New finale title? (Spoilers)


I was just over at gossipgirlsss and i saw that spoiler, and I didn't even remember about the Chuck/Louis prince/pauper deal! I really think that you are onto something :)

I was thinking, too, didn't they say that they would be bringing Eva back for the finale? Think she could have something to do with the story which is supposed to parallel the Paris stuff?

IDK, just speculating lol. I really don't see why they're bringing her back at all. As long as it doesn't affect Chuck's focus on the girl he should have been focused on all season. 

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Empire of the Son (Season 4)

I love Chuck and Blair; however, Chuck needs to suffer the fact of Blair being serious with another man, so h will finally realise that nothing except Blair is that important to him. As a Chair fan I hope they will be together at the end. But I agree with everyone Chuck needs to suffer and Blair finally needs a pure healthy relationship.



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What Are The Best Songs for Your Favorite Couples? (Music)

I don't know if anyone has said this but Sum 41's With Me (from 1x07's limo scene) and Mika's I See You (from 3x08's bed scene) for Chair. With Me makes me think of them every time I hear it, and want to watch Victor/Victrola .

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How will Dair end and Blouis begin? (Spoilers)

I'm an endgame Chair fan, but love Dair right now-don't shoot me

AustraliaLovesGG (AKA OP) that's how I feel too. So I won't shoot you 


I really have no guesses as to how Dair will end and Blouis will begin. I can only watch and see. Love reading what all you guys think, however!

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Stuff about C & B (Spoilers)

It has been CONFIRMED that Chuck will be extremely unhappy and jealous of Dair, and later on Blouis.

Apparently he doesn't care much about Nate/Raina at all.

And he's devasted this episode because of the secret coming out not Rate, and he goes straight to Blair to see her about him but she rejects comforting him, and when he finds out about Dair, he's gonna be mad.


Really?? That's I am SO EXCITED for tomorrow night!!! And the rest of the season for that matter. Chuck better get jealous and pine. Pine!! Hopefully you don't get Blair back until you do.

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