The Last Days of Disco Stick (Season 3)

It was a great episode. I really enjoyed it.Serena - How do you solve a problem like Serena. She is so adorable but how does she cluelessly get herself in very messy situations. She does not think too deep. It was sad that Nate was finally about to tell Serena how he felt about her and the timing was so wrong. I was proud of Blair. I enjoyed her in this episode. She worked hard to prove herself once again but I think she did a good job.Jenny..dear Little Jenny was great. The issue I have with Jenny is she really can be ruthless. I can really see her go to the dark side and not be redeemable. I agree with what Chuck told Jenny. She needs to be careful.I liked the way Chuck put the embassadors son in his place. Dan/Olivia/ Vanessa I guess we all learned what not to do.

Lady Gaga was great

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Gossip Girl - The Last Days of Disco Stick [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

How do solve a problem like Serena??????????????????????

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Gossip Girl - The Last Days of Disco Stick [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

Why do people like Dair... I don't get it.  As friends I would not mind but anything else is not right.

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Chuck maturing and becoming a better man I wish the writer would let Blair mature a bit also

I am enjoying the fact that Chuck is growing up and becoming a great guy. We are seeing a billionaire in the making and I like it. I feel that it was necessary since he lost his father. With an uncle like Jack you really need to be on your toes. I can see Chuck becoming more successful than daddy dearest.

In my opinion it shows how multi dimenstional his character is.  I noticed people do know like seeing a serious minded Chuck.

I thought after Blair lost Yale she would mature a little more. They hardly show us the sweet side of Blair anymore. She has no major passion, but trying to be accepted by people who will not. I like seeing her host evens and parties. She is a born leader and has a lot of good qualities that are hardly ever shown.

Sometimes I feel like the writers just don't want people to like her anymore. What are your thoughts


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The Grandfather: Part II (Season 3)

I actually really enjoyed the show.


I am happy to see him mature. I think it is necessary. Without having his father anymore he really needed to clean up his act or he may have lost his inheritance. He is becoming a savy businessman and a great man.


It was good that they should his strength.  Love for family. No greater love than a man lay down his life for a friend.  I was wondering if he had just sacrifized his political future. That is what has always made Nate lovable. Do you remember when Nate was willing to get expelled to protect Blair.


I loved Blair. I wish the writer would stop trying to bring out the worse of Blair all the time. It was good to see her have a friend outside of NSC. Too bad the friend turned out to be a call girl. I was happy that she really confronted Serena about how she had been acting. She did not even think of how her dates behavior could have beeb damaging to Trip's campaign.


I hope she makes a change for the positive before she gets into mischieve.  Serena usually gets into trouble when she is idol. I was good to see her for the time have to face the consequence of her action.



What can I say? I know many of you may not agree with me but a true friend would not expose a friend like that.  They invited you in to their family.  I think this is one reason she will never be an insider. I am thinking how do you act that way and go back to Nate's party to watch them be humuliated. I did not get it.  She is still very self righteous. She is not a good friend.Do you remember the time that Dan had some very destructive information on Chuck dad, but still choose not to expose him. Dan had my respect. Dan and Chuck did not even have the type of relationship that Nate and Vanessa had.

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Dare to Dair?

I find DAIR repulsive they just don't go together.  Besides must they all sleep with one another

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A Waste of Time? (Spoilers)

I do not think you should take the comment Blair made to serious. She is still mad at Chuck and I really can not blaim her for some of the ways he acted. She will forget about the bad and remember all the things that she loves about him

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What I would change in Chuck BASS

The one thing that annoys me about Chuck is the way he conspires againt Blair.

I don't mind him stocking her.

Teasing her.

Of course I love him kissing her.

I hate the way he conspires against her to cause her pain.


1. He blogs to GG about Blair sleeping with both him and Nate.

2. He tries to sabotage Marcus and Blair by bringing in his stepmother. (I wished this one work considering how sick Marcus and his step-mother are)

2. He conspires to dethrone he as Queen Bee. After he leaves her to go to Tuscany alone.

3. If the new spoiler is true he conspires to prevent Blair from being prom Queen.


Chuck needs to tell her those three words and stop conspiring again her. They need to conspire together against their enemies.

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I think that if Serena and Nate where given a chance they have great chemistry. DId you see them kiss.LOL

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Uniting Queen B and King N Fans.

You really can not measure what hurts a person more. The truth is that they have all hurt each other at a point in time.  I am a Chair fan, but at the same time I think Nair should be allowed to enjoy their moment.

Both Chuck and Nate love Blair. Was confused when he was cheating on Blair. He later realized and went back to her but it was to late. Blair had formed a bond with his best friend.

We all know that Nate has it all but hardly knows what he wants.  It is nice for the first time trying to really make it work with Blair.

Chuck on the other had is so used to protecting himself, he refused to open the door to Blair and lost her. We the spectators know he loves Blair but if I were Blair I would be afraid to be in a relationship with him. He is hard to break.

I think Blair loves both guys and always will. I think we all can love more than one person because they have different strenghs and weaknesses. One of the relationships will have to turn plutonic for all three to stay friends.

I think Blair could be happy with either of them. When Blair loves she loves and she has a lot of great qualities. She could bring out the best in Nate and also Chuck.

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