What are you looking forward to MOST for Season 3??

Agreed. :) That sounds like something btvs would do.

Really? That is how lame BTVS was? That is as bad as those vampires got? For me a ripper vampire should be above a regular vampire on the evilness scale. We have seen Damon snap Jeremy's neck in front of Elena, and turn Vicky because he was bored. We've seen Katherine compel Matt to sacrifice himself to trigger Tyler's curse so he could be sacrifice, and turn Caroline so she could be sacrificed. So for me a ripper vampire should at least reach those levels or higher several times. Slapping around a few of our favorite characters only reachs the level of a bad human, not even the level of a bad bunny vampire.
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What are you looking forward to MOST for Season 3??

No Big deal but how is it unrealistic? He's just crashing the party and bring evil like we would want him to be. But maybe it's unrealistic as far as the writers doing that.

Sorry, but that is not bringing evil. I am not part of that we that want him to be like that. It doesn't go anywhere near far enough.
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comic-con cast interviews

New Joseph and Paul interview @ http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/45930/san-diego-comic-con-2011-vampire-diaries-joseph-morgan-and-paul-wesley-talk-season-3-cast?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DreadCentral+%28Dread+Central+News+-+Old+Feed%29


San Diego Comic-Con 2011 is now just a memory, but you can expect to see additional interviews, videos, and photos from the show over the coming days. First up we have Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley from "The Vampire Diaries" discussing their new bond on the show, what it's like to play evil sons of bitches, and a lot more.

We spoke first with Joseph Morgan, who plays big bad Klaus on the series, and asked him where things pick up for his character when Season 3 begins.

"The show starts a couple of months from where we left off so obviously Klaus has taken Stefan under his wing and whisked him away on a path of corruption. So we're going to see what's going on with those characters. They're not in Mystic Falls at the moment. So we're going to see a little more of that. And also, you know, a lot can happen in a few months so we're going to really see a darker side of Stefan as well … how far Klaus has corrupted him and how far he's willing to go. As the series go on, we'll learn a lot more about Klaus' motives for bringing Stefan along because he's not just done it on a whim; there's a goal behind it. There's a plan there. We're going to certainly find out a lot more about that. "

We wondered if he's enjoying being evil (who wouldn't?).

"I'm having the time of my life. It's incredibly fun. It's always fun to play the bad guy, but to do that kind of playful corruption thing with him … the finale of Season Two was the one [episode] I enjoyed the most. Just because I really got to be playful with it, to have fun with it. It's great working with Paul as well - he's a great guy. We're having a lot of fun."

Only one episode has been shot so far, and Morgan is learning more each day about the direction in which his character is heading.

"I'm just excited to see what they've got in store for me. It was all about breaking the curse last season for me so now I'm starting to learn a little more about myself and my family and all of that stuff. It's going to be good. I'm excited every time a script comes in. 'What am I going to learn about my character this time? What's happening here?' Like when the first script came in for me - Episode 19 - I'm reading it, and it's like, 'Hang on a minute; I'm a hybrid? I'm half-vampire, half-werewolf?' That was one of the most thrilling moments ever! So yeah, it's a trip."

Any romance in Klaus' future?

"I hope so, yeah. I've been sort of subtly trying to nudge [writers/producers] Julie [Plec] and Kevin [Williamson] towards that. I think it would be interesting to see a slightly more vulnerable side to Klaus, to see how he would react to someone he cared about, who he wasn't just trying to manipulate for his own needs. And I think it would be interesting to see what kind of person he would choose. Would he be with a witch or a werewolf, or would he fall for a human? Would he lure himself to that? I don't know. So, yeah, I'm pushing for it. I like to think he'd be with a werewolf. I think it would be interesting if he was with some feisty, animalistic werewolf girl so they had this kind of crazy, rough relationship or something. I don't know - maybe I'm saying too much." [laughs]

The perception of the show is that it appeals primarily to teenage girls. Does he think the presence of Klaus and his family is drawing in a more mature demographic for the show?

"I'm really not sure; I hope so. You try and work on a number of levels so it will appeal to a variety of ages. I think we are always going to have that core teen demographic because that's where we started (or where they started before I joined them), and that's the wonderful thing about 'The Vampire Diaries' fans. They are incredibly loyal so we'll always have those guys. But, yeah, I hope it starts to appeal to a broader spectrum of people and ages."

Lastly, Morgan was asked what his friends back in the UK think of the role he's taken on.

"All of my friends back home who know me were just like, 'Oh, okay, so you're living that dream then' because I've always been obsessed with Gothic fantasy and the genre so it's like the ultimate job for me. When I got the job and I'm playing one of the oldest vampires in the world, they're like, 'Oh, well that's kind of perfect for you; you're gonna have a lot of fun.' And then to make the call and go, 'I'm actually kind of half-werewolf as well,' they're like, 'Are you writing this for yourself?' They know it's a good fit for me."

Next we had a brief chat with Paul Wesley (aka Stefan Salvatore). The panel for "The Vampire Diaries" cast and crew was starting soon so we were sadly limited to just two questions. As you might expect, the first involved what he could tell us about Stefan turning bad.

"It's funny; no one's asked me that yet!" [laughs] "I can talk about it - gladly. It's nice because at the last Comic-Con it was like, 'Can you talk about how much he loves Elena?' This year [it's], 'Let's talk about how you're completely out of your mind.' [laughs] "It's nice. For me, as an actor, obviously we all selfishly want to do different things. We want to do versatile roles, and so for me it's a fantastic opportunity to do something else. But I think apart from that it's going to be a season that has a lot of torment as well and heartbreak because he loses himself but he sort of always has that 'soul', you know, that good soul that remains. And I think it's going to be one of those things where we just hope any minute he regains it. So for me it's important to not completely forget the good guy, the soul that he has. That Stefan that we all know for two years. I have to kind of walk that fine line."

