Is anyone else disappointed??

Still gonna watch tho next season, unlike the lying game

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Is anyone else disappointed??

Yeah I was.

The whole mona thing was fail.

Maya dying was complete win though.

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When is Bonnie coming back?

yeah why the hell isnt she back yet??? lol


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Welcome to the SC forum!

I really liked the pilot and the second episode. I am sure that the coming episodes should be just as good too.


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Candice Accola? FAIL.

They do look very different. But I could see them as playing siblings in a movie or sumthin lol.

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Hopes for the show?

I hope they don't focus on Adam and his family. It's getting annoying already. Don't like him.

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Secret Circle Ships??

NICK AND CASSIE ALL THE WAY BB (cassick ftw). I bet it's going to end up that way. Just because Adam and Cassie are meant to be attracted to one another, doesn't mean she is going to end up with him. She could be with someone else like her mom. I saw a lot chemistry between Nick and Cassie and I haven't really seen them speak to one another much.

Also I guess Faye and Adam (adaye? lol). But honestly, I don't like the guy who plays Adam. They should have casted someone better.

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dead forum D:

Lol school just started for me. Everything is good so far.

and yes the forum has been dead for awhile :<



How all ya doing?



also random but im getting into this new show called awkward. i have suggested it to flora a million times. u gais should give it a try. and the episodes are only like 20 mins long lol.

lol dis bitch.

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um so like...can I do this

jason is unf.

but omg lawlllllll

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Can't act

Lmaoooo. Yeah I think they improved a lot over the coarse of the two seasons.


srsly tho by far the worst acting moments have been this:




the breathing and all......

just lol.

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