the REVENGE thread

Dude i LOVE this show i think it is my current favorite


Emily is indeed a flawless bitch, so is Victoria to an extent. and I love Nolan too! this break is killing me sigh. Jack is kind of meh.


And haha I'm glad that Declan (aww Connor) dropped that awful accent he had the first few episodes.

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omg Brittana

Emilia!! ;D
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omg Brittana

omg i ship sebtana

no hate please

and FIZZY! 

haha no judgment and I undestand your shippiing proclivities considering the fact that Naya could have chemistry with a brick wall.   AND HEY PATTY! we all need to chat again for the PLL finale! :D   It's like Faberry is so damn close to touching (becoming real) but I just know its never going to happen and that hurts.   It does hurt, it does. I feel like the writers are doing this on purpose idk. Or it's just the actresses and their chemistry.   Quinn's look after that? God, fucking heartbreaking.   I know! Dianna has to playing it as if Quinn really is in love with her and just ugh it's heartbreaking yep. And the end when Rachel was basically having to choose between marrying Finn or waiting for Quinn was very telling. Perhaps Rachel was waiting for Quinn to tell her that marrying Finn is a bad idea after all? Like on a subconsious level Rachel knows or something, idk.   I think Quinn and Rachel need to go and explore the world and gain perspective before finding their way back to each other.   Hey, through massive will I was able to sit through season 3 and almost half of season 4(and this was some horrible tv) of GG before I got Dair and now, somehow, it's happening, and it used to be an improbable crackship like Faberry too. Yeahh. But of course there is the fact that Faberry is same gendered. And there's this stupid stigma that Glee will have "too many gays" which is annoying because nothing should matter as long as your story is solid. Also, they may be graduating off the show at the end of this season, so it may be too late to hope for Faberry.  

really tho




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omg Brittana

D u d e you have no idea. Faberry is entering my top ships after that last episode.

"When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn and only Finn, right?"


It's sad. Such an angsty story with such potential. But like I know deep down that this is all some ploy to strenghten the subtext to keep a group of the fandom watching while pulling it under the general audience's noses. I don't know, I don't know.

I ship it tho.

Seriously, their relationship is so layered too. ugh.

Background Brittana was cute as always :D

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omg Brittana

so brittana kissed

faberry won the e!online poll

and brittana kissed

also they kissed

it is a good week

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omg Brittana

G U E S S  W H A T

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you can't deny mini has feelings for franky.

  yep.       Here's what Dakota (Franky) said about Minky:   AE: Is Franky and Mini’s relationship in Series 6 what you would have expected to happen after how it was left in Series 5? DBR: It’s actually better because I was worried that the writers would aim for something that was very commercial because of the demand by some fans for "Minky" to happen and the actual storyline that they’ve created is beautiful. Mini and Franky are never going to just have sex because it’s not sexual, it’s much deeper than that and I hope all the fans appreciate it for not being predictable.  
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this show is reaaaaaally good


Like gossip girl season one.

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omg Brittana

For the first time in ever I kinda want RIB back.


When are we gonna get a Brittana kiss?!

  We already got one remember! Us grumpy Brittana fans are forgetting that beautiful moment of affection in 2x04! silly us  



Yeah but I don't expect one for a while since even the twitter thing didn't enlighten the new writers that Brittana haven't kissed at all. It kinda sucks because I've had a couple female friends tell me that for the first time Glee made them feel like there's something wrong with being a lesbian, since the two girls haven't kissed while Klaine and all the heterosexual couples have.     i think the 3rd season's been okay - some standout shows but there's the usual lack of continuity     It started out pretty well I guess.  
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No Minky this season!




Well they said they won't be sexual but they will still have a deep connection. Which sounds cool I guess.


Also apparently new character next season: Alex

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