Stelena Appreciation Thread

mornin girls.great reads, i agree about if s/e isnt endgame then we need a good reason as to why the hell not!

to be fair thought how can they not, s/e is what started it, jp keeps saying their on a journey, showing their love can overcome everything, even damon lol. althought i also think its a journe to for damon and i'm hoping for him to be happy at the end too.

i raad that artical too aboy jp and more flashback, do you think she means that d/e had more interactions than just that once but he kept compeling her?

only thing is is steafn was watching how did he never see damon. to be honest am intrigued to see how this storyline plays out cos right now am kinda pissed at the whole meeting damon thing and that they may have had more interactions then we think. i feel like their changing the whole set up of the story, in order to have elan swoon into damons arms. guess we'll have to wait and see though.

i'v just being on tumblr and seen all about this girl. i hope its hoax too, because really its overwhelming really to think how out of control shipping wars have got.

i am a stelena fan, to me i can not invision d/e anymore than what they are, friends with a really strong connection, how will always have eachs others back. and i like their scenes together(except when kissing)

and i feel that its great to have someone like that in your life.

but with s/e its perfect, they have everything and more, what they would do for each other is limitless.

but dont get me wrong for whatever reason delena fans have for shipping d/e is thier own opinion. thats not my problem with d/e fans, its who strongly opinoionated they can be, how nasty and one minded they can be. how they change events of the story to suit them. i mean not all of them aree even some d/e fans hate how other d/e fans can be.

ans like someone said earlier she thought s/e fans were more mature, we are is just in every, race, group theres alawys good and bad.


i love tvd, i watch it over and over, i read interviews, articals, reveiws, read comments on fb and tumblir, this is the only forum am part of,(which am glad cos everyones so nice and we talk and theorious about up coming plots,which is what should do) i was on another but i was just sick of putting a comment on and getting backlash. i mean i love tvd, because its not real, its fanasty, where everyones pretty, where they get into all this mess and get out of it, its an escape from real life.

the problem now with fans is they cant see past the fictional and the reality. they are so wrapped up in these charaters, and are getting out of control. the hate towars jp. toward the charaters and now to other fans. it saddens me to thnk of thses nasty people sat on their computers with nothing else going on in thier lives to send these awful thing. and its appauling of te fans and they should ba ashamed.

i cant think what her perants are thinking. someone on tumblr said that other things in her life could have being bad, tvd was an escape and its turned on her.

i really hope it is a hoax. but really this has got to stop. did anyone see that tweet sent to jp, something about go stick your tv show up your big fat arse.

i mean is this all to do with people not getting thier couple on tv?

its like i think caroline and klaus have chemisrty she's attracted who wouldnt be, but how can she ever go there, after everything he did before? people are now getting rowdy over the c/t/k triangle.

i dont think am gunna look at tumblr and that for a while. hopefully someone will put on that it was for certain a hoax,

k am sorry for the long rant, its just upsetting that something i took pleasure from could be the undoing of someone else.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi girls happy birthday, how cool sharing a b'day with jomo!!

am glad that everyone thinks that there should be some more background on before stefan introduced himself into elenas life.

i would like to know how she fifished with matt.

what it was that helped stefan come to the conclusion of who elena was, and what made her different from kat.

what damon was doing, now we know he was in mf months before the comet.

how damon stayed out of stefans way.

why was it only when stefan started school, that the animal attacts happen. cos we know that damon was responsiable for some.

why stefan choose to come to mf at that time. we know damon would have being coming around the time of the commet anyway, but stefan didnt, also they hadnt seen each othr for like 15 years or summat. was damon following stefan before?

and now if damon meet elena that night and was so obsessed with kat why wasnt he stalking her, wanting to persue her. or was he watching her too.

because in their 1st meetin in season 1, his reaction to her,it doesnt really coinside with how he was given now we know he did meet her.

