I got in yesterday finally!!!! I was so excited. And I'm a Slytherin, didn't really expect it but I love it. Tho it sucks we have to wait so long until the Chamber of Secrets book :(

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Season 5 - What do you want?

This won't happen but...

- Dair/Derena sex & relationship

- Chair break-up (for good)

- no more love triangles (at the most Dairena)

- no more stupid guest stars

- no more Serenate

- more interaction (non-romantic) between characters

- more Eric

- Nate having an interesting storyline or being written off

- less over-the-top short plots, more lingering storylines

- college, anyone? Those kids don't go to school anymore!

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Glee S02 Top 10 Covers

1. I Feel Pretty / Unpretty

2. River Deep, Mountain High

3. Songbird

4. Marry You

5. Rolling in the Deep

6. Landslide

7. Thriller / Heads Will Roll

8. Valerie

9. Isn't She Lovely

10. Jar of Hearts

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What's your favorite song from TVD

Bloodstream (Stateless), DLZ (Tv on the radio), Cosmic Love (Florence + the machine) and, most of all, Wires by Athlete!

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Bar Mitzvah scene...WTF

what did you expect? the writers seem to be ruled by crazy chair fans, so they had to include some chair "romance" to keep their hopes alive, that's why it doesn't make any sense and it felt completely out of the blue. wth was blair thinking?? she's engaged to a wonderful prince, chuck hurt her two days ago, she was just about to get killed, it doesn't make ANY sense. i liked chair, but now i'm seriously fed up with them, even though i know it's going to be them in the end, in spite of everything that made their relationship unhealthy and almost suicidal.

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love her!! she's my favourite next to rachel.

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Will Serena and Dan ever get back together?

They have to. What was all that build-up since the end of season 3 for, or her choosing him over nate, or their talk about getting one last shot in the future, if they aren't going to get together ever again? it wouldn't make sense. though this is gossip girl, and maybe the writers pull a leyton and give us serenate. but it wouldn't make sense at all!

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Have you ever shipped something so hard that the actors date and get married in RL so then you are all like asjgsdflgk but then he cheats on her, so then in the show leyton the other couple gets endgame?


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First Kisses

Derena, really HOT!

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that's exactly what i wondered. he appeared out of the blue, we hadn't seen him in ages, but it was probably just to make us think that he was the one who pushed ian/A/... well, that's what i think.

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