What Episode Is This? - Help (Episodes)

Scars and Souvenirs. Season 3, but not sure which episode number.
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Other tv shows?

Firday at 9. Animal Planet

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Other tv shows?

Yes! But it isn't quite as exciting as the commercials make it out to be. But a good show none the less.

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Other tv shows?

Grey's Anatomy is my faorite show, but I watch tv like crazy. Can't wait for the fall when most of the shows I watch come back :)

Jon & Kate + 8

18 kids and counting

Deliver Me


Little People Big World

The Little Couple

90210 sometimes

Whale Wars

Desperate Housewives, but I am losing interest

America's Next Top Model

Lots of TLC and Discovery Health. I am unfortunately addiccted to E! and all the stupid reality shows on VH1 too.

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Favorite patient

I really liked Charlie(Really Old Guy). I'm not sure he is my favorite though because there have been so many patients. Also Meredith and Izzie. Loved Meredith on 'drugs'

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Five least favorite Grey's character's

1. Callie- not a fan 2. Ava- crazy 3. Lexie- I don't mind her, but I wish she had a smaller role 4. Erica- meanest character ever Only have four:)
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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)

1. Meredith

2. Izzie

3. Alex

4. Cristina

5. Derek

6. George

7. Bailey

8. Addison

9. Burke

10. Mark

That was easier than I expected :)

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Favorite relationship and why?? (Relationships)

Alex and Izzie. They are perfect. I watch their scenes over and over. They have such great chemistry. They have come so far.

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Your GA family (Spoilers)

*Person/Guy= Meredith

*Brother/Sisterish person= Izzie as a sister and Derek as the protective older brother

*Soul mate= Alex

*Father figure= The Chief

*Mother figure= Bailey

*Enemy= no one

*On call room buddy= Alex

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Worst Relationship and why? (Relationships)

Well there are so many, but I guess George and Izzie were the absolute worst. I agree with all of the other posts. Alex and Rebecca, Addison and Alex, Izzie and Denny, Derek and Rose. Certain people belong together. It is annoying when the wrong people date.

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