Stelena Appreciation Thread

besides she meet matt 1st and had feelings for him. dont mean shes choosing him now, because no one has turned her head like stefan!!!stelena god i miss them already

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

lol them posr were great, love that s/ e are getting bit more vocal. seriously tho they need to stop with the stefan hate. i hate that we dint get to see stefan pull her from the water, it cut to damon. although stefan sat by her body was just heartbreaking, and all this time he never knew she was coming back to him. honestly tho i hope he doesnt get to know until she makes a new choice has a vampire. i dont want to see him cry.

stefan did the right thing saving matt, he wasnt responding to elena she could respond. she couldnt lose someone else. and i think anyone else in that sit would try to get the person out 1st, its human nature. which it what the show tries to portait the family and friends tie.

also it pushes the whole 'stefan lets her make her own choices! he didnt want to get matt but its what elena wanted. god if damon starts with him i hope someones punches him lol.

it doant matter that she meet damon 1st because he wouldnt have saved them, it doesnt matter that she said he consumes her, thats healthy love, and it doesnt last when raelity sets in.

but please tvd writers if your going to do the whole d/e thing just get it done alraedy then shack damon up with rebecca, coz theres do would be so great?anyone else think so. i do like bamon to, but i think he's pushed her over the edge!



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Stelena Appreciation Thread

d/e fans are taking every thing out of context with what elena said on the phone to damon.

even when she remebers meeting damon 1st it wont change that it was stefan who saved her stalked her got to know her.

damon didnt care then, funny thing is if he hadnt heard her voice then the car he stopped to eat could have being her pearents.

i think elena needs to go with damon so she finally shake him, because how ever passionate and whatever d/e think they are, lust and desire burns out eventually.

at least with s/e there all the things d/e are and more, and thats the right kind of love.

makes me wonder what jp meant when said they will be together for a while in season 4? is it the begining or the end, i hope its the end!!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

hi ladies, so i,ve had some more time and i,ve being reading other forums, its wild. and you know one delena fan says something that worried me, in the car matt says we can either keep driving forward towards damon, or go back to stefan. she said this is human elena running back to something safe, vampire elena's dark side will move her forward to damon. do you think this was underlying meaning from th writers?

also plec said s/e will be together so does that mean she's going to with damon. i personally would have liked her to do it now and then go back to stefan.

have you read the books, because when she wakes up coz its damons blood she feels more connected to him. do you thunk with the blood and the memories she will turn to damon and then remember how much she loves stefan.

my theory season 4. stefan feels so quilty coz he saved matt 1st, and knows she didnt want to be a vampire. but also cant help elena so much because he's still trying to control himself, he'll watch d/e get close, listen to elenas conflicting emotions. and leave for a while. lets not 4get that stefan right now doesnt know she chose him.

omg am just so worried for the future of s/e. i mean i dont mind d/e bieng explored a bit, but what was the point of the last 3 years if they put it down to teenage/1st love. 

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

i think the delena fans are going to blow the 'maybe if i'd meet yoy fisrt' thing out of context.

however even if she met and he pulled them out of the car it wouldnt have changed coz back then damon killed on a whim and loved kat,  she was always going to love stefan.

i do feel sorry for d'e fans  coz damons flashback is kind of like still keeping them hoping for d/e even both damon and elena using the word consume.

i have said before though that d/e have a good friendship and i do hope they give damon a good love intreast for next season.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

morning all, i've just watched the episode, wild one. i can see you've all had much to discuss. i truly felt at one point it was going to be damo.

sweet stefan when he kissed her, because they dint know if there was a later. i want him lol.

it was all going so well when she phoned damon and told him amd was rushing back to stefan. it was just how it was suppose to be. but then the crash and i just knew then shit somethings going to happen.

i know stefan got matt out 1st coz elena made him, but he's strong couldnt he got them both?antway i know it was important fr her to die.

thats when it got terriably wrong and this is the only part of the episode i didnt like. damons flashback.

because now they,ve tainted s'e first moment. but i did say before damon was going to have some part in it.

its just wrong. howwever it shouldnt really shange her choice. but i feell this was the writers cop out, to make both ships happy. so in a way i dont feel like she choose either, just going to be same thing nect season.

but holy hell the delena fans are wild. plus some of them damn right mean and disrepectful. and obviuosly all of them saying there not watching anymore, its just pityful.

good episode though i cant wait to see s/e bonding over thier bloodlust lol

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

you know what i blame her choosing damon on, that bang to the head lol!!

am so nervous about it! a tv show lol. am going to  bed now, coz the spoilers are just goin round in circles.

so heres hoping!and i cant wait to reveiw with you all tomorrow, just remeber tho if she chooses damon now it dunt mean shit stelena all season 4!!lol k nite

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

omg i cant beleive that someone leaked a stelena kiss, but i dont know what to make of it really.

the more i think od d/e the more annoying and senseless it seems. she just wouldnt i get that she may be attracted to him and feel some pull i mean the girl loses everyone sshe touches. but elena couldnt want to be with damon he kills recklessy even people she knows. he's controlling but also even being with damon she is still going to pine for stefan.

i mean i want stelena back together but i think elena needs abit of time out and thats why i think she shoild chose herself.let stefan get a bit more control, damon move on and her and stefan slowly find each other.

your rite last 2 seasons damon needs saving, so maybe something will happen to stefan tied in with saving elena of course. hopeflly that phone call to damon will be her telling him that she loves him but not in love with him. that she needs some time to her self.

but then something happens to stefan and she realises she just cant live without him. please god please!

the writers have messed this up. because damon doesnt make sense especially to the charater they have built elena up too, the past 2 seasons and the story of their true beutiful love.

well not long now, but am on edge already, bed early so i can get up and watch!


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Stelena Appreciation Thread

morning all, looking forward to tonight?i wil watch it in the morning. some of my posts arnt showing up, but am still here, and you,ve all mase excallent points.

i was reading somwwhere yesterday someones take on that pic of stefan and elena in her room, stefan stood with his hands on face, but her hands by her side. her take was that this is elena choosing and shes telling stefan goosbye, and stefans doing his thing od telling her he'll always love her. no need to say who she ships. i think that stefan is reasurring her, its something to do with someone being in trouble and am hoping this leads to the kiss!!!

i dont feel that its makes any sense to elena charter for her to chose damon, and i kinda feel that they would be doing it to please fans and keep ratings.

but when said n done they said it was a triangle. my point is it a right hand triangle, that being two sides longer then the 3rd, the long side being s/e!!

if damon is dying, which he's coming back how would this make elena choose him he'd be gone. or is he dying, being baught back getting back to m/f and elena choosing him all in 45 mins?

also another pointing why it doesn tmake sense fir her to pick damon, which i think someone mentioned is all season she was looking for him, trying to bring him, trying to get him to feel again what was the point if to choose damon.

also they both share alot of qualities, but stefan is more considerate, remorsful, thoughtfull more strutures just better stefan is my faviorite charater!!! hopefully no matter what the choice he comes better!

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

what does it mean when it says your post has being sent for moderation?

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