Maybe G is not even pregnant...!

didnt realise that prince was Vanya...but like someone else mentioned -- she DID leave the USA and if not with Vanya..who with?

she didnt go alone. so the chances of her getting knocked up elsewhere is stil pretty high.

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Maybe G is not even pregnant...!

her stomach looked like a huge beach ball :P she looked even bigger than dorota ..haha

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VIDEO: Leighton Meester confirms: Chair Is officially over!

no way the producers would let her say there would be a permanent end to blair and chuck.. :P she could get fired for that surely :P 

it will just be a teaser.. and like some of you have said, its probably refferring to Serenate

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G pregnant, really?

I'm guessing that when she went to Chuck and Blair for help it was because the baby's father is the foreign "royalty" that they scammed her into leaving the country with and that he's a bad person and she wanted their assistance in keeping him away from her and her baby. 


Exactly!...She went to Chuck and Blair first. If Dan really was the father..she would of gone to him first.


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Maybe G is not even pregnant...!

i agree with ya! dont think the baby is Dan's!

she would have gone to Dan first if that was the case!!!

Certainly not to Chuck, Blair and then dan.. though when she was watching the babies she said "This baby is gonna make everyone hate her".. but yeah to me that implies its not Dans. just doesnt fit. She probably got pregnant with that Russian Prince's baby, and took off with it..


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My thoughts on the Finale =/ (Spoilers)

I liked the final episode.

Jenny was such a bitch it was kind of scary. After the "Effort" she went to in dissapearing from chucks room.. why did she have to spill the beans to Eric? arhhh.

I like Dan and Serena together, but come on..they are step brother and sister. where did these feelings cme from again? just doesnt make sense to me.

I liked Serenate better..and they really only had 2 HOT episodes together..the rest was all dramas.

Tbh..cant stand serena anymore.. she is so whiney, illogical, stupid etc. Last weeks episode the way she let her father go free. she doesnt even know the guy. hes a bastard yet she stuck to him till the last opposed to the people who REALLY love and care for her. dumb bitch :P


Hope Chuck doesnt die :(

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dont think anyone deserves to be shot :(

I love Ed..hes awesome.

Something thats a bit worrying is .Josh Schwartz tweet earli today:

Reminded of OC season 3 finale... Chuck


Marissa died S3 finale.. ;/ hope chuck doesnt. they would fully kill the show.

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Josh clearly doesnt care (Spoilers)

Josh tweeted:

Reminded of OC season 3 finale... Chuck got..


Didnt Marissa die in the season 3 finale???

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