Huge spoilers from GG Set (Spoilers)

Uh, sorry, but Breakfast at Tiffany's has no such scene. Perhaps it's a different movie they reference? Blair doesn't always dream in "Audrey", y'know. ;)

My vote is fantasy sequence or royal beeotch sabotage.

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Who Does Blair Kiss - New Ausiello Spoiler (Spoilers)

If therapist Eliza is successful, she will bring out something old school in Chuck - namely, Chuck Bass gets what he wants, and takes it if necessary. I can see him trying to prove himself to Blair and, once again, forcing himself on her - not in a scary, aggressive way, mind you, but in a powerful-yet-misguided, "I will show you how much I love you" way - aka: The Kiss.

Blair will melt into it for all of three seconds (because, honestly, who wouldn't? Chuck's a pro, lol!), but then she'll remember herself - or that she's engaged - or that she secretly pines for Dan - and WHAMO, aka: The Slap.

Either way, I can see Louis walking in on this, freaking out, which in turns freaks B out, and...well, dramatic stress (like a fiance jumping to conclusions and breaking off an engagement, perhaps) can only mean bad, BAD things for her pregnancy.

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GG Pregnancy contenders revealed? (Spoilers)

Eleanor was in NY for Blair's engagement party. Why she'd use Blair's bathroom...? Who knows. Maybe she didn't want Cyrus to find out because she herself was beyond shocked. If I were her age and suddenly preggers, I'd be cracked out, too!

I'm calling the whole situation a red herring: no Serena, no Blair, possibly Mama Waldorf. 

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Makes No Sense. (Spoilers)

It makes perfect sense:

D and V haven't been close for most of this season. There was all that drama with her and Juliet, then she leaked info about Dan and Blair, then Charlie told those lies about her - not exactly the besties or lovers we've seen in previous years. They've grown apart (moreso on Dan's side), and I can see how Vanessa's fed up - she's lost this guy she's loved and respected since childhood, she's hurt (especially because he's choosing first Serena and now Blair over her), and she very likely thinks that she's SAVING him from that pretentious, plastic UES existence even as she's sticking it to him. Turning in that manuscript probably felt pretty damn good to her - the money, IF she's even really accepting it, might not even be a large sum. Perhaps she'll hold on to it for him. Or maybe she thinks that the money is payment for him treating her poorly (her opinion, not mine), and that the fallout from his book is the only payment *he truly* deserves. Several angles could be used for this subject, all of them are valid, and definitely not illogical.

(And just to be clear, I am *not* sympathetic to V - she made her own sad, solitary bed. Now she can go sleep in it far, far away in Spain...)

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Dear Blair (Sneak peek for 4.21) (Spoilers)

I don't mind them getting engaged so quickly - it's like Louis said, it'll be courting with rings. It's not unheard of for engagements to last years! :)

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Gossip Girl Boss: “Chuck Has Never, and Will Never, Hurt Blair” (Spoilers)

I've been a Chair shipper since the beginning. I've dabbled in Dair (because I love how they're opposites but also SO suited for one another - makes for a very cute dynamic), but Chuck and Blair together has pretty much always owned my heart.

That being said, my adoration has waned as the seasons progressed. I like to rewatch previous seasons while the show's on hiatus or during the summer, and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I do, I get more and more frustrated with them as a couple. Chuck treats Blair badly. A lot. Yes, she does some not-so-nice things to him, too, but when you put both of their transgressions on a scale, his sins topple the damn thing within seconds - long before Blair's even have a chance to amount to much of anything.

So for JS to say that "Chuck will never hurt Blair"...I have to say that's a crock of shit. Hurting someone doesn't always need to be related to the physical, even though in this last episode, there *was* a physical altercation. It may have been unremarkable abuse as it's measured in television land, but he did grab her, he did push her to the couch, he did punch a (glass) wall, he did yell and spout hateful garbage, and it did result in her being physically hurt.

He was drunk. He was raging. He was shellshocked over the knowledge that his dad was a murderer. He was desperate at the thought of losing Blair. Etc. Etc. ETC. Okay, so even if we say this was a case of emotion getting the better of him, of circumstances rolling in the wrong direction, of wrong place + wrong time = out of the ordinary violent reaction, what about all the OTHER times he hurt her EMOTIONALLY, abused her MENTALLY??

He routinely humiliates her. Rewatching that episode where he takes Jenny to premiere of Fleur really made that sink in for me. He didn't need to embarrass Blair to shake her out of her depression - and it WAS depression she was dealing with. And fear. And lack of confidence. But rather than just tell her that he loved her and supported her, he takes her rival (for lack of a better word) on a high profile date (and is decidedly PERVY about it!), and then, when B confronts him, he bitches about how her feelings of inadequacy are making HIM look bad and making HIM feel low. Talk about SELFISH! Then you add in the hotel storyline, the disgusting way he treated her at college, the ENDLESS parade of whores and flight attendants and socialites he banged whenever they were on again/off again, the wonderful list of women Chuck decided were more important than Blair at some point or who he used to get revenge on her ('cause nothing says love like screwing a random or your girl's favourite frenemy!): Elle, Eva, Raina, Vanessa, Jenny.

