Who are your untouchables?

It's hard to choose because I don't really want any of the main characters to die, but I know that some of them will by the end of it all. I can see a lot of sacrificing themselves for each other between Elena, Stefan, Damon, and also Katherine happening in the long run. And also, Tyler and Caroline and Matt and Caroline.

I honestly think Elena will die at some point. I wouldn't be sad if she was gone forever, but the show is basically all about her so... It just would not be the same.

I would be really sad if Stefan or Damon died, but I am sure one of them will eventually. Also, Jenna, Jeremy, or Alaric. That whole group has gone through enough. Leave them alone. And if Caroline died I would probably scream bloody murder. Also Matt... I just him and Caroline ending up together in the long run.

Katherine is fierce and I love how powerful she is. So obviously I want her around.

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The damahe that the vampires take

Well Katherine was in the tomb for a long time. I am sure that affected her...

Stefan hasn't been drinking blood that long and only little amounts...

And Damon used to just kill people and drink from them instead of drinking from a blood bag...

My point is the amount of blood and source probably affects them. Katherine and Damon were much stronger when they both were killing people and drinking their blood.

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Does Stefan know?

I think the bigger picture is... He killed Jeremy. Damon didn't know about the ring so he really did try to kill him and thought he was successful. I think that is a bigger deal than a half-kiss. We all know it made Elena hate him, but I think it also affected Stefan greatly. I don't think the kinda kiss really even matters after that. The killing is a bigger 'eff up than trying to kiss Elena.

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If you could bring back any dead characters, which would you bring back?

1) Anna

2) Vicki

3) Slater

4) Lexi

They aren't really in a specific order. I loved them all in different ways. Slater was hilarious though! I was very sad to see him in only one episode. It felt too soon. :(

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How will the founder's council react when they...

I honestly don't think they will ever find out...

They are too ignorant and he can erase all their memories so...

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Why has Elena become so annoying?

It's just so annoying because they play wayyyy too much into it. Almost everything that comes out of Elena's mouth anymore is about her sacrificing herself and blah blah blah.

I admire the fact she is selfless and loves her friends and family so much she would sacrifice herself, but it's just too over the top.

I also think that when it actually comes along she will be begging for her life by the end of it. It's just human nature not to die. It'll kick in eventually.

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A fun little game! (Reboot)

Kiss: Trevor

Bite: Mason

Compel: Sheriff Forbes

Okay, now...




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Daddy Issues Synopsis

1) John is coming back. Yay! I like the trouble he causes. Now, if Isobel would come back...

2) I like Caroline and Stefan's friendship also. But just friends... Let's not turn this into GG.

3) I like the development of Tyler's character. Michael Trevino does a good job with all the emotional and crazy scenes.

4) Bonnie and Jeremy need to get it on already. Elena will get over the shock eventually.

5) I wonder if Rose survives and Jules takes her hostage to get back at Damon and what not. Although, it is probaly Elena. That's just so obvious though. But it was stated she was gonna sacrifice herself so... Maybe it is Jenna or Jeremy also. It could be anyone. Can't wait to find out!

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Jenna and Elijah???? Jelijah????

I love Jenna and Alaric. Let Alaric have some love. Damn.

I think Elijah is beyond all that romantic jazz. The only person I could possibly see him with just for the sex would be Katherine, but she is terrified of him.

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A fun little game!

And then she would pick three different people and the next person would decide what they would do to them and pick another three and so on and so forth?

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