, and he did save her. there both needy, distructive. sacrastic, morngy, reckless,  duriable lol!!(what a chat up line!!)both very looking lol!!


lisa have you read the books, i have but only too book 7 or 8, midnight. where damon dies but comes back at the end.

now someone told me, that damon comes back and stefan has seen how upset elena was when he dies and how happy that he's back that he levaes and they ge to gether, but in the end she goes back to stefan.

but then i read somewhere that d/e are caught kissing (cos in the books they have many kisses) only stefan catches them this time, and that stefan acts out of character, elena takes this time to work throught a realtionship with damon they hook up but she misses stafn so much, damon see's how upset she is and they look for stefan and s/e get back together.

so i guess i should read them. but dont you think this second story line is plausiable to what could happen in season 4?

@emily that youtube clip was great, good paul wesly is scrummy, there was another clip, with the song eat you up, god i want to eat him!LOL!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread


This is the biggest reason why I canDAMON not ship Damon with Elena. Damon constantly pursuing his brother’s girlfriend especially when his brother was out saving his life.

It really pisses me off when people say that Damon was selfless when he gave up Elena back in 2x08. If I recall, Damon never had Elena. Elena was dating Stefan at the time. He claims that he doesn’t deserve her but Stefan does so he doesn’t want her to know that he loves her?  However, he continually tends to flirt with Elena.

Remember that time Damon took Elena to Georgia? Yeah, he said he knew it would bug Stefan. Remember the time Damon tried to compel Elena to kiss him? Yeah, he tried to break them apart from the get-go. Remember the time Damon kissed Elena at the end of season 1? (It was Katherine, but Damon didn’t know that) Yeah, he thought Elena had feelings for him and didn’t care that Stefan was in the picture. Remember all the constant little flirtations in season 3? Yeah, Stefan was out protecting them and Damon was getting closer to Elena. Remember the time Damon kissed Elena in 3x10 and told Elena that he wanted her to remember the things she felt while Stefan was gone in 3x02? Yeah, same thing. Stefan saving everyone; Damon moving in on Elena.

The biggest issue I have with this is that Damon had no respect for Stefan in season 3. Damon would not be alive if it wasn’t for Stefan and I don’t understand why people can’t see that. And I really don’t understand why people can’t see that Damon’s relationship with Elena in season 3 was just wrong. Stefan had been fighting against his blood lust for over 145 years and he was willing to drink pints upon pints of blood just so he could find a cure to save his brother. Stefan sacrificed everything to save Damon. And by everything I mean, his free-will, his life in Mystic Falls and yes, even Elena. He was willing to give up the love of his life to make sure that his brother would be alive to see another day. And how does Damon repay Stefan? By all the things I’ve already said. Doesn’t even acknowledge what Stefan went through, I don’t think any thank you was said or implied, and the big one. Damon pursued Elena because Stefan was out of the picture and he could be there for her. Damon had no respect for Stefan throughout all this. Damon was getting what he wanted as usual. I think Elena said that once in 1x17?

So, everyone who thinks that Damon was there for her when Stefan wasn’t needs to remember the fact that if it wasn’t for Stefan leaving, Damon wouldn’t be there for her. So yeah. Enough said.


I know that this might have seemed anti-Damon, but that wasn’t my intention. I was just trying to point out his flaws and why I can’t understand DE as a long term relationship.

Anyway, ultimately, I think Elena is good for Damon. I think she brings out the best in him. But, I don’t think she’s the one for Damon. Damon deserves someone who’s going to put him first. And I know a lot of DE fans hate when this comes up against their ship, but honestly, it’s true. Damon thought he was dying and Elena thought he was dying. But because Damon isn’t first in Elena’s heart she went home to Stefan. Damon was going to die alone knowing that the person he loved didn’t feel that way about him or at least not as strongly. My heart broke for Damon. And frankly, that would be the the minute I stopped shipping DE even if I was a DE shipper. I just feel like in your last moments of your life, you should be around the people you love and those that love you. He got neither.

Throughout all of season 3 we’ve seen how much Damon loved Elena but we never actually saw how Elena felt. We got her “I don’t know what I feel” lines but her feelings towards Damon were never reciprocated to him. At least until the end, when she knew that Stefan was the one and she had to let Damon go.

