Remember the Time (Episodes)

heartfelt emotions. especially when christina says 'she can't get out' and explains how she had to get the bugs off arizona's leg and kept the animals from lexie and saving mark.. how she was awake for the four days and she had to drink her pee.

especially arizona's story..heartbreaking

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Christina....what a selfish bitch!!!

I love Christina.. and i love the kind of love she and owen share.. but aborting was her choice after all it was her body..

No matter what i love her

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PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

when lexie dies in the season 8 finale

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Arizona and Motherhood (Fan Fiction)

I love how in the finale how she told mark to stay alive for sophia for callie for her

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the return of ? (Fan Fiction)

I would really love for teddy to come back.. I would wish for like the other departed ones but most of them died : (

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Dr. Arizona Robbins !

I love arizona!! Ever since shes been cast she always makes the episode a little more fun

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Favorite song? (Music)

Really all of the songs. I did this thing where i find all the songs featured on grey's anatomy and i put it on my ipod..

i love how grey's anatomy has introduced me to a lot of great bands that i would never have heard of if not for them

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what is the best episode you saw in Grey's Anatomy ?!

one of the best for me would be in season 5 with izzie's patient x and her telling christina

Powerful stuff ; )

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Flight (Episodes)

It was crazy. I didn't really like how it would shift from woods to the hospital because the only relevant thing happening in the hospital was teddy getting fired.

Cant believe lexie dies

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Top Ten Grey's Anatomy Characters! (Relationships)



Little Grey








(Does Zola count?)

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