He pushes her away time and time again. He treats her like dirt time and time again. Yes, she will stand by him through anything, and she wants to pull him out of the darkness, and YES! He's tortured and in pain and needing someone to love him. And YES! I know B's no saint and has had her own hookups (Marcus only happened because C wouldn't say he loved her, Carter only happened because B was once again in a deep depression and C was too busy with one of the aforementioned whores, Nate only happened because B needed comfort and stability *after* the depression/Carter spiral, and Jack...well, I can't give a pass on Jack - except that he's hot, lol! And the girl deserves at least ONE real mistake under her belt!), and yes, B's done naughty things too (the whole Chuck kissing the alumni dude wasn't cool at all, but how can ANYONE compare that to being sold to an known rapist for a hotel??) - but I have never seen another person so willing to forgive and forget for the sake of love. She bends over backwards for him, allows him liberties *I* certainly wouldn't allow my husband (Lost Weekends full of ho's who end up borrowing MY lingere?! I don't think so!), and is constantly mopping his brooding self off the floor. (The episode dealing with the anniversary of his father's death = whenever he mopes he shuts down and treats "the love of his life" like shit - so romantic!)

So...yeah. Chuck's been emotionally abusing Blair since the first season. It wasn't as noticeable due to them being teenagers and both of them holding their own against the other, but as seasons have progressed, it's become more and more obvious that Chuck is the problem - he's volitile, unrepentant, quick to anger, even quicker to lash out, and really does NOT respect the woman who's been there for him at every turn. His degrading behaviour with Dan/Blair at the photo shoot, at Louis' party, and then later in his penthouse is proof that ownership/dominance is what's important to him currently - certainly not Blair OR her feelings.

I love Chuck as this dark, struggling character, but not with Blair - not now, anyway - and certainly not at the expense of Blair's spirit. I want her to find more of that elusive joy, and for Chuck to honestly deserve her love.   


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Season finale-promotial photos!! (Spoilers)

To the crowd asking "how could Blair even stand to be in Chuck's arms?" - I think it's pretty obvious that she *can't* stand being in his arms. Her posture is angled away from him, her arms are braced against him to, seemingly, keep him from pulling her any closer, the expression on her face is a combination of wary and unhappy and cold/shut down. He probably grabbed her (like he's been doing a lot lately!), and she's seconds away from breaking free of his grip.

(Here's hoping Dan stumbles upon them for a timely rescue - if not to deliver another smack to the Bass jawline!)

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Hand Me Downs (Spoilers)

Even if the dress isn't the same, it's obvious that Charlie's pulling the standard crazy/obsessive/Single-White-Female-Fatal-Attraction-type schtick. If she has to "become" Serena to get Dan, then that's what she's going to do. Girlfriend has already proven herself a devious manipulator of the first class the way she pwned Vanessa, I say this is what Auntie Carol was warning Lily and Rufus about in the first place: Her daughter is troubled and has likely pulled psycho stuff like this before.

I, too, would like to see Georgina school cousin Charlie - and then some!

(That being said, I would also like to see her stick around to plague Dan/Blair should Dair ever come to fruition, heh heh...)

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Like I said in a previous thread - I'm totally expecting an ILY from C (the Chair fan reward, as promised), but with a whole "We can't be together" speech afterwards (due to whatever the GG blast is about).

I also agree with whoever posted about next year's possible love triangle between Blair/Chuck/Vanessa - especially if B/V are roommates. I think that's what'll trigger B's eating disorder into full swing again. There's no way the writers are going to set up huge animosity between Blair and Vanessa, a disgusting connection between Chuck and Vanessa, and then NOT do something with it next year.

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Two Things About the New Finale Promo (Spoilers)

All I have to say regarding the (likely) Jack/Blair liason is: Chuck/Vanessa.

C has NOTHING to complain about - he bumped uglies with V - TWICE. If anyone should be pissed, it should be Blair. At least her indiscretion (whatever it might be with the elder Bass) was brought on by (hopefully one of the following):

a) ignorance (she didn't know who he was),

b) desperation (to get him to help find Chuck)

c) outright frustration and stress (after being abandoned by C and her mother and her best friend - over the freakin' holidays, no less!)

C's only defense is that he was irritated to find Nate and Blair hanging out together again - they weren't even *dating* yet, and he's already slamming B's arch-nemesis. So totally DOUCHEY!! He better just shut up, thank his lucky stars B's still trying to hook up with him, and tell her what he should have said from the beginning: ILY!

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