a typical pilot

I think the problem are te huge amount of previes we saw! I think that just 4-5 scenes were unfamiliar to me!

I think thez have a lot potential! And some nice stories to tell! for me the best part was the more small town feeling that they've transfered really well to us and the creepy "everyone will stab U, don't trust anyone " feeling really catched me through the show!! It wasn't perfect, but some shows had better premiers but got cancelled sone after it! For me the VD premier wasn't better than this but they've come a nice way and made me watch it every week!


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I'm a huge LAnnie fan! but after season 4 start it seems like a rough patch has started! but i got a feeling they will find to each other through the season! i understand why Annie didn't accepted the proposal and it is okay for them to struggle! hope they make it right and get them back together!
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Hopes for the show?

i hope it will go it's own direction! take the best of previous shows(charmed and  VD) and turn it in his own direction! the cast is solid and the rest depends on script! hope they introduce some new creatures as fairies etc, cause i don't think they will just stick with witches maybe some demos etc!!

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Favorite Character

my vote goes to Diana! this girl has a lot of potential! and i hope they do her character right!

truly faye and melissa are fun to watch and i <3 pheobe tolkin, but i go with shelley!

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Your Dream Couple!

Which couple would you love to see on the show but wasn't  done by this moment in the show?


I had always a good feeling Naomi and Dixon could happen and be quite interesting! Other than that I thought Navid will get involved wit Annie, in season 2 they were showing some hints but it never happend!

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Vampire Diaries First Promo Shoot

They are really HOT! But it depends if you like badboy HOT or romantic boz HOT! Your choice! I would go for Paul!

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Who do U want to play an upcoming Original?

I didn't heard that they've casted anyone for the role of an Original! So I would love to hear Ur opinions! I would love Rose McGowan to play one and Sarah M-G for the females and  Glenn Fitzgerald for male Originals!

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90210! Season 4

I really Hope for a Emily comeback! She has gone way to early! Love her! She made a change! And She could had a much bigger impact on the shoW!

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Naomi's pregnancy

As I heared that Naomi is pregnant I knew she wouldn't have it! It's too soon maybe in season 6-7( if their gone happen) ! For the way it ends! I think it will be a miscarige! We see she is in full college action, i just don't want it to be a Naomi lie! Cause she has learned on the Mr Cannon situation and she is passed that! I like the two of them together and it's a sheme Max doesn't stick around! Cause he is interesting!

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When do you think 90210 will be dropped by the CW?

that's a good question! I followed a little the raitings this year because i was scared that they would cancel it this year! But at the end I think it had better raitings than GG!

It deservs a season 5! So they can conclude the story on a right way, not o jump head over it! I doesn't like when a show doesn't have a proper closuer!


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