Whoare you on the Grey's Anatomy personality quiz on abc.com?

Cristina Yang, which is kind of strange because I'm actually nothing like her O.O

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Songs that Remind us of GA (Fan Fiction)

Oh, I forgot one - "You'll Be In My Heart" - Phil Collins. It reminds me of Izzie and Denny. That song makes me all teary-eyed, haha.

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Songs that Remind us of GA (Fan Fiction)

"Everywhere" by Michelle Branch.  Seasons one and two mainly.

"Crazy For This Girl" by Evan and Jaron. Reminds me of George's infatuation with Meredith. It's the perfect fitting song.

"2000 Light Years Away" - Green Day. Reminds me of Gizzie...   Such a sweet song...

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All By Myself (Episodes)

Oh, where to begin...

1) Lexie and Mark.  I hate Lexie right now.  I hate her and Mark together.  Mark broke his promise, which isn't shocking.  Damn manwhore.  But I blame Lexie in this one.  Big IDIOT.

2) GEORGE WAS IN THIS EPISODE.  WHOO GLAWHRY BLESS SHONDA!  THANK YOU!  That seriously kept me happy.  May I mention how FINE he's gotten?!  This man makes my ovaries do backflips, I swear.

3) MerDer...didn't pay attention.

4) Cristina + Owen = cute

5) Denny was actually kinda sweet in this episode o_O

6) Izzie's a nutjob.

7) Lexie pisses me off

8) Cristina picked Alex. WTF? SHE SHOULD HAVE PICKED GEORGE! <sigh>


Yeah, I'm done.

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