who made Rose?

we have 3 weeks to ask us who made Rose, and that is so important and we can't live without that information! :D  I will shake in the spot until I find out! Enough sarcasm! 


So I'm guessing it's Elijah! The possibility of killing Klaus should always be there and it seems like in will be a final showdown, where Tyler will Klaus and him self to protect everyone! :D

Finn couldn't it be! He was 900 years a sleep!

Rebbeca wouldn't turn a women! 

And Rose isn't Klauses type, he loves innocent blonds!

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3x19 Extended Promo!

can someone say me what ROse told Damon! I couldn't hear it well! :(

and is that Esther back and making some magic with Becca turning her HUMAN????

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1x19 Crystal - 2nd blackwell child revealed!

To protect themselves from the witch hunters, Jake, Cassie and Faye seek out Jake’s grandfather Royce, (guest star John de Lancie) to find his family’s crystal and are confronted with disturbingtheories about the events of sixteen years ago. Meanwhile, Diana tries to balance her pursuit of the Glaser crystal with Melissa and Adam with her romantic life with Grant (guest star Tim Phillipps), who demands to know what she’s hiding. At the same time, Callum (guest star Michael Graziadei) attempts to re-insert himself into Melissa’s life. Charles (Gale Harold) and Jane (guest star Ashley Crow) plot their move against Blackwell (guest star Joe Lando). They announced as well that the secret will be revealed! I don't know if it will be revealed to just to the viewers or will it be an open reveal!  I say that probably granpa Armstrong knows it, or saw something with that night what will give us a lead! And so with Faye, Cassie and Jake at grandpa's house I say it's Melissa! And the scene from 1x17 where M and Blackwell bounded was quite nice as well and put us in their direction! Seems like intense eps coming up these few days! 
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What even happened to Esther and Finn again?

Elijah said Becca that he is ashamed of what he did! That Esther was right that they are monsters!

So Elijah and Kol departet!

Esther and Finn run so they could make a plan B! and appear at the end of the season!


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S03E15 THread

this episode just passed to fast they could pull this over 3 eps they just some scenes and told by the way that happend!

2 really good scenes were with Caroline: The one with Klaus was such a nice combination between bitchy and lovely, and the one with Elena, who is a better friend than C! Really !

Everything other I can not rate, because it's passed to fast!

The Original breakdown was just pulled so they could have a descent season family!

And I love carrying stefan, don't know why but he is sweet!

The only positive thing out of this episode is the possibility of Bonnie going a bit Rouge and make some decisions on her own, but I doubt IT!

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Secret Circle Ships??

I'm shipping toward FAdam, loved them interact in "Balcoin". Think there antagonism could really make them a perfect match!

Diana and Lee, look really sweet together! And I mentioned severel times in my review comments that Lee looks like a Adam how I would Imagine him from the books! So make some body switching dead Thomas Dekker body spell.

But I love the Cake chemistry as well!

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Damon hooking up with someone and its gonna be rough!!!!

it's almost definetly Rebecca! Cause U can see her were the same dress in the promo pictures from 3x15, that she wears the same dress as in 3x14! while Elijah and Kol are changed!

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3.14 promo

I always thought that Esther was alive! She is a witch! Klaus captured with some lame spell, or his just made her a Vamp! This story will be 5 minute scene and that's it! Esther is just a Mom and she wants her children to be happy better 4 happy childern and a dead Klaus, than 4 coffined up and a alive Klaus!

But my precious Becca is back and is gettig all nasty with Damon! I like it!

Interested to see where this all is heading! And why Klaus now doesn't kill Stefan? The Mom is on Klauses side? SHe probably can kill him but that has nothing to do with Stefan!

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Georgina Sparks.... is GG? wth?

I think GG called her up so she could help her going against Serena and Nate! the first time in the episode we saw GG writing it were tiker male fingers, without mani-pedis! XD

So I say either there are more than 1 GG, what would be absoulutley OK or GG is working with GS. I could imagine Real Charlie being a part of GG, cause she hates the world she didn't was a part of, but is her legacy!

So this is a reason to keep watching! XD x.O.x.O

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3.14 synopsis yay

why do I got the feeling that Damon will sleep with Rebecca! Don't think it's Caro, Kat or someone else(like the vampWitch, who might appear one day)! Becca also wants revenge on Elena so this is perfect, isn't it? I'm waiting for Becca to appear for a long time(3 eps without her), and this is the perfect timeing!
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