What happened to Carter?

he better be..

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Glee hates pretty girls

i get you. someone cant just be pretty.

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"Hello brother"

damon most definitely 

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Blake and Leo? God no.

i love blake i just all the people in the gossip girl community seem to give her so much flack because of her character serena because it isnt as likeable as blair. (not bashing blair or leighton at all love em to death)shes the face of chanel, been feautured on the cover of us vogue twice in the one year, been in the talks with some lucrative movie deals juggling jobs, green lantern a massive motion picture event, the town was big plus shes looking super hot nowadays. why not shes clearly hot property and hes obviously great

i think blake and leo sound pretty cool together 

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Naomi + Teddy = HOT!

yeah hahahahahahhahah i have watched the show...

im just saying they are both such good looking people - and i wish back when he first rolled into town straight and naomi was keen playing tennis that they explored them a little more while they could of. 

but i love teddys character development it gave him more depth and like-ability 

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I don't get Elena hate

i just think she can be a bit dull sometimes... when it comes to the critical moment she pulls through and always hold strong to her moral compass does the right thing. but to be honest i would love to see flashback to elenas badass cheerleading fun self not that it would have any real relevance. 

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she FINALLY get out of the tomb and now shes stuck in the apartment will this ever end...

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Nina Dobrev, a bad actress?

shes an AMAZING actress. that last funeral scene where she was crying looking at damon was just heartbreaking. i feel like all this season - the breakup with stefan, bonnies fake death and all her kat scenes have been so good. elena is just lame most the time unless something really epic is happening its hard to make boring dialogue compelling and exciting. but its necessary dialogue

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If Statherine happened...

i think stefan/kat would be awesome. he makes her a little bit more sentimental and she makes him more strong, corrupt him a lil bit hahahahah

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