Mer, the unluckiest person alive

i am so tired of shit happening to Mer, that girl needs a break majorly. how much crap can one girl take and it almost feels like recycling old SLs: Miscarriage - check hormonal complications - check difficult pregnancy - check (with Callie) pregnant attending from hell - check (with Bailey) as for the crap that already happened to Mer over the course of 9 seasons, don't even get me started! (mother from hell with Alzheimer, falling in love and that turning out to be a difficult relationship and then being betrayed, attempted suicide, miscarriage, watching her husband being shot, thinking he died, not being able o have kids, going through adoption, almost loosing her child, plane crash, almost being fired, loosing George, change in her surgical major etc) honestly! give her a break!oh and the whole father debacle, hating him then giving him her liver and being stuck with a sister she didn't want, opening up to her, loving her and loosing her, Alex betraying her.... geese that girl had enough crap to last her ten lifetimes!!

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How is it that Jake can do magic by himself ?

i think it is one of those things that shouldn't be looked at too closely, it's a tv show and they just broke the rules a little to move the plot in the needed direction. or he has the family's cristal since he also has the book.

oh and btw, the correct term is warlock not wizard, that's how they call the male witches in TVD.

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Which of the Six should have been killed off?

Melissa, she is just BLAH, there is nothing to her, she boring and one dimentional.

or Diana she is just annoying with her goodie-two shoes intentions!

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hope it's rachel with her mom though i doubt it(a girl can hope right? ;-) ).

maybe Blaine and Kurt or Santana and Brittney?

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The Person Below Me

most definately!!

TPBM wants Rachel to find any way to make up with Kurt!! they need to be best friends again!!!

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Grey Quiz (Relationships)

01. The first character I fell in love with: Meredith Grey

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Cristina Yang

03. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Jackson Avery

04. The character I love that everyone else hates: -----

05. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Derek

06. The character I would shag anytime: Owen Hunt or Alex Karev (can't choose)

07.The character I want to be like: Arizona

08.The character I’d slap: Keppner or Teddy (both if possible)

09. A pairing that I love: Callie and Arizona (second place: Owen and Cristina)

10. A pairing that I hate: ------ (maybe Teddy and Mark)

11. Favorite character: Meredith Grey

12. My five favorite characters:Mer, Owen, Cristina, Alex and Mark

13. My five least favorite characters: April, April, April, Jackson and Teddy (and Lucy)

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McBastard needs to go (Relationships)


i have the same question but i can only think of one name, Shonda. this season feels like Derek has a personality disorder, it's like shonda doesn't know if he will be sticking around for the next season so she is making him as nasty as possible and the last two eps he was sorta good again, she is shifting back and forth with him! hate this, hate this, hate this. get rid of him already and move one, his moodshifts are making me sick because they are getting my dissy!!!

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McBastard needs to go (Relationships)


thank god!! it is so good to know that i am not alone!!!

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top cutest couple in GREY'S ANATOMY (Relationships)

Callie and Arizona hands down

on a distant second place Owen and Cristina

hate Der now so i don't want them to be a couple

don't care about anybody else as a couple but i want Mark and Alex to be happy

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McBastard needs to go (Relationships)

Seriously, they spoiled the character to such an extent that it is irreversible for me. Every time something happens he hurts her. Let’s remember:

1.    Season 1: he wanted her, she said it was a bad idea, he pursued her anyway, she got in trouble, he pushed her away, he never told her the truth until it banged on them.

2.    Season 2: he promises Mer he will divorce his wife, he makes her confess her love, he chooses his wife even though he doesn’t love her that way already and he acts possessive towards Mer when she starts dating the Vet and nearly calling her a slut.

3.    Season 3: He confesses his love to Mer, he fights for her, then after she has surgery he lets her go, making her chase him yet again if chooses him.

4.    Season 3: Mer nearly commits suicide, it is too difficult for Der to deal with so he dumps her.

5.    Season 4: medical trial, he is dating the damn nurse even though he loves Mer (so now he is being an ass towards Rose), he does the trial, when things get dicey for him and his status as a neuro-god is threatened he blames Mer and hurts her by saying that he can’t even look at her BUT the trial becomes a success and he instantly wants her back now that his godliness is no longer threatened.

6.    Season 5: he claims all the credit for the medical trial without even mentioning that he was inspired by Mer, or that she helped, I mean he doesn’t even thank her in the interview, she is upset about it so he puts her down implying that she is a nobody and shouldn’t want credit anyway.

7.    Season 5: Derek looses a patient, his godliness in surgery is threatened, he reacts by getting super depressed and push Mer away and hurt her, and throw the wedding ring out.

8.    Season 5: the death row guy, Mer has a diff opinion, she questions his medical decisions, he snaps at her.

9.    Season 6: he forces Mer to emotionally choose between him and Richard (a man who she grew to see as the only father she has ever had).

10.Season 6: he is surgery hungry so he steals hers while he is chief.

11. Season 7: he finds out Mer lost a child, he knows what she has been through yet the only one he is so adamant in comforting is Christina, he constantly snaps at Mer until she finally tells him off in the OR in the episode about the college shooting.

12.Season 7: she does everything she can to get pregnant, she has side-effects with her eyesight and tells him in surgery, he snaps instead of understanding

13.Season 7: while applying for the Alzheimer’s grant, he can’t write the essay so he tells her it’s her fault and that she can’t be part of it.


Need I go any farther into the events of season 7 finale and the season 8 demonstrations of his McJerk ego??.....

All in all, I want Mer to get Zola and to throw Derek out, he can’t be rehabilitated in my eyes and I want someone who will have her back no matter what!! Whether is right or wrong, they can argue about it but he someone who will not throw her under the bus!!!


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