Stelena Appreciation Thread


“You Bonnie fans give us Delena fans stupid names and you make fun of us. You don’t respect us or other fandoms. You only see yourselves. You’re all so arrogant. And you too. You don’t accept other people. You only accept the Bonnie brigade. You’re all like nazis. We did nothing to you!”______________This has to be a joke. A really really bad joke.Excuse me, but are you calling us nazis? N.A.Z.I.S? The hell? Do you know what a nazi is? I think you don’t.Oh and you’re all so innocent, right? You never did anything. You don’t hate on us  or  other fandoms. You don’t insult actors and call them ugly or make any racist comments.Excuse me, bitches but this isn’t funny anymore. We respect everyone. We do more than you Delena fans ever did. You’re the ones who always insult other fans. And not only Bonnie fans. Also the Stelena/Stefan fans. You insult the actors and make racist comments. It’s all you. We never insulted other fandoms or actors like you did. I got a lot of hate mails from Delena fans. Do you call this “we did nothing to you”? Some of you insulted me because i don’t ship Delena.If i’ve said something to Delena fan then it was because they started. I just defended myself. We all did. A lot of other Bonnie fans were also attacked by Delena fans and you don’t have to wonder why a lot of us don’t like you that much. I know, not every Delena shipper is like you and there are Delena shippers who respect us - and i respect them for doing that. They are the true DE fans. But you, the DE fans who insult, attack and don’t respect us, don’t deserve our respect. And you will never be respected by us.And if you call this “arrogant” then yes. Then i’m arrogant. I’m arrogant because i  will never respect or accept people like you who attack others and make racist comments.



thats the post i didnt click it before sorry!lol

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

so this is something else from tumblr, there getting wilder. i really am begigning to wonder the sanity of some of these fans. maybe they dont realize its fiction and supose the be enjoyable. forums are for dissussing and thoughts, not abusing, am glad am only part of this one and no's being bitchy.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

Veetayt hi your post didnt come up before, yeah jomo is great i hope he's back next season, am still not sure on the tyler body thing?

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

evening girls. great posts,

@heather its a good view on damon, i'v always thought damon was better suited to kat. kat hasnt loved many in her life but when she has she's loved them intensly and always. damons love can be thrilling and untoxicating. i think everyone should feel this kind of love if only once, because after the lust, passion, fire and general consuming, what is left?

stefan still offers all this, yet lets elena know she's still in charge of whats going on in her life, he selfless to give elena want she wants out of life. he respects her and loves what she loves. there isnt nothing they cant overcome. because everyone wants to feel safe and good. stefan doesnt put her down the love equaly. were as damon would always love her more, then her him, and it wouldny be fair.

i think with elena turning her darker side will be drawn out, because everyone has a dark side others more so. and with all the loss and suffering she's had, she may want something just for her, thats damon.


but soon elena will realize thats not her, that her love ties people together and bonds, makes them want to sacrifice themselves for each other. stefan's proved this more than once. the most memoriable one being wanting ro take jenneas place at the sacrifice.

the thing about stefan too is how much he loves damon and that he would let them be together if that makes them happy. how can any d/e fan shoot this down? because they know that damon wont do the same. he's always going to be around because he needs elena and stefan.

on a different note was reading  a reveiw earlier, and there were comments after, one person was really on her high horse bashing stefan, how stefan forced damon to turn so that all bad things that have happened to damon wee cos of stefan. he's more evil than damon he killed elena and his own father.

she got bought down lol.

i mean the killing elena comment was blown straight out the water.

and to be fair their father killed them.

we were like i think you need to re watch some episodes. damon didnt want to turn cos kat was dead. poor stefan didnt even know that he had being drinking the blood. damon was learning before he was turned.

they both agreed to die at the quarry. stefan being the good soul he is went to amke amends eith their father.but he came at him, stefan didnt know how strong he was and he did drink from him, but it is made clear that 1st time it takes over.look at vicky caroline just drawn to it. yes stefan did take the bleedin girl to damon. but its cos he wanted his big brother forever. damon had since made it clear he's glad stefan did, he likes being a vampire, the reason he was so pissed is cos it wasnt suppose to be both of them.

this always shows his deep on way love. just like it was for 145 years.

i can perfectly see why people ship d/e but i do think they are younger people, because when you've had that little bit something more, you know the differance. perhaps this is what elena needs.

i will be very hard to watch especially for stefan, i wonder if he will leave. cos really would you want to watch your woman 'try' your brother out?

maybe damon will like dark bonnie more.

man is it september yet?

