Samcedes Reunion

Jenn  I totally agree with you.  Mercedes and Sam were good for each other.  Sam was unlucky with girlfriends til Mercedes and he made her feel special.  Agree about Shane as much as she's glad she has a boyfriend finally he has shown me that he encourages her to be the best she can be but is a bad influence in regard to her kind hearted side(hugging her friend Rachel).  Her kind and generous heart was evident with Kurt when he was hurting and she showed what a wonderful friend she was.  But she has shown since Shane she foregoes all those relationships that were cultivated prior to Shane's appearance.

The streak of meaness that Jenn speaks of in Mercedes is another out of character element to the changed Mercedes.  She has never been mean just to be mean before.  That was reserved for Rachel season 1.  Cold, callous, selfish,and unrelenting divaness.  Rachel has on numerous occassions been humbled to stop with those traits and has develop traits inherent to her character but to refine kind and thoughtfulness friendship instead.  Rachel has done that with Finn, Kurt and Mercedes's help since the start of season 2.  Glad for it finally.  But since this change in Mercedes it has only separated her from all the friends in Glee who miss her and I do too.

So I'm hoping that the return of Sam will rekindle to good in Mercedes.  If Mercedes's aditude changes from cocky arrogance to kind hearted maybe Santana will change her demeanor of relentless hateful b^^^^h and become more likeable too.  Brittany as good hearted as she is has not been able to change Santana at all.

So yeah I'm glad Sam is coming back and hope he'll be a formatable character that Damien and Samuels's characters can look up to.  Finn is trying to be more of a leader but has acceptance problems as od now.

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