From what I see in the promos, the "there is no us" scene is before the next scene, but maybe after the scene where Blair throws Serena out of her house. My guess is that Blair is mad at Serena because she scanned her diary. Anyway, the DS sex scene seems fantastic, they have a lot more chemistry than DB. Can't wait for the next ep. 

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What will it take for Dan to be a part of the group?

Lol. This thread is hilarious. Dan being Chuck's friend for at least a season it's a very overstatement. They were friendlish in several episode, but they were definitely not friends. I don't see how come he is considered one of the gretest writers of his generation, that's again kind of an overstatement. He had some success with his book, but he has great difficulties coming up with a new story. And according to UES standards he's not rich. He has earned probably something below 10 milion $ (let's face it, writing isn't profitable unless you're JK Rowling)  while a UES family has like hundreds of millions. Also, boyfriend status doesn't automatically make someone part of a group. 

I guess he become an outsider again (he did hava a bit of a insider status in previous seasons) because of his book. Cuz you just don't write and publish a sattire about people that trust you (eg. Serena, Rufus, Nate) and then you expect everyting to be the same. It can't be and I kind of like it that the writers don't try to push it and make him part of the group given the circumstances. 

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New Finale Spoilers?

The post on tumblr seems more like a foiler. I just don't buy the whole secret society thing and if they go to this SL, the writers would have a bit of a work to do to fit all the details of the GG blasts into something coherent. 

@Stella, I wouldn't want Dan to die on his way to Rome. But I would really like for him to go to Rome (without Blair) and just bump into Vanessa, which is supposed to be somewhere in Europe, and fall in love with her again. That would be good closure for the whole Dair thing. 

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Name of song?

I think it's M83 - Wait

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I'm also excited about the next episode. I will actually watch it this time (i missed all the episodes since the one with Cece's wake, watching only clips on youtube). It seems like an awesome episode from the preview. 

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Dear new showrunner...

I would like to see a new direction for this show. I kind of hate the soapy, cliched storylines and I want the show to get more real with more dramas and scandals. Also I would like to see the main characters layered again, not just caricatural as they are now. 

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D & B will NEVER be equals

Maybe in some ways they are equals, but socially there arent' equals. Blair is "old money", where Dan is "no money" (selling a book does not put one in "new money" category). "Old money" families are rather careful with whom they mingle. But probably in Safran crazy world those things don't matter. Anyway, from I what I've seen on screen I see Blair and Dan as friends with benefits rather than a power couple. 

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"There are also alternate realities..."

Safran is trolling as usual just to make more people tune in to these awful season. 


Why can't GG fandom face it?  These writers cannot write.Read more: http://www.tvfanatic.com/forum/gossip-girl/general-discussion/there-are-also-alternate-realities/page-8.html#ixzz1ssHkCAu0

So true. That's the reason I started reading fanfic. It's way better written than this season. 

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Hey guys! I just saw this on Vulture recap of the recap and I thought it was funny and wanted to share with you. 

Blair's giddy expression when she was planning the salon made me realize exactly who Dan is to her. He's not her boyfriend, he's her gay best friend. Plus 10 because every 20 year old girl has one of those to plan parties and discuss art with, then it hits you that the no sex part kind of sucks and you go find yourself a man. Plus 10 more if it happens by the finale. –STILETTO33


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Chuck Bass discussion

Dunno. Maybe it's a Chuck and Blair scene. Maybe he reaches out to her again, tell her about his family problems and she comforts him. I just hope it's not another "Chuck lets Blair go" scene. 

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