my opinion, but the flashback is still a little off.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

oh hell i missed page 456 out lol!! very good points. i think thats what damon likes about elena is that she wanted to be there for him too. she also bought them s/d closer, you know for damon being around elena makes him happy. but then he just over kill with everything. stefan is willing to let elena go if it makes her happy, but also cos he wants damon to be happy, and both salvatores think elena is the ansewar to this. plec said that in damons journey he will learn a balance, and i hope that damon can be happy, however i dont think its with elena, and i dont think elena would ever be contented with damon, she would always pine for stefan. but perhaps they just need time together to burn out, and then the journey can move on for all 3.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

tvlover92 yes thats the artical i read about damons love. my only problem with it, is where they state its not the kind of love elena wants. so we know this already that why she chose stefan, but we also know thats she drawn to something in damon, so what if he loved the way wanted like stefan? if the writers try to do this i'll be so mad, but knowing damon he'll mess it up some how. also love the point about why he loves her. you see thats just it am not sure that it is love, obbsession maybe? the thing is elena reached out to him. damon loved kat for all them years, and he wanted to turn for her, because she just like him. stefan was young and infactuated, she was fun but he knew the night she got caught he didnt love her, he tried to save her for damon. think back to season 2, when k/d are making out and he says the bit about anwear one question and expect firworks blah blah, and i'll forget the last 145 years, and then she tells him its stefan, damon was willing to forgive her then, plus at this point he has already thinkin he kissed elena and a couple of episodes later he's compelling elena to forget he's told her he loves her. he's up and down.

the thing is i think what it comes down to, is he wants someone to chose him, not stefan, but the answear to that, FIND YOUR OWN FRIGGIN GIRLS 1ST!

i keep thinking about how elena is going to end up with damon, which i just find it hgard picturing them together, but the thing is damon is not going to go away now she's turned, and i think he will be the most supportive because stefans still trying to get himself under control. i dont think elenas transtion is going to go as smoothly as carolines. i think she could have a few slips, and i dont think stefan woild blame/judge her, cos he cant talk, no i think some how stefan himself is going to be the problem.

maybe cos of how he's feeling from her dying, his quilt of not saving her. thinking she wants damon. someone said about him not quite letting her make so many decisins herself. i think elena was pretty subborn before, so thats probably heightened too.

also lastnight i watched 3.21 i love the scene where jomo has elena tied to a chair, not in sadist way, just jomom is so funny. and he says to her consider me doing you a favour, meaning with her dying she wont have to chose between the brothers, and come between them.

so do you think that when they crashed elena really didnt know she had vamp  blood in her? that she wanted matt saving 1st yes because he was unresponsive, and she doesnt want him to die, solves the problem of bad ric,but also because  klaus was right, her gone means she doeant have to choose? was this her get out clause?

i mean its quite a far out theory, cos i dont think elena would want to leave jeremy. plus it would have come between the beothers coz damon would have gone mad at stefan for not getting her 1st.

but it just popped into my mind.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

season 4 is going to be very intresting, and a d/e hook up in what ever way is on the cards. but i just cant see how there going to get there, all this crap about he meet her 1st and she'll remeber him compelling her in 2.08. wont make a differance. her turning into a vamp isnt going to amke her love damon it will be how s/e handle her new life. stefan over whelming quilt thst he didnt save her soon enough, knowing that she never wanted this life. or elena not adjusting well to vampire life. i mean she'ss had alot of issues maybe she's very angry. i know the d/e fans allow damon to snap as many necks as he likes when he's miffed about something.

its just i cant see stefan letting elena deal with this alone. and i think vampire elena is going to be like vampire stefan. pure at heart, but the blood sends them a little off the rails, only after the quilt CONSUMS them. i think this could be where damon steps in because stefan would want her to feel that pain to help her get past it, were as damon will be like were supior race, we need to drink to live lets go for a dance, after all these years of pain, there'll finally be a switch to turn it off.