And lastly, Damon shouldn’t have to change to get someone to like them. He should be himself and he should be loved for that. Why would you want to act differently or be somebody other than yourself just to be with someone? That just shows how much that other person cares for you because they can’t accept you for who you are. And that’s how I feel Damon and Elena are. I can’t see Elena being in a long term relationship with Damon because of this fact and many others.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

DELENA just makes no sense in all honesty. 

I just don’t understand how people can ship DE with a passion. I mean I get it. Everyone has their own opinions and can ship what they want and I respect them for that but I just can’t see the “why” behind it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do think that Damon loves Elena but I just don’t feel like he should be with Elena. I have my reasons and let me hash them out.

But before I do, let me just say that I don’t hate Damon. In fact, I actually really like him but I just can’t agree on his actions.

BEWARE IT’S LENGTHY BUT I THINK IT’S WORTH THE READ. So, I actually went back and re-watched all the episodes and here’s what I found:



I think one of the biggest reasons why I could never ship DE is the way that he treats Jeremy. This doesn’t just relate to the fact that he killed Jeremy (although that’s a big reason) but also just the way that he belittles and puts him down all the time. And I’m not asking for Damon to be all brotherly but at least show him some respect. Because frankly, Damon has no respect for him at all or very very very little respect.

This can be proven by the things that he says to him. They may not necessarily be mean but they are, like I said, belittling. And sure that’s the kind of person he is, but if Damon truly loved Elena, he would show Jeremy some respect.

And I know that this has been said against Damon time and time again but I think it’s one of the major reasons why I could never ship DE. Damon killed Jeremy. Sure maybe Elena actually forgave him for that and maybe Jeremy has forgiven him as well, but personally I think it’s almost unforgivable. And I understand that people can change and they can try and move past their wrongdoings (Chuck Bass <3) but he killed Jeremy. And why did he kill Jeremy? Because Elena rejected him. And right before that Katherine had rejected him. And of course my heart broke for Damon because he spent 145 years loving her and then found at that the love was never reciprocated. So, he impulsively snapped Jeremy’s neck because he didn’t get the answer he was looking for? That says a lot about Damon’s impulsiveness. No matter what he was feeling, he should never have hurt Jeremy because if he truly loved Elena, he would never cause her that kind of pain.

And honestly, I don’t see how Elena could ever form a long-lasting romantic relationship with someone that killed her brother. What would have happened if Jeremy wasn’t wearing the ring? Do we really think that Elena could ever forgive Damon? Do we honestly think that there would ever be anything romantic between the two of them? I can’t. Frankly, Damon got lucky with the ring. And that again plays in with his impulsiveness. One of these times, he might not get so lucky and actually end up hurting someone important to him or to Elena.


You guys can deny it all you want but from what I’ve seen, his love is selfish. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s definitely not a good thing either.

Damon doesn’t care about anyone but himself and Elena. He doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process as long as it’s not him or Elena. This may be a little harsh but I honestly feel that Damon has no respect or regard for Elena’s friends.

In regards to Tyler: ( 2x13 )

Why? He’s a werewolf. He needs to die. I’m willing to kill. It’s a win-win.

In regards to Caroline: ( 2x11 )

Vampire Barbie asked me if she could handle it. And I said, “Why not?” Figured if she screwed up, he’d bite her. Then I’ll be rid of two of my problems.

Let’s not forget about the time Caroline first transitioned into a vampire. Damon’s response was immediately to kill her. He didn’t even bother to try and help her to survive he wanted to kill her because another vampire would mean that the suspicion could fall onto Damon’s real identity.

In regards to Bonnie: ( 2x18 )

Let me be clear about something. If it comes down to you and the witch again, I will gladly let Bonnie die. I will always choose you.

Now, I understand how this quote reflects on his love for Elena but it’s actually kinda selfish too. Bonnie is Elena’s best friend and he would gladly let her die? I mean sure, save the one you love but I think it’s important to realize how little Damon cares for Bonnie at this time. Heck even now, I’m not sure he cares about her all that much.

And let’s not forget that Damon practically terrorized Bonnie all throughout season 1 and parts of season 2. And I’m bringing up Damon’s impulsiveness again, but I think it’s important to mention. Damon bit Bonnie because Emily had destroyed his crystal back in 1x09. Damon had knowledge of witches and what they can do, so he should have known that it wasn’t Bonnie destroying the crystal, but in fact, Emily. But because he didn’t get his way, he retaliated by biting her. And if it wasn’t for Stefan, he could have very well killed her.

These are just some examples of how much Damon respects Elena’s friends, but they are the ones that I found most important. Damon doesn’t care about anyone but himself, Elena, and sometimes even Stefan. Although that’s questionable sometimes.

Another concept on how Damon loves selfishly is the fact that he coddles Elena and doesn’t give her the respect of at least allowing her to make a decision. It’s always Damon’s way because that way Damon knows that she’ll be safe and he won’t have to worry about saving her. One instance is when he wouldn’t allow her to talk to Esther at the party in 3x14. Or when he wouldn’t let Elena return to her visit with Elijah in 2x19. I could go on but I think you can find them for yourselves.

And finally the biggest proof of this is in 2x20. The whole gang is well aware of the plan that is about to happen for the ritual. They were going to use Elijah’s elixir to bring Elena back after she “died”. But because this wasn’t what Damon wanted he decided to take things into his own hands. He forcibly gave Elena blood knowing that she was going to die and knew there was a possibility that she would come back a vampire.

You’re so bent on dying. At least this way I know you’ll come back.

How is this not an example of selfish love? Damon knows what it’s like to be a vampire. He “misses being a human more than anything” ( 2x12 ) and then he takes that choice away from Elena? He did it because he couldn’t risk the thought of losing her. Which I understand because he loves her but he had no right to do that to Elena. Because he did it out of his own selfish needs and wants and didn’t think about what Elena wanted at the time.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi just read this on tumblr. very long, but good the writer has put alot into it and backed up her argument well, i think anyways!!

had to split it up too post it


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Stelena Appreciation Thread

k i get the blood thing now eith elena, delena fans think it will make her sired to damon. but its to do with who thebloodline leads back to. hopefully elijah, cos i already think they have a nice connection. he cant be killed then, if its damons then its klaus and thats same old


i think i may ship d/r. 

also was thinkin earlier, damon is going to be so mad when he finds out stefan didnt save elena 1st. but in truth rebecca couldnt have being on the bridge is damon didnt save her. but damon wouldnt have to have saved her if klaus body wasnt ther, which wouldnt have being there if bonnie hadnt has done that spell, a spell she wouldnt have done if they didnt need to go to school and save elena, because when alaric called and told her to come why didnt elena go down stairs n tell her vampire bf's that ric wanted her instaed of sneaking off. so really elena started a chain of events that lead to her dying. make sense?

also why couldnt the 3 vampires lurking around the house hear elena go off? someone else pointed that out about vampires only using there super hearin when convienent lol!

@teamstelena your right season 1 was the best. people who say they have no spark and passion omg they obviously have never being in that postion. n cant see past ian's body!! s/e are perfect and thats how everyone wants to be loved!!


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Stelena Appreciation Thread


"because i carnt forget how i feel about you"

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

was i just me or did anyone else like rose and damon?

although i dont know what it was that damon did for rose to say, must be hard being love with your brothers girl.

so these new flashbacks, does any one else feel like were going to see more d/e encounters that he compelled away?

i think damons next fling will be merdith, and elean may be jelous. i know we keep going over different scinerios where d/e come together. but am just holding out for s/e at the end, kind of like this season.


also about damons blood, we only saw merdith get that one viel of blood, cos he was coming round to quickly from the vervain shot. she used that to save bill forbes. alaric destroyed 4 veils. and she gave some to elena, now the couldnt stretch that one syringe out like that, so has damon being contuining to donate, or maybe a orignal, to keep up with the peace with the town?

i mean why are they making a big deal out of whose blood it was?cos if they try make her sired to damon, thats pretty lame, considering, rose katherine damon stefan caroline abby arnt sired to each other, nor their crator klaus. so am just intresting why jp making a big deal out of. that what she said in that interview."thats one of the questions we'll get to see next season"


i also keep thinking back to how d/e got to be here coz quite alot of the time thier arguing and disagreeing. altho a d/e would say its thier fire and him challanging her.

i think elena needs damon in her life and its all so confusing for her, and nothing is going to become clearer when changed because human emoions are heightened. unless of course these crazy flashbacks make out that they built up some kind of relationship before that he made her forget, god that makes me cringe inside.

i just dont understand how it would tie in with the whole katherine thing and how unbothered he was by her in season 1.

anyway this weekend am going to watch season 1 for lots lovey stelena scenes.

rmeber in haunted when elena says"yes thats what i want. but i cant , becuase i cant firget how i feel about you" (k might not be word for word but its still a beutiful moment she isnt ever going to say that to damon.

as drawn as she is to him, she's bonded to stefan.

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