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

p.s kay it would break my stelena heart too, but that why them being endgame would be so much sweeter!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi girls you can just call me charlie, thats my name.

i re watched the the episode last night and i would have liked to have seen damon walz into thye morgue ready to have a go at stefan but see how broken stefan look, and have a bit of that bondind that they'd being getting so good at lol!!

aime, i agree about everyones idea of pasion is different, i think the last delena kiss is just so freash in thier minds, and the stelena kiss was stefnas way of saying godbye. it was expressive.

but if you want a passionat kiss just think back to season 2. i think the episode was called crying wolf, when they go to the lake house and she pretends she cant invite him in, when she does he scoops her up and thier kissing, then there on the work top with her legs wrapped round him, hands every were. re watch it on you tube its a good kiss and full of PASSION AND FIRE!lol.

has anyont seen that thing on tumblr bout stelena/bamon hate confessions i think thats what it was called. am pretty certain thats what its called. i didnt go on it and i think it may have being blocked, coz people were protesting about it.  but some people pasted qoutes from it, and its not just hate on the characters its mosty paul wesley himself and kat greham. calling him ugly(WTF!) and being racists to kat. some people are so nasty. its awful hopefully it has being blocked. i think some people need to calm down and realize its a tv show its suppose to bring us enjoyment.

then someone put on their tweet to jp. cant remeber word for word, but basically calling hera bitch and blaming her for someone setting up this blog.

poor julie, i'd like to see someone else come up with what she's done.

anyway i then found this that i thought was nice after reading hate!! hope am not repeating anyone!

Why Stelena Trumps Delena

First off, I’d like to say that I don’t doubt that Damon loves Elena, because it is very clear to me that he does… but that doesn’t mean that he is right for her, because he is not.  I’ve been conflicted about this because there are some Delena moments that just stun me and make me believe that Damon could be a good match for Elena, but then I realize that Stefan and Elena belong together.

Damon always wants to be the tough, macho guy who swoops in to save his girl and win her affections.  And hey, sometimes that works.  Sometimes, it’s endearing.  But a lot of the time, it shows just how little he thinks of Elena (and other women on the show because let’s face it, Damon does not have good, healthy relationships with women).  Because the truth is, no matter how much the show tries to mess it up, Elena is a strong female character.  She always protects the people she loves.  And what’s more- and is even more telling of the strength of her character- is that she knows how to let the people she loves take care of her.  Even though her friends and family are always at risk because of her associations with vampires, Elena lets them make the choice to put their lives in danger in order to help protect and fight for her.  Because having a choice and being able to make your own decisions is such an important thing and Damon is constantly threatening to take that away from her, basically telling her to shut up and let him take charge.  Because, why?  “Damon knows best”?  No, Damon does not know best.  Damon just knows what he wants.  And he will do almost anything to get it, no matter the consequences.

Stefan, on the other hand, has ALWAYS listened to Elena and respected her right to make her own decisions.  Because Stefan loves Elena.  Stefan trusts and respects Elena.  Even though he has the power to  compel Elena and make her forget things or do things for him, he has NEVER used that against her.  Damon has compelled Elena before,  two times that I can remember precisely.  And while many Delena shippers will say that Damon only did it out of selflessness, I disagree.  No matter his intentions, what Damon did to Elena is not at all acceptable.  Another thing that Damon has done that is not at all acceptable is kill members of Elena’s family.  He killed Jeremy and Alaric just because he knew they would come back to life and that is no reason to go around killing people.  How many times has Damon threatened the lives of Elena’s friends just so that Elena could live?  Remember when he told Bonnie that her life was not as important as Elena’s?  Stefan knows how much Elena loves her friends and he would never put their lives in danger without their consent or knowledge.  Damon, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about them because he is so blinded by his love for Elena.  Being blinded by love is not a good thing.

Besides, Elena loves Stefan.  As Elena has said, he was there for her at a time when she needed someone.  Stefan brought meaning to her life when Elena had thought she had lost it.  He has done so much for her and changed himself for her because HE LOVES HER.  Stefan, out of love for Elena, shows the same care for her friends and family.  He would do anything to protect them because he knows just how much Elena loves them and needs them in her life.  And Stefan needs Elena’s love too.  Damon doesn’t care if he does something to make Elena hate him because he doesn’t care about her feelings.  As long as he loves her, he wants to be with her.  Stefan is bothered by the thought of doing anything to make Elena hate him because he wants to be in a relationship with someone who loves him.  And isn’t that what a relationship is all about?  Mutual love.