Will there be more flashbacks to Stefan's past? His "ripper" past?

"For sure. And I think that's going to be badass! Because we keep hearing about this guy who did all these things. It's like he can't even believe it himself, you know? It's going to be great. I know I'm being vague." [laughs]

As we said above, the interviews were a bit rushed because of the panel getting ready to start so unfortunately we didn't get any time with Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, or Ian Somerhalder; but we do have pictures of all three along with Joseph and Paul. Check them out below, and look for our interview with executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec shortly!

"The Vampire Diaries" will return to the airwaves of The CW on Thursday, September 15th.

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What are you looking forward to MOST for Season 3??

The original vampire family (Dad, Mom, & 7 siblings) only discovered the Mom's affair after they became vampires. So Klaus must not have killed while a human. As a vampire he has killed triggering the werewolf curse. Did he transform into a werewolf before the curse was placed on him, or was this his first transformation? How did the family discover the secret 1000 years ago if this was his first transformation? Mom would not have told, and Klaus would not have known.

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What are you looking forward to MOST for Season 3??

Well he is a product of an affair between a vampire and werewoolf.

She was human at the time, she only became a vampire some 25-30 years later.
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S3 E1 pictures from set

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new Julie interview at Comicon

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES heads into the third season this fall with a bit of a role reversal as our hero Stefan (Paul Wesley) hits a little bit of a dark path, and is on the road while his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is left at home to protect Elena (Nina Dobrev) from all the bad things that comes her way.

It’s a major evolution for the series, and while at San Diego’s 2011 Comic-Con International, we were able to speak with showrunner and executive producer Julie Plec about the secrets of Season Three and what to expect in the fall.

On where the season begins with Stefan … “At the end of Season 2,  we said ‘The Stefan, that we know and love isn’t the same Stefan anymore and he’s going to go down a pretty dark road and have a lot of struggles,” says Plec. “Needing to save his brother and making a deal with the devil so to speak and it feeds into his own demons and his problems with blood and his own vampire identity crisis. Stefan is no longer Saint Stefan and Damon in his own funny Damon way has been left with the burden of being hero and left home to protect the girl.”

On how long Stefan will be away from Mystic Falls … “This is not going to be a short storyline, we’re going to be exploring the levels of Stefan and his dark side for hopefully for a good amount of time.,” says Plec. “While he may be separated in the beginning, the question is how long will he be separated. Will they be able to find him and rescue him and bring him back from the edge and will he keep fighting it. We’ll get a little Stefan road show and then he’ll probably make his way back to Mystic Falls which will be an interesting dynamic for Damon. He was the mysterious dude in season 1, now it’s going to be a little bit of the reverse.”

On the new relationship between Elena and Stefan … “I think you’re going to see a very, very definitively different version of their relationship,” says Plec. “It’s not just one episode, it will be over a good part of the season.”

On whether there will be a Big Bad in Season 3 … “I love the Joss Whedon storytelling model of that Big Bad,” says Plec. “We had Damon ultimately in the beginning who paved the way for Katherine and paved way for Klaus. Klaus is the worst baddie we’ve seen so far and it will be kind of fun to see who is going to teal his thunder eventually as we get deep into season three. “

On any major surprises this season … “Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing Stefan and to see what his life is like now,” says Plec. “As storytellers it allows us to take our hero and put him in a meat grinder. I’m hoping people are exited to see that. And as with every character, there’s a surprise here or there.”

On any new characters coming into the show … “We’ll need to explore that story and see where that’s going,” says Plec. “As we get deeper and deeper in the season, it will be the season of the Originals. We’ll  go back in time and understand the original family was and how Klaus became the person he became which is this arrogant, narcissistic, little power hungry brat. Over the course of the season there will be some new faces that we’ll meet in the long ago past if nothing else.”

On the potential Caroline/Tyler romance … “Caroline and Tyler are in that friends zone, and a very complicated friend  zone,” says Plec. “There’s some pretty hot and heavy chemistry there. When we come back, we’ll see them in tht friend zone and we’ll see how long it takes before they explode out of that.”

On if the there will be more parties this season … “Say what you want about a party, but when you’re trying to break a story in the writer’s room, if you don’t find a way to bring your characters together, that episode never comes to life in the way you want it to,” adds Plec. “Even though it’s ‘what’s the big even in Mystic Falls this week,’ it’s a very important device. And conveniently enough, the third season begins and it’s Elena’s 18th birthday and where there are birthdays, there are often parties. So it’s a little mini-event to kick us off.”


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Proof that Damon knows about Stefan's ripper days

In the next line:

Damon: Yes, Stefan, exactly. Back when you put blood into me so I could be a big bad vampire. I wonder if Elena would be so quick to open her veins to that guy. By the way, what happened to that guy? He was a hoop

He is talking about 1864 here. It doesn't mean he doesn't know about 1917, but he is definetly talking about 1864.
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SDCC TV Guide Scans dishing out a lot of info

Plus would they really give Kevin another show to work on if they were losing more viewers than they can afford? No, they would be canceling this one and not even trying secret circle.

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SDCC TV Guide Scans dishing out a lot of info

It is still three times the number of viewers any other show on the network calls a hit.


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