Favorite couple??

Finnchel or St.Berry?!

I hated it when Finn started to think he loved Quinn more then Rachel so i then decided i liked St.Berry more,

but in series 2 prom when Finn wanted to kick Jesse's ass, It made me choose Finnchel :D

Fin is so hot<3

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What's Your Favorite Glee Episode?

Mine Was Nationals for series 2&3, and Blame it on the alchohol, hello (Jesse St.James!!!!!!!!!)

And obviously where Rachel left :(

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Something's Been On My Mind...

No, I hate terri she should just leave, and Holly Holiday, so that will and emma can be together

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

1.Fin Hudson<3<3<3

2.Rachel Berry

3. Blaine Anderson

4.Sunshine (Can't remember her last name but the girl Rachel sent to the crack house LOOOOOOOL :L)

5. Santana Lopez

6. Sam Evans

7.Jesse St.James

8.Sue Sylvester 

9. Emma Pillsbury

10. Quinn Fabray

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