What's Your Favorite Glee Episode?

Wheels, Sectionals, New York, Born this Way, Prom, Ballad were the best of Glee IMO.  There are others that were good but not up there with excellent.

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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

1. Rachel Berry

2. Finn Hudson

3. Kurt Hummel

4. Santana Lopez

5. Noah Puckerman

6. Sue Sylvester

7. Will Schuester

8. Emma Pillsberry

9. Brittany

10. Blaine

11. Mercedes

12. Artie

13. Tina

14. Jessie

15. Mike

16. The Berry dads

17. Sam

18. The Band

19. The Piano man

20. The Warblers

21. The crew

The least favorite is Quinn Fabray.

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Favorite couple??

Finchel is where my heart is, always.

Puckleberry love their friendship.

St Berry because of the friendship between Lea and Jon.

Klaine they are so lovable.

Tike are loving and genuine.

Quinn with no one.  She is just so mean, even Puck said she was more selfish than Rachel.  I used to ship them but Puck deserves better.  Quinn needs time alone for while.

Never Finn/Quinn.



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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

1. Finn  Kind hearted, gentle soul, loving and giving, biggest heart to easily forgive, leader and mentor, loves Rachel.  One can see by all his actions how much he loves her.  He gets her, understands her and accepts her with all the good sweetness he can muster.

2. Rachel Beautiful, very forgiving, talented beyond measure, with Finn and Kurt's help and belief in her she has opened up to let others in to let them see and know the real Rachel, loves Finn.  She accepts him, his mannerisms  and his cluelessness without judgement and never makes fun of him to his face or publically- a far cry from Quinn. 

3. Kurt flamboyant, charming, loving, giving best friend or brother one could have, loves Blaine.

4. Puck even though he shelters his charm, wit, sweetness with crude, vulgar obnoxious behavior he is a sweet, kind, giving, loving, soupy sap for any girl if they look hard enough. Love him.

5. Santana when she lets herself be whom she really is she is awesome, talented, beautiful, loves Brittany.

6. Beiste Vulnerable, gentle, kind, forgiving, deserving of all good things that should come her way, best coach ever.

7. Tina Loyal friend and girlfriend, talented, good as gold.

8. Sam Handsome, charming, talented and a good friend to forgive and be there for Quinn when she had been a truely rotten girlfriend who used him and did not appreciate him.

9. Will talented, teacher and mentor to the club who loves Emma.

10. Emma who is kooky eccentric sweet oddball who would do anything good and kind for anyone.

Artie was up there once but this season he is not a favorite as written now.  My least favorites are Sue and Quinn.  However, Quinn has shown some niceness beginning in Hold on to Sixteen and Xmas episodes but she has a way to go.


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Blaine lost his edge

I agree dressed in tight short red pants pant legs too high with no socks.  Almost dressed eccentric as Kurt with his own flair(bow ties and no socks).  But at Dalton he was classy and dapper( I know old sounding but true).  But look at the seasons how Rachel has been dressed season by season.  She has changed now season 3 the long aline dresses or skirts when she wore extreme minis skirts season 1.  Quinn from cheerio uniform to hats and boots w/skirts.  Brittany cheerio uniform to winter headgear and shorts.  Santana cheerio uniform to fur hat and practically a bustier.  Tina dressed as Goth to multi hair color and colored contacts.   Go figure how the wardrobe department is eccentric.

But it is Glee.  Artie, Puck and Finn have never changed their style of clothes. 

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No one is dying at all.  So Blaine isn't.  He's going to be Glee's senior star next season like Rachel was the past 2 seasons.  What you're reading is from last season when the spoilers said a character dies- that was Pavaroti the bird from Dalton.  Kurt and Blaine buried it last season.  Do NOT WORRY ALL'S FINE.

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Favorite couple??

Finchel OTP all the way. Forever.

Samcedes noe for sure.

Tike the best couple.


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Who Do You Wanna See Dateing?

FINCHEL absolutely my favorite couple.  Over the top vocal and screen chemistry.  They know what each other is thinking.

Klaine  So good together.  I hope Kurt is more confident now.  Don't want him questioning himself.

Bartie  Love Brittany when she's with Artie.  She's thoughtful kind and generous.  When she is with Santana she takes on Santana's mean side.  Loved Santana season 2 not so far season 3.

Samcedes  Loved the people Sam and Mercedes were when they were together.  They brought out the best in each other.

Tike  Mike and Tina are such a likeable and grounded couple.

I love Puck but not with Quinn.  She's batsh**t certifiable nuts.  He doesn't need that.

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Samcedes Reunion

sorry, keys stick. Didn't even press enter to send. So freaky this computer.  NOW QUINN NEEDS A SHRINK STAT.  Because she is heading for a bottoming out.  I guess she has to hit ROCK BOTTOM to find her way and her happiness.  Just wierd for her to stay on this course.

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Samcedes Reunion

Well, they may be random especially, in the last 2 minutes of s2 finale.  Then Chord leaves the show.  That's wierd they leave an absolutely random and unsubstantiated nothingness to a storyline for Sam or Mercedes.  But since Mercedes is apart from the ND she has even less screen time IMO.  I always thought Sam and Mercedes were good for each other even fleeting time spent on them.  Glad Sam wants her back.  Glad Sam doesn't want Quinn back.  Just hope he gets some screen time with SL.  Now Mercedes has lost her what was so special about her IMO maybe Sam will help her get her MOJO back.  I'm liking the pair.  There is no other girl in either club for Sam to pair up with who is deserving of him.  Besides, as of now Quinn doesn't need a boyfriend she needs a sh

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