Yeah I so called the Rebecca thing too, but then I started to doubt it and than BAM it was her. LOL! For some reason I am kind of happy Jeremy is coming home even though I have never really liked him, and I know Kol just gets better and better. But I wish Damon was weaker, it really annoys me when they make the orignals weak. The first time I let it pass because Kol did not see it coming, but this time it bothered me!

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The episode tonight was SO good, I completly loved it.


Good points and Meh Points:


Delena Kiss, OMG even if you don't like Damon and Elena that was a kiss to remember and I loved the music that went with it. I also loved the whole work up to it even if it was a little awkward


Kol was back, I missed him. He is so damn hot, although I wish he seemed stronger, that was the second time Damon "killed" him, he's an orignal and therefore should be a lot stronger


Rose, was Meh. But I liked her little speech at the end although I wish we had more of Damon chaging Elena. Like season 1 roadtrip where she just had fun, nobody just has fun anymore...


The Caroline and Tyler scenes were super cute although I dont know why he would get angry over a picture. It's not Caroline's fault she attracts guys...


I don't really like the Alaric storyline, I liked it at first but now its just... I dont know. I wish it would go away!


Ester taking over Rebecca? I wish she would of died but I guess we will see where it goes...


What did you think of the episode? :)



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Kol's Return?

Hey so I was wondering if anyone knew any spoilers about Kol returning to the vampire diaries. I have not been able to find any but if anyone knows anything it would mean a lot :)

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The Other Child of John Blackwell

Yeah I am thinking Faye for sure, it just makes the most sence.

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Anyone else confused about their parents?

Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day because they said they all died well teenagers but they have children so they all had children at 16? I think the writers messed up on that, because that makes no sence. Also I dont think other circles really mingle with each other, I think they just messed up on that because the way they were talking it made it sound like almost both parents of each kid's parents were in the circle, because otherwise wouldn't the kids suppose to be part of another circle too? I dont know its confusing, but I think it was a mistake on the writers part.

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Thoughts on 3x08

*Poor Klaus

I don't know why I put more.. LOL

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Thoughts on 3x08

Yeah, I agree they messed up on the orignal storyline. Like how can Ester be the orignal witch but the black lady also be a witch. They looked like the same age, maybe the black women even older. Plus I thought being a witch got passed down generation by generation, none of Ester's kids had children. So, that makes no sence, and then with what you said about the hybrid and vampire stuff it made no sence. But yeah, I agree.... More Klaus. When his father attacked him with the sword for just playing with his brother, I was like "What is wrong with you?"

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Thoughts on 3x08

I really liked this episode, here are some of my thoughts.

1) I really like how Elena is still training. I really thought they might drop it, but I like how she is still training to fight off vampires. Good for you Elena!

2) Did the Stefan and Damon scene kind of remind you of the episode in season 1? If only they were doing some imitations of each other...I loved their scenes. I love the bromance between these two especially when its just a day between these two although I am team Delena

3) I dont even know why Bonnie was really here, although I kind of like how she was just there and not there because she is needed to un-do a spell.  I dont know If I did not catch it but did she explain why she has the necklace? I thought everyone knew she had to get rid of it.

4) Elena and Rebekah scenes were sweet I guess. Although Orignals are suppose to be strong and not feel, I kind of like how Rebekah was so loyal to her family and her whole story was very touching.

5) AH, everyone is ready to bring Klaus down... He has nobody!

6) Where were the rest of the family? Was I missing someone? Did they say 7 orignals or seven children cause I thought it was sevan children. Michael and Ester are the parents, Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, (What was the name of the boy who died?) either way we are missing someone...

7) The flashbacks were cool, I always enjoy flashbacks. I kind of wish the orignals were older though...

8) The Delena scene at the end was cute (:

9) Was I surprised by any of the twists? Not really but they were still interesting.

10) Michael seems like the new bad guy that no one can defeat. I hope we dont find him to be all about family in the end. i was a full-on bad guy who has no mercy for anyone. Klaus is still good, but they worked him up to be the best and then said there is Michael. Who is stronger? Lets hope we dont have some other crazy killer that turns out to be stronger. Lets stick with Michale as the strongest.

11) Come on Katherine...Wake up. We know your not dead :(

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Secret Circle Ships??

Cassie and Jake.

Melissa and Nick :'( R.I.P

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Adam & Cassie or Cassie & Jake

I love Jake, I dont really care who he is with but I would like for Cassie to explore her dark side and kind of go on a dark rampage with Jake. I prefer Adam with Diana.

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