k am off to bed now nite ladies!!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi girls i hope i,ve read the right artical. the one called what the heck just happened?

the part that got me was about elena still chosing stefan becuase of elenas desion and damons reaction to it. it could cause a severe wedge between the brothers,  i dont like this i love how far they,ve come this season.

i didnt think they could kill jomo off. i wonder thought if caroline will fall more for him.

i read some where else about jp talking about damons love,, the intensity of it, and this season he will see the repicussions (probably not spelt right)of his love and that he will question it, and see that sometimes its wrong.

i cant remeber where i was, but you'll no what i mean if you come across it.

from the interview about whose bloood it was who turned her, i dont see what differance it amkes, i've said before caroline isnt sired, kat wasnt rose wasnt. tyler only because he felt greatful to klaus.

on the question to do with the flash back.  jp says she isnt going to wake up and think omg i made the wrong choice. 

. But in the ongoing journey of her point of view about how she feels about each of these brothers, it’s going to impact her feelings for Damon and her understanding of Damon.

i dont understand this either, when sh rembers the flashbacks, she'll see damon describing his love. she will still feel the same about stefan. it will just be the damon he is now, which we all already know she has feelings for. 

i think the main question for season 4 is how long is it going to take for elena to jump ship, realise she made a big boo boo and beg stefan to forgive her.

like i said earlier though, even if elena does become  more involved with damon than she is now, she wont ever commit to them being a proper couple, for not really knowing herself,because she'll never be a 100% sure and commited and  peoples reactions. but mostly of fear of losing stefan.


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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi kay i dont suppose you could send me a link for the interview please

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

so the argument now is that stelena's love is not "real"

in the sense that elena feels like she owes stefan her love. GTFOH. Elena does not owe Stefan anything, if she did not want to be with him, I have to believe that she can make that decision based on her true feelings towards him. (I mean come on she practically kicked Stefan while he was down most of the season with her feelings towards Damon). If Damon saved Elena in that crash with her parents and he still acted the way he acted in season one, do you think she would sit here and say “oh i owe damon my life i have to love him…i have to be with him” hell no! She truly fell in love with Stefan. Stefan is a great guy and she knows it. She knows that no matter what Stefan is right for her and that is why she choose him. Yea she wants adventure (which i feel she could find in stefan) so she is gonna run off with damon and live a reckless care free life, but i know she will realize that she truly needs something more calm and genuine. People are sitting here saying nobody wants a fairytale ending…PUHLEASE quit lying to yourselves. You are attracted to the bad guy for that reason only…because he is the bad guy. You will learn eventually that the bad guy is NO GOOD for you…maybe you won’t regret being with him…but I KNOW you will regret leaving the GOOD guy who truly loved and cared about you with all of his heart.

lol ok i'll behave now with the tumblr posts. just some are so good and day what i want to say!!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

i've just read this on tumblr. i think the flashback scene has confused alot of d/e fans. given elenas little quip if i'd have met you 1st.

i think they think literly and are saying she only stayed with stefan cos she him 1st and he saved her. there grasping at straws.

i hope jp is reading alot of these kind of posts and realizes how a d/e ending would contridic the whole story.

they have to do the d/e thing now cos they've pushed it so much. plus i wouldnt want elena wondering what if thats not fair to stefan.

but i cant stand the thought of poor steffie waiting. so in a way i hope they bring kat back to get elenas green eyed monster out. not saying stefan give in, just annoy elena a tad. plus damon might see how much better kat is for him, one stone 2 birds lol.

anyway heres the post.

So the whole Damon thing (spoilers for Season 3 finale)

I honestly…don’t think it matters?

Yes, Elena met Damon first, but she still had a boyfriend then. She had a normal life and she was intrigued by this stranger (who happened to be thinking of eating her), but there was nothing for her to fall in love with besides the mystery.

And then her parents died.

