Who thought it was weird to ask that?

I just remembered something that happenned a few weeks ago in the show. Blair asked Chuck to sleep with her boss. I know I know...Chuck seems to know his ways with the ladies, but would you ask your ex-boyfriend to sleep with your boss if you knewthat in the end the two of you would end up together again and happily ever after ).

 Blair deserves something better (read my name duh) , because obviously she is trying to destroy herself with Chuck by wanting him to sleep with people she knows. This is a sick thing to ask, don't you think so?

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About that 2nd Kiss in Promo 4x18- (Spoilers)

Hi Prisilla, 

as squeaky said I don't think they are building something for Blair and Chuck. At least inot for now... since the half of the season (christmas break) they have build up a Blair and Dan story. You have to admit it. And the only time it's been about Chuck and Blair was when they ask each other for a favor (chuck would have sex with her boss...which was a weird proposal) and also Blair getting her heart broken again with the Raina story... They are shifting appart, not towards each other. 

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I liked Annie in Season 2

Hi everybody, 

I just started watching 90210 and I am so annoyed by Annie. I think the whole thing with Emily was childish and I didn't even see the point of that story. Same with the Liam/Charlie/Annie triangle. But after that I saw season 2 and I must say I love Annie in season 2. She is fearless yet tourmented, she is strong yet fragile. I think the Jasper story was scary but Annie had a real storyline, carrying that secret deep down. I want that kind of story back for her, otherwise she is a very boring character

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Dan and blair similar to ryan and taylor gg/oc?

I think Dan and Blair are kind of like Pacey and Joey in Dawson's creek. If you watched that show, Pacey and Joey are mutual enemies and both are best friends with Dawson. NO ONE suspected them to end up together, but in season 3 they start developping feelings for each other, and in a totally impulsive move Pacey kisses Joey and then both decide to keep it a secret and denies their feelings for each other because they know their relationship would have a big impact on their friends. YOU HAVE TO WATCH DAWSON'S CREEK. It's one of the best show that was on tv. Sometimes I feel like a lot of shows are rip off of it (but then again Dawson's creek must be a rip off of some other show from the 80's)...

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About that 2nd Kiss in Promo 4x18- (Spoilers)

Bianca ; LOL 

Also I do think that if Blair or Dan try to move on, it's only because they are scared and running away from their feelings!!! If you really think about it, their relationship will have an impact on everyone! That is scary, especially for Blair who cares so much about her reputation.

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jenny coming home (Spoilers)

I'm happy she is back. She is one of the most important and interesting character on the show. I just wish she would cut her hair and stop painting her face. 

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Team Chuck Vs Team Dan (Spoilers)

Dan and Blair all the way. Dan is a super emotional guy and needs a girl like Blair. Blair needs to be treated like a princess like Serena was in season 1 with Dan. She needs to find someone who will make her feel like that. Chuck and her were relying on each other because of their schemings. Blair is past that now (I hope). 

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What Changed Gossip Girl?

I actually think the show is getting better. The characters seems more human.... I mean they have emotions now. When season 1 was on , I almost thought the kids just didn't care about each other (for exemple, Blair sleeping with Nate right after sleeping with Chuck).... Nate being fake to Blair while he really does have feelings for Serena. And the pyjamas party and everything was just too much. Now they are trying to be adult-like, taking responsibilities for what they are doing. It changed, it GOT BETTER.

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is the whole prince thing fake? (Spoilers)

Have you seen the post about the BEST PICS of the set. It looks like the rest of the season is going to be about : 

Chuck loosing is hotel to....fire. 

Blair,Louis and his mother being all cinderella-ish (not enough disney movies are about that? )

Vanessa ....Vanessa ....Vanessa (Ahhh way too much of a boring character I see!!!!)





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Best PICS of GG Set.. might give us clues on whats happening next. (Spoilers)

Looks like Charles hotel is about to caught fire.... Also I couldn't help myself but look at the rest of the pictures and all I can say is Arghhhh Blair and Louis(and is mother??).... a lot of Vanessa scenes....looks like the rest of the season will be pretty boring...until we get our happy ending :D

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