Any Erik Haters Out There?!?!?!

well I actually love ERICK! or ERIK or whatever... soo Im hoping he put Jenny from the Brooklyn on her place xD.. but I know he is a good guy and be really worried when he finds out with whom jenny hangs ):

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Tonight episode made me remember why i love chair so much

yeah you did miss it, it was when bart was saying chuck needed to close the deal, and he being soft and not being capable of being office's chuck and blair's chuck at the same time, so bart said he was soft and then said mocking him.. i love you too!

and yeah I also love chair today.. and I dont think their ILY's are because they are insecure because seriously I would not go through that hell for someone if I did not really love that person, both blair ans chuck have been fighting eachother, theirself, other people to be together for a not love-base relationship. so I do believe when they said ILU they mean it!.

and I agree with cacherr1 today we could watch a mature true love, they been growing up as a couple together and I love it, they seem to be more stable =)

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Ed was great!

he was beyond amazing, I love his acting, because of his character he can prove he has acting skills, he had showed us like in 2x12, 2x13, and others, he really made us feels his suffering!

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Stephanie Savage may be a Nair and Vuck fan BUT

yeah I loved how everyone is saying that finally GG is back cause I also think is back for real cause since last days of disco stick GG has been pretty pretty amazing!

and if she is Nair fan I would say she knows how to write chair cause on 2x13 they were amazing like tonight's ep!

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I loved it, it was beyond amazing, everybody did an extraordinary job, and Chuck and blair were wow I dont even have words to describe it!!..

I absolutaly support the idea of having more eps writing them by Stephanie..

and the flash backs where amazing I really think we needed to watch this because on 2x11 they only said "its been an accident" and the next ep we had bart's memorial, so its was amazing how they integrated this scenes on his anniversary..

excellent job everyone, the staff, the writers, producers, recording people, pre-production, production, post-production people, actors, you gave us the best episode to close this third year of GG, the best way to say good by to GG until next year, I hope 2010 brings more of this amazing epis! =)..

and I know this is to much.. but thanks for this early xmas present, giving back our real GG xD

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I know she really talks like she doesnt have energy!!! :@

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best episode of GG?

my favorites eps.

mm 1x07 cause sorry I know most people hate people saying this but I do watch GG because of chair.. soo 1x07 because its when all started.

1x08 cause damn those butterflies made me felt in love of chair and Im still in love of them

2x07 cause they kind of said ILU

2x13 cause chuck or better said ed's acting skills where on the top!!

2x14 cause I also care about Chuck Bass, and chair was amazing.. and also the other plots.

2x25 cause I love the I love you too, like can you say it twice.. xD

3x07 cause i was proud of Chuck

3x08 cause Serena needed it to know the world doesnt revolve around her.

3x10 cause yeah GG its on!!!

3x11 cause drama, plots, scheaming, vengeance, loyalty, yeah I love GG

3x12 cause seriously GG is really BACK!!!

but IMHO I know it doesnt have that weight like others but 1x07 cause victrola made me obsess of GG

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totally agree with SS writing more eps, this was amazing, like the best way to say goodbye to GG until 2010

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If you could be best friends with any character on GG, who would it be?

I totally agree with sarah...

If I wanted a friend from GGland I totally chose Chuck cause he is really really loyal, he's always looking after people he care, he even saved jenny, the times he had made mistakes was because he didnt know how to procede, how to act, most of this mistakes are because of his love with blair so he was kind of blinded, he didnt know how to share his feelings and opended up to her, afraid of getting hurt but that is not an issue anymore so he is by far the most incredible person on GG, on resume, he is intelligent, cocky, a good friend, he understand the meaning of family, bla bla bla..

and that lead me to say I would also love to be Blair's friend cause she is amazing as a friend, she is also really loyal, her problems with serena had been because her insecurities, but im not like shinny serena, if I am like someone on GG I would be like Blair, cause I also work so hard to have what I have, so thats why I also chose Blair as a friend only if I were a really friend to her, her only problem its that she is really spoiled so she is kind of crazy when she doesnt get it, but on resume, she is loyal, she is a really good advicer (serena totally needs to listen to her), intelligent, has witty remarks, helpful, a good friend, bla bla...

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GG 3x13 "Jenny, Full of Grace" Promo!! (Spoilers)

cant wait please please just two more eps before the fucking new series that will ruin our monday's night!

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