Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

Let's try to keep our spirits up, even when there's no point in grieving (haha, couldn't help but quote David Cook...). I bet there'll be MORE George next time, especially since Iz's surgery was a success. I bet they'll have a heart-to-heart. It'd be cute.

lovesgreys: Dang, you're lucky! I'm taking it online and it's a 16 week-long course. I'm only one week in. But on the bright side, I've gotten above average scores on a couple assignments XD

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Elevator Love Letter (Episodes)

Change of pace, I guess. I think it's cool when someone else narrates sometimes.

Okay, can someone tell me what everyone else was doing before Iz had surgery? I was on the phone with my friend and he kept distracting me >.<

Cindy! How'd you like this episode versus last week's? 

Oh jeez, I feel like such a five year old, squealing away about Izzie's surgery...

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Elevator Love Letter (Episodes)

OMFG. So... Sorry I'm late >.<  Holy crap.  I love the proposal. I love how that was done. I love how he pointed to Izzie's scans and showed them tumor free. I love how Izzie's surgery was a success. I love that part. I adore it.

I HATE how this lacked George and how he wasn't there by Izzie's side. And I hate how Cristina and Owen broke up.

But I love that proposal. I love how the chief was in on it. Dr. McDreamy is BACK.

But I still miss my George... Maybe next week he'll be able to be there by Izzie.

...THAT PROPOSAL! <slaps self; is over it>

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

Gigi - I knew it was T's birthday today. My friend actually made me a calendar with nothing but his photos (except December with him and several other people) and his birthday is marked on there like it's a national holiday LOL It does make you wonder why this website doesn't mention it or anything. They should. 

Which magazine did you read that article in? I'd really like to see it. Especially if they have a Gizzie photo... *shifty*

I noticed the flirting in that scene, too. It did look like she wanted to kiss him. I think Izzie's had a crush on George for a long time, but it was just never mentioned or anything. You can see jealousy in Izzie's eyes when Callie came along and started sleeping with George.


lovesgreys - Good luck with driver's ed! Are you going to attend a class or do it online?

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Songs that should be on Grey's Anatomy! (Music)

"Avalanche" by David Cook. It's such a beautiful song.

"Lie" by David Cook is another really good one.

"The Truth" by DC.

"Come Back To Me" by David Cook...

"Infatuation" by Maroon 5.

"Crush" by David Archuleta.

"Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis.

"Why Georgia" by John Mayer.

"City Love" by John Mayer.

"Everywhere" by Michelle Branch.

"Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson

"Time After Time" by Cindi Lauper

"Before The Worst" by The Script

...these are probably the last songs Grey's Anatomy would consider using, haha.

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

Hey fellow Gizzie/George lovers!

Sorry I've been neglecting this forum for a couple of days. Driver's ed is a pain in the ass and likes to take up my time -.-

I love your wishful thinking, Cindy. It's genius! Ya know, if the writers are having issues with writing for George, why don't they just have George fans come in and pitch ideas? I think everyone that's posting on this forum should go in and write for George's storyline for a few episodes and see where it goes. Watch us all disagree on something silly LOL

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

Amen, Marina. I wish they were given an actual chance. From what I hear, Mark and Lexie aren't that popular and they're being given a chance.

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Explain your nickname... (Site Suggestion)

I'm a big David Cook fan, so... "DR" stands for his first two innitials, btw :-P

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Best Love Scene! (Relationships)

All Gizzie scenes. I don't know if this counts, but the MerDer kiss in the elevator in S1E2. It was funny, hot and...ahaha, yeah :-P

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

One question: Why is everyone on here spazzing about that rumor? Why do people actually believe what Aussiello said?  Shonda is NOT going to suddenly decide to kill George instead of Izzie.  For starters, I don't think they can even do that considering there'd be a league of fans with pitchforks ready to set her on fire, and another thing... Why would she want to kill sweet, lovable George? 

I'm hoping people on here consider that, because that's the most ridiculous rumor I've ever heard about this show, and I've heard a lot of spacey, Twilight Zone-rated things, too.

Bleh. I'm hoping he'll find out this week. Of course, I won't know until Friday morning because people are friggin' stupid where I live and want to air a basketball game all weekend. Morons...

Excuse me, I'm very bitter right now O_O  I'm not normally this bad.

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