Things characters need to do:

So far, I've come up with a few things out favorite characters NEED to do to at east gain a bit more support on the show.


I'll start.


Blair Waldorf needