The GG Graphic Novels

lol I found some pics online, and took my own t-t they kinda suck though


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If Caroline Dies,

lol thanks :) Yeah, love Caroline

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Annoying things about the vampire diaries

Okay, I'm not sure if I read you right, but you're saying you want more alone scenes of Delena? The season just started...that kind of stuff builds up as it goes

Bonnie is very, so friggin annoying, BUT. she has her reasons. That's why you can't really justify whatever she's doing is wrong. The Damon grudge is just really annoying, and I think Damon having an obviously huge fanbase, makes a lot of people hate her. Can't say I don't disagree though she's annoying me.

All she does are those migrains and flames, I'm not really amused. She's the one character that never/hasn't forgiven or accepted Damon like the rest of them, the rest of the characters in the show grow a liking to Damon or tolerance. And there are others he's just fooled (the sheriff and Carol Lockwood) into thinking he's a good guy.

So it makes sense for Bonnie to be that one character who hates Damon without mixed feelings. I guess Caroline can sort of count..but she barely grudges anymore

Honestly I don't know what to ship in this show. Stelena got boring in a heartbeat and I don't even watch the show for the romance. Delena, I just can't really see Elena having any feelings for Damon. But perhaps I'll be wrong.

I was pretty happy about Matt and Caroline so now I'm pretty pissed about the whole Turned thing



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All Aboard Ship Royalty!

Blair's Chuck-replacements bore me


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The GG Graphic Novels

Lol she was unloading all the drinks at Blair's party

Ahh there were some more scenes with Chuck as a baby

I need to find the second

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The GG Graphic Novels

Lol I didn't see two. I think I'll get some pictures up

Oh, and I found Vanessa. She looked so much like a guy I didn't know it was her

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The GG Graphic Novels

Anyone seen them? I know it was mentioned a year ago. Not sure if their planning to release more books, but I bought the first and it actually wasn't bad. It's been years since I actually read manga/comics whatever

Anyway here's some things you all (at least I think) will find interesting:

Blair/Dan chemistry; Blair invites herself to Dan's and asks to stay the night; Blair and Dan make out

Flashbacks of Blair and Chuck as kids, and when they first meet in grade school. Lots of Blair/Chuck scheming together, as well as when they were kids

Serena's character is the only design I don't really like...I know their "cartoons" and all, but Nate Dan and Chuck look pretty hot

I have no idea where Jenny or Vanessa are...unless they were cut out.

Overall, the whole first novel seems to be about Blair being torn between Dan and Chuck. And she hasn't forgiven Serena or Nate yet

There's other characters that aren't from the show, I haven't finished the book yet, but it seems seperate from the series and the books, with a few of the same storylines.

I like it :) I'll post pictures or scans if anyone wants me to

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If Caroline Dies,

Yeah, I am. And I'm just tired of them killing off good characters. Although some were set up to be minor in the first place

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Matt and Caroline or Tyler and Caroline? offense but it just sounds like you're pairing them just to pair them. So she was concerned for Tyler at the accident, doesn't exactly hint anything. Sorry if I sound harsh, I just haaate that "lets pair this and this" random crap ANYWAY SDKLFJSKLDFJ

As far as the season goes I saw nothing between Care and Tyler, so I'm going with Matt. As for Tyler I'm excited for his werewolf or whatever genetics he has coming up.



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Questions ...

1. Damon?

Pretty Much what ^^^^ others said


I don't have a full opinion yet on liking or hating but I've been waiting for her to arrive since forever, so I'm defenitely interested.

3. Bonnie being more threating ?

I never cared for her much for some reason.

4.Caroline ?

Like Anna, I didn't like her for awhile then saw where she was coming from and she grew on me. Honestly, Elena is a mary sue. I'd hate to be backup/background around someone so "perfect" I like Caroline.

5. "uncle John" alive or died?

Don't care. After he killed Anna, I lost any slight sympathy I had for him. Was pretty pissed about Pearl too.

6. More Isobel? Meh.

I don't care either way but I'm sure she'll be back.

7.Jeremy vampire or human?

Human please.

8.More Damon and Alaric team up?

I love them together. It just fits. It's like, just as entertaining and Damon and Stefan, a bit.

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