He decide to stay with his family in a different state. Which was a big mistake because I only liked Annie with him and Jasper.

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If Elena was given a chance....

Probably the same old thing. Thank you for those kind words but I am in love with Stefan.

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Elena queen of Mystic falls?!

I totally agree. That is the only part I hate about the show is everybody sucking up to Elena. It will have been way much better if it was a love triangle between Katherine and the Salvatore brothers. The only people that keep me hook on this show is Damon, Caroline, Katherine, and the villians.

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If Ian played Stefan?

Sorry, cannot picture that. I do not want him to be a brooding boring vampire.

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Who do u want want to interrupt Delena's kiss??

I will also have to say Elijah or Bonnie.

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Which couples??

Naomi and Liam

Silver and Dixon

Teddy and Ian

Navid and Adrianna

Annie and Jasper

Liam and Annie was such a bore when Jasper and Naomi was not with them. Liam is such a whiny little baby who think everbody should be there for him when he need it.

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kiss or kill

Kiss: Damon and Elijah

Kill: Elena and Stefan

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who is the pretiest girl

I would have to go with Katherine. I know that is still Nina but she looks better as Katherine than as Elena.

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Who else thinks Juliet and\or Team Brooklyn went a little too far?

Yes, they all went too far. Not once did Jenny and Vanessa question Juliets motives and Jenny been in the game long enough to know that. The person I would want to take down if I am in Gossip Girl is Blair because even though I love her, my reputation can go up big time.

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Ian and nina a couple?

It is definetely not true. I know because Ian is on my twitter, and I ask him but he put up a picture with him and his girlfriend which is not nina.

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