did Mer agree to have Der's baby??

That would be awesome.....somethings coming theres a reason why they talked about it!

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

1     Mer/Der

2      Lexie/Mark

3      Arizona/Callie

4      Alex/Izzie

5      Denny/Izzie

6      Mark/Callie

7      Owen/Cristina

8      Alex/Addison

9      Lexie/Alex

10    Richard/Ellis

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Meredith+Derek=McBaby (Relationships)

In the previous episode sympathy for the parents mer and der discussed a mcbaby, so there must be hope the writers  wouldn't have done that for no reason

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I hope Mark and Lexie gets back together (Relationships)

They NEED to get back together!!! Teddy and Mark are just gross and we all know that Lexie still wants to be with him after she broke down crying!!!

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