So that is why, if Elena must choose between either of the Salvatore brothers, she is better off with Stefan.  And I mean, she has already chosen Stefan, and I hope she sticks with him through the end.  Stefan has a good heart.  He is truly good.  And even though he may go off the rails sometimes, he tries his damnedest to get back on track.  Because Stefan is not afraid to be good just because “when people see good, they expect good”.  And since Damon doesn’t want to live up to anyone’s expectations, I don’t think he ever will.  I don’t believe he has it in him to completely change his ways and become a betterperson vampire for Elena (or anyone else, for that matter).  But Stefan, who is truly selfless, will fight to be good instead of flipping off his switch and not caring like Damon has so often done.  Because Stefan knows that even though it’s easier to not care, it’s not good and Stefan wants more than anything to be good.  Rose was right- Stefan will always be good for Elena.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

kay your posts from tublir are great. i dont blame anyone for shipping d/e.its when they start arguing or with the stefan hate.

i do now really think d/e has to go down that route, so then elena knows she has tried both kinds of love. and i know which one will win out. because thats life.

alot of people crave the exciting, not knowing consuming kind of love and when its good theres nothing that can compare, but when its bad its soul destroying. you hate them you hate yourself. because that kind of love burns so bright, but goes out very quckly, because at the end of it theres nothing else keeping the fire burning.

 stefans love is a slow burning from the inside, you cant put it out. when people say he doesnt challange her, he does he just isnt vocal, but he makes elena think.

d/e thinkd elena wants advanture, a rollercoster ride. i dont think she does or atleast not the same one they think she does. in 2.20 when they were at the top of the water fall elena said, "i was suppose to grow up have children"

elena wanted the normal family life liked she'd had, it makes her happy. now having children i know that this is the biggest advanture that anyone can ever embark on in their life and nothing compares.

but am pretty sure that this isnt the advanture d/e fans mean. being with damon she would never have that, he would want her to change, be with him always. but stefan just wanted a bit of time and then was willing to step aside. it would have being one advanture with and then she could have had what she wanted. or chose that she wanted him more. but at the end of the day elena is 18. lost a lot, of cousre she clings to them both. both dont seem to die, both who move heven and earth for her.

season 4 can 'explore d/e' because the love that s/e has is slow burning and eternal flame.

just got to ride out the bumps along the way. i still beleve s/e is endgame maybe not till like season 5/6.

i also would like to see damon have the kind of love he can give and consume him to.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

p.s that kiss was perfect for that moment, and was waiting for, it was him saying goodby it was pure and needy, sweet and loving just like stelena kisses are!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hey everyne great posts. loived the one from tumlir, bout the ship sailing but it needs to br returned to the harbour ir it will sink. love this one coz this is the quote they use alot.

elenas attraction to damon is becuase of the unknown the uncertainity. but all in all stefan is the one who amkes her burn inside out.

consuming love is not good, and cna leave you emionally broken. i dont see elena and damon having a go at a ralainship if stefan is a round, bebause she'll always be pulled to him.

read that interview too with paul wesley. and plec saying its about its about the foundation of thier realtionship i think d/e should read so they truly understand instead of ranting that stefan killed her.

its going to be intresting to see how season 4 will pan out, but i hope that they soet this thing with d/e out. i wonder who the new villian will be, bonnie is she turning on her friends?

also dint plec say that damon and merdith were going to be come drinking buddies?

i think elena will discover alot about herself and what she wants but overnight. i think it will be a long bumpy road for stelena, but come the end it will be them didnt they say in the beging stelena were the core?

its all just to much and i miss stelena already!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

afternoon ladies i've just read jp interview. she said that when elena said if she's have met him 1st was to soften the blow, woe can you imagine the backlash from d/e fans.

i was wondering did stefan know when elena was drowing that she had vampire blood in her system. or was it that vampires can sense when another is in transtion. or did he take her to the hospital and merdith tell him then?

to be fair i think quite alot of the d/e fans are upset about damons flash back.

and did anyone else think that klaus in tylers body kissing caroline was slighlty wierd?

@Heather that part bout d/e being past lovers in a past life made me giggle. but with tvd who knows, at least if it happens you can take claim for it. lol.

what damon said to elena in his flashback, is probably how he felt about kat, and i think if she turns  then he'll see that its not the same, and he cant love the way s/e does.

another bug bearer is the sire thing, even if it is damons blood(dont know yet, jp didnt say)

i dont think she'll have a sire bond like t/k cos in tylers case it was because he felt greatful, i dont think elenas going to be greatful to damon. plus merdith may have told her when she came round, but i dont think when elena left the hospital she had any notions of dying. just when it was happening she knew if matt died he wasnt coming back, wera as she was. agian all spectulation, because we dont know right now if she knew.

plus it was damons blood that turned caroline she's not sired, katherine wasnt sired to rose. who knows how the salvatores would have being coz they were in love with their creator.

i think theres still alot f debate ready for nect season.i just dont understand why there saying that vamp elena may not chose stefan, or even worse what ther saying now is that stefan wont want elena becuase he wont feel close to being human. this show as always made it clear that what they were as human heightens has a vampire. so elenas love should just be more intense, but how loyal and compassionate and selfless she was should be too. as for stefan she'll still be the same but he wont hve to worry about wanting to drain her dry. yeah i get it that the way she felt sor damon may heighten too, so then surly were still at the same place only with vamp elena. or maybe am just not geting something?

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