Who was in the tomb?

1.Original witch! We saw Klaus barry somethinhg? And Klaus is a pretty big Liar as we know, so it would be okay to say it's her! And The necklase is justa reason as well! 2.Original DG! It's time we finish with this story cause we all wanna know why the course was tied to her 3. WolfDad! That would be a nice intro intro into new storylines, relkated to the wolfes! 4. Klaus DG or his werewolf brother!? Something Klaus is affraid of!
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Spoilers:Elijah, Jeremy, new character

Samantha will probably some fearless Vampire-hunter-chick, and will be an intrest to more than just Klaus! Some brothers fighting! They are showing a lot more human side of Klaus, what at the end is his essence! His need to be with his loved ones is just what is all about!! I'm not a huge Elijah fan but I like the actor more than Joseph Morgan so it's a win! Jeremy will probably come back with Samantha, cause that is the only logic I can put in this whole story! I would love to see ElIZA DUSHKU portrayting Samantha! X.o.X.o.
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I am coffin Number 4!

Surprise surprise 4 coffins instead of 3! To get to Coffin number 4 we will have to open number 1,2 and 3! I have 3 predictions : 1.It's Esther! Klaus in the coffin with the Original necklase! Looks so much like Esther! 2.Original Doppelganger! Maybe even more belivable and she is the key to Klauses destruction! 3. His Real Dad! Family is what matters!
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The Other Child of John Blackwell

@Aquariuz (=liarsunited) I know they were looking for the suitcase, but she lured Nick with the story that they are looking for Mel's Mom book! So that part should be through!
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Anyone else confused about their parents?

Cassies mothe was part of the circle! 1

Faye's and Diana's Dad's ( because they parents were-are elders) 2

Adam's Dad as well! 1

So Nick Dad or mom was part of the circle! 1

and Mellisas mom( I guess cause of they search after the book in slither)! 1

Equals 6!?

The questions are:

How is Dawn connected to the circle and how got she her powers!?

Were both of Nick's and Jack's  witches and who of them was part of the circle!?

Was Dianas and Adam moms a witch or other kind of psychic-supernatural being!?

Is Mel's Dad a witch!?


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The Other Child of John Blackwell

The last few days I have a different idea in related to the Other Blackwell child! I have a feeling that Adam has a sister, Ethan didn't loved so much Adam's Mom so he could probably cheat with a sister of JB!

So yes it's a long stretch!  But they are popping characters out of there sleevs like nothing! So I stick with this Idea!

On the other side I still WOW for Mel! Cause she is the only actress which could pull of being Dark besides Cassie!

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The Other Child of John Blackwell

I said it's Melissa! In slither we got to know she was searching for her mothers book, she demon possesed told it to Nick.

Faye is a pretty obvious choice and I wouldn't love them to give her any real power of her own. I love to see her struggle.

The theory of Diana and Charles being related to JB is nice to cause no body said that it's an other blakwell it's an other Balcoin.

Adam for sure not!

Jake! Uh no I don't think the writers would play with this topic after giving him and Cassie szch a strong connection and relationship. for me he seems like the Katarina Petrova he will come and play his game as he likes it when the writers need him to like it. Maybe an other armstrong cousin but Jake NOOOOO!

Dawn and Charles needed Cassie like they said in the first episode, the cile will take care of her. Now I can't assume in which way but it's probably connected to her black magic and taking it from her. So if Faye was a Balcoin they wouldn't needed Cassie and Charles wouldn't need a crystal to practice magic. SO I'M THE BEGGINIG WE AND THE ONLY POSSIBLE CHOICE IS MEL!


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who is Balcoin-ing under our radar!?

After 1x09 we all were shocked to know there is an other JB child there!

and the guessing started!  We all focused on the inner circle, but why it wouldn't be some cousin or someone near!

For the inner circle I said already Melissa is my guess!

But i found this : http://bookofshadows.cwtv.com/melissa/holed/ , Mel half sister or something like that from her Dad's first marriage could be a Balcoin!

What do U think?


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Who goes gay next!???

After Teddy leaving someone must be there to represent the Gay population! And i-m curious who will get involved with some of the same sex!

For me Naomi could easily go gay! And I could imagine Annie and Silver going on each other! SAnnie! :D

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Top Couples on 90210

Silver and Dixon were great! And I want a comeback for them! But Dixon has to lower his trust level!he expects the complete truth from his partner but doesn0t do the same!!

After them my fav couple are Annie and Liam! They are a great couple and I hope thez find themself through season 4!

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