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I like your theory but srsly tere are too many theory threads lol. Maybe there should be an official theory thread or sumthin. Any1 else agree?

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The body?

a dummy


LOL aquariuz. Dude if it really was idk, that would be super frickin creppy.

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Ok, will someone please explain what just happened...?


The hair was so much better!!

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Just a few things i've picked up

ew omg that's gonna be super creeper if he is the one with the baby mask.

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um so like...can I do this

bump for purdy ppl


moar ppl need to change their shiz.

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Ok, will someone please explain what just happened...?

Dude i am so confused lol. I need to rewatch the episode.

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Jason Leaving Rosewood?



ugh why cant ezra go?

YES YES AND YES. He should just go die in a tree with a squirrel and hurdle some chestnuts. Jus sayin'


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Who wants the surgery to be a success



Idk I kinda hope she gets it done just because for once and for all everyone will know she can see. Idek at this point if she can already see or not. It keeps confusing me.

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emily & maya

ITA flora. Emily's love interests BORE ME.

But I did like Emily/Toby, Emily/The girl she gave her number to, and Emily/Ali. Prolly ship Emily and Ali the hardest tho.


Maya and Emily are so fucking boring. Every single time I see Maya I see a mop pretty much. Gtfo.



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Who else thinks Jenna w/o glasses looks weird? (Others)

lmfao. she is pretty but her forehead and her eyes remind me of that fish from shark tales lol.


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