When she met Stefan, it was in a time where she needed a reason to pull herself together. They fell for each other (unrealistically) quickly and they gave each other the strength to move forward from their pasts and their problems. And there is absolutely no way Damon at that time could have been that person because let’s face it: he would have abused Elena like crazy. He most likely would have compelled her (and he tried to in the football episode) and used her as his Katherine substitute.

If Elena met the Damon now, way back then? Maybe. But Damon wasn’t who he is now, and who he used to be wouldn’t ever have a chance with a grieving Elena. And the Damon who Elena met was a Damon who didn’t have the empathy to help her move forward with her life, who had his own past and obsessions he couldn’t let go of, and the Elena at that time wasn’t an Elena who needed a reason to live. So I don’t believe that the Damon revelation honestly makes that much a difference.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi girls great thoughts, miss so much being in another country.

yeah the s/d and k/e are so alike. loved the episode dinner party, when klaus was like tell them about tatia seen as thought they share a foundness for the petrova dopplegangger!

great refeance to damons love being 1 dimensonal. its true damon loves intensly to the point of smothering, elena loves all. i think that he would want elena to leave, i feel it would be just them once had her. and the writers would have to toatly change elenas charater to allow her to do become so consumed by damon.(god i love that word) but i guess that now they've made her a vamp they could do so, any thing.i thought they've always said tha thuman qualties are heightened so i cant see elena being changed. but say she did. and she loved damon and it was just them, then that would make her turn her back on everyone. be selfish, lack of regard? then doesnt it make her just like kat? coming a full circle to damon gettting kat, just with a slight twist?

i hoestly since kat coming back in season 2 have shipped d/k not s/k. honestly i dont see that, stefan moved on a long time ago. and kat to him just reminds him of everything that went wrong, however i dont think he feels any anamoristy toward her now. damon just needs kat to say sorry and he'll forgive.

yes the phone converstaion was odd. elean was telling truthfully, she loves stefan and she has never said it to damon. its almost like damon couldnt let it go, even thought its his brother gorl, he's contending against his brother, a brother who wouldnt have quibbled her choice.i mean i thought after that kiss when elena said stefan wanted me to come on this trip he thinks i have feelings for you. and she still couldnt say, that thatn then would have made him think yes she wants my brother? the whole damons flashback scene was the worst part of the episode. because it doesnt fit i dont care what anyone says, doesnt fit with the story or damon. once she said she wasnt katherine he would have made off with her and tried to find out why she looked like her. used her has plaything. he wouldnt have being oh ok well i hope you find true love. i think the writers were trying to pacify the d/e fans. one using the word consum. and when elena says maybe if i'd have met you 1st. which now she did, but that tooo has being blown out of context, even plec has stated it was to soften the blow.

i hate it now that fans are saying damon compelled her to fall in love with he said his bit bout what love she wants. then she hears the car when she back he starts to say i wish you get everything you want, but right now forget you met me, noone can no am in town.

well to be fair if he could compell her to gfet everything she wants would the last 3 seasons happen, i mean did she want to be a blood bag and lose all thses people?

also she had the whole summer before she met stefan, so none of that makes sense. i think it was just done to make the d/e fans hope for a d/e season 4.

@kay i honestly dont want to even think how she's going to go damon, makes cringe its like thinking about the 3.19 kiss all over agian.

but i,ve now come to the conclusion that she has to be with damon in a way for this triangle to end.

it will either be horny vampire getting mad and then there kisiing and stefan catches them. or elenas having a bad time adjusting to vampirism and stefan blames himself and leaves, or she's being more supported by damon cos he has more control, and stefan stilll doesnt know she was coming back to him, thinks she wants damon leaves, this point elena decides to give damon a whirl, but she'll never admit that there together, like when friends ask, damon willl realize well and truly that its always going to be stefan, he to will miss stefan and the end of seson 4 will be elena findind stefan and telling him its always going to be you stefan!!!

shoot me am a crazy romantic fool, marry me stefan!!

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