new promo for the last 5 episodes (Spoilers)

if nothing besides kissing happens between Dan and Blair I'll be totally mad. I mean, come on, this is Gossip Girl - and building up all that tension and everything, not going further than a kiss would totally suck!

About everything else: I am excited to finally have an interesting promo again, one that's getting me excited and not just blaah...

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3x21 Ex Husbands and Wives 4min video ! (Spoilers)

@ weebirdyhe doesn't say 'I thought you love me'

he says 'I thought you didn't love me' so that pretty much totally makes sense, cause as he thinks B doesn't love him, he's alone and Jenny is and they both don't want to be... so baaaam, mega Chenny hook-up

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My Guess..Chuck/Jenny (Spoilers)

The promo is no CW promo so they aren't stupid themselves. And as I've heard the British TV Channel has posted promos like that one, revealing pretty much everything, before - so honestly, I am about 99 percent sure that this is what happens:

Chuck tells Blair he's closing his heart of forever if she doesn't show up

Blair does NOT show up/is late/Chuck is being called away by Dan because of Jenny before she gets there

Chuck thinks Blair does not love him anymore (remember him saying: 'I thought you didn't love me")

Chuck and Jenny both don't want to be alone

They sleep toegther

Blair walks in the next morning and finds out about it

Dan punches Chuck

Blair threatens Jenny and she leaves town (also because she did something to her Dad/Lily)

Blair and Chuck are both heartbroken

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UK advert MAJOR SPOLIER (Spoilers)

first I was pissed, but now... seriously, this is exactly why we all watch Gossip Girl!! It's drama, it's crazy, it's Chuck doing extremely stupid things and Jenny being a whore!! and B being a bitch, and Dan punching C... I mean come on, this IS amazing after all!!

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Which doctor?

oh, that's a total Derek.

And I'd tell him I want to have kids with him and a house and he should take me instead of Meredith... well, and then he would find my HUGE brain tumor and take it out and I'd wake up and all my illusions would be destroyed ;)

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The Treasure of Serena Madre (Season 3)

yay, glad you guys agree with me =)


and ikr, this issue stuff with chuck is kinda repeating (I like it, though, because it gets Chair some on screen time... even if it's not hot limo sex)

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The Treasure of Serena Madre (Season 3)

was there anyone besides me thinking head-desk during the Serena/Nate scene with the "don't get in the car" remembering how Chair did that 1 and a half seasons ago and it was like 10times as sexy and heartbreaking and emotional.

At least Chuck going over to Nate had me giggling again after that, because who else must've known EXACTLY what N felt like??^^

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