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Till today I would have never believed that they will actually go there and give us a FOURTH PETROVA LOVE TRIANGLE...nghjghghghgh 

Well, that is just you not listening to Julie and Kevin every time they speak. It is their show they can do what they want. Some of us like it, and some of you love to constantly complain about it. That will never change what they want to do with their show. THOSE ARE JUST THE FACTS.
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New Julie Plec interview on Jeremy, Delena & the Originals

@ Halde

Elena's boyfriend is gone, possibly dead, 

Why would Stefan be dead? They said that he was the wingman of Klaus. Who the f*** have the guts to challenge Klaus, and kill his right hand:O?  

Yes, we know that. Elena, Damon and the rest of the people in Mystic Falls do not know any of this. For all they know Klaus killed Stefan, not took him on a trip. Katherine may have told them Stefan made a deal with Klaus. How many times has Katherine lied, and can they trust Klaus to honor a deal?
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Forwood Appreciation Thread

This new girl is not Becky (she is not cast yet), Tyler's date is Sofie (not a vampire).

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Kevin and Nina at comic con

Julie's interview


THR: What stands out from your first trip to Comic-Con? Plec: I first went for Kyle XY and we’d just started airing and had no idea what to expect. I don’t think ABC Family had ever gone to Comic-Con, either, and they went all out. It was great to see people were watching the show; the interest in Matt Dallas especially and in the show in general was a lot bigger than we expected. 


THR: What’s your favorite Comic-Con memory? Plec: I get very excited to do my own geek-out star-gazing when I’m at Comic-Con. One of the things I love the most is seeing Joss Whedon at a party dancing and having the time of his life. I’m a big Joss fan and I’m too chicken to go up and I say hello. But I wasn’t too chicken to go up and say hello to Nathan Fillion. I realized halfway through the story I was telling him he had absolutely no idea who I was, and I just seemed like I was a blathering teenage fangirl. I lost steam halfway through my introduction because I was so embarrassed and slunk away. I was telling him how he signed a headshot for me years ago -- a friend of mine was a prop master on Firefly. I had always said, “Oh Nathan Fillion, he’s going to be my future husband.” My friend got him to sign a headshot that said, “To my future wife, one day it will be true. One day you and I will be, oh yes we will, love Nathan.” I still have it hanging in my office. I was telling him the story and realized I was completely making an ass out of myself. I just fled.

THR: What makes for a good presentation? Plec: I have presentation envy about what Lost did last year with special videos, guest speakers and surprise appearances. I realized they had to wow the audience with tricks because they won’t give up any spoilers. That’s the biggest thing: How can you treat the Comic-Con audience as though they’re special? You have to give them new information, new footage and answer questions candidly and with humor -- and maybe be a little more inappropriate than you would be in other circumstances.


THR: What are you planning for TVD panel? Plec: We start shooting a week before Comic-Con but we have a wish that there might be a frame or two of footage that we might be able to show off. But we also have no idea what we’re shooting before then; it could be a complete and utter disaster. We could show up with nothing. But our plan is better than that. We’ll definitely have a nice little reel.


THR: What questions do you recommend fans not as at panels? Plec: If you’re a fan with Google, then you can read past interviews and past panels and know what pranks people like to pull, most embarrassing moment on set, favorite outfit, better kisser. Those questions have been asked before and answered in their own special ways over the years. If I had the opportunity to get up in front of a couple thousand people in the audience and take the time to ask a question, I’d want to hit hard and try to get some story spoilers out of us because we crumble on that stage. Those lights are bright and we’re sweating a little and trying to keep all the secrets we’re supposed to keep. We crumble under pressure if we’re not careful.

THR: Who would be on your dream panel? Plec: Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Ron Moore. All the showrunners of the shows I’ve looked up over the years. I’d want to get inside their head and ask questions about their process and what it’s like to have given birth to these shows.


THR: What tips do you have for Comic-Con first-timers? Plec: Bring a backpack with water and snacks and stay as far away from those vending lines as possible. I don’t think there’s a line in the entirety of Comic-Con that can be longer than the line to get a slice of pizza.


THR: Outside of the Convention Center, where are your must-hit spots? Plec: I like to splurge when I’m there and hit Nobu at the Hard Rock. But all those restaurants across from the Convention Center are all open air and you can sit and have a beer and see more actors and famous people walking around outside in the streets than you’ll get a glimpse of inside the hall.


THR: What can fans expect from the new season of TVD? Plec: We’re going to dig deep into the history of the original family and start to get a glimpse of the other members of the family that we’ve only just heard of. That’s a big part of, over the course of the season, understanding what makes Klaus tick, why he is the way he is and who’s responsible for making him that way. Our show is about family and all its dysfunctional glory, and Klaus is probably the most dysfunctional.


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Lily Roberson added into TVD (possibly Becky?)

According to other sites this site is wrong she in not playing Becky, she is Tyler's date at Elena's Bday party.

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Team OMFG Elijah


THR: What can you tease about Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries?

Williamson: We’re having a lot of fun with the originals, the original family. Elijah has surfaced and he’ll continue to wreak havoc.

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S3EP1 Synopsis

Source must be What I think itis!

Did Tyler's family grow during the time jump?

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2 Things I'm curious about

First I do not believe that is Klaus' goal, I believe Elijah believes that is Klaus' goal. I have stopped believing the first thing this show tells us, it is never the truth. Remember the Sun and Moon curse, Damon didn't really come back to MF to mess with Stefan, Katherine didn't really come back just to be with Stefan. If that is Klaus' goal then dying with Klaus' werepire blood in their system could do it.

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2 Things I'm curious about

The originals became vampires in a still unknown different way than every other vampire. This method is what allows Klaus to be the only one that can become a werepire.

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2 Things I'm curious about

But Stefan is not an original so he cannot be a hybrid. In the at least 1000 years of vampires, Klaus could not be the only vampire with the werewolf gene. If others could become hybrids it would make no sense for the witchs to only put the curse on Klaus. With that said however I do not believe Stefan has the werewolf gene. I still think what makes Stefan different is the fact that when he transitioned into a vampire he didn't drink blood from a random human, he drank from his father.

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