Season Six : What did you think? (Episodes)

Season six was a crazy season. Honestly, it might be my favorite. It just had so many interesting storylines and so many shocking moments from start to finish. There were like three or four episodes in total that I didn't like, but otherwise, it did such a great job at keeping me hooked. And the season finale was just intense and heartbreaking. What did everyone else think? Best season? Worst season? High up on your list or not?

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Who is the shooter? (Spoilers)

I dont know who the killer is... but i think MORE than one person gets shot... because it seems like a HUGE thing... i wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that 3 minor characters die and one survives or something... I'm pretty sure derek gets shot though.

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Sick of this seasons on & off weeks?

Guys, chill... it's really frustrating... but Grey's Anatomy can't do anything about that. It's the network. Look at Glee ... FOUR MONTHS!

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Surprising PAST Roles for Grey's Actors

Has anyone seen Grey's actors in their past roles? It's really surprising to see how far they've come. For example, my dad and I were watching this old horror movie called Valentine from 2001. I watched this when I was younger, but when I rewatched it yesterday, I was shocked to see both Katherine Heigl and Jessica Capshaw in it. Katherine Heigl gets killed in like the first scene. And you'll never guess who Jessica Capshaw plays. It was sooo funny seeing them in the movie. There's a link. Does anyone else have any interesting past roles to share?????????? I know Patrick Dempsey was in one of my favorite movies, Scream 3. Why do all these Grey's characters end up in horror movie? Please reply!

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Favorite and Least Favorite Season (Relationships)

Hm... this is actually really hard... my least favorite season isn't though. Season 3 was just too depressing for me and it tried way too hard to create a moment that it just felt contrived. Every episode after "From a Whisper to a Scream" was soo depressing. I actually liked Season 4 but we also have to consider that there was a strike during the season. My favorite season is hard... lol... it might just be Season Five. I think most people are going to say Season Two, but there was just something about Season Five that made the show so brilliant. And the storylines were so good. Actually, now that I'm rewatching it again on DVD, I'm realizing how brilliant it was and how well thought-out the Izzie-Denny thing was. 

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~*~Spoiler Free~*~

merry christmas to all... i got season 5 on dvd... rele excitedd

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Character Elimination V2.0!

Meredith - 46

Cristina Yang - 14

Derek Shepherd - 58

Mark Sloan - 10

Callie Torres - 8

Arizona Robbins - 15

Lexie Grey - 3

Jackson Avery - 3


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Least favourite episode (Episodes)

Has anyone noticed Grey's isn't usually very good with season premieres. The Season 6 premiere was okay, but it seemed rushed. The Season 4 premiere was odd and quite bad. The Season 5 premiere was just boring for me. And even Season 3, I still feel they could've done a lot more with it. LOL! But yea, my least favorite episode would probably The Other Side of This Life... the Addison crossover episode. It was just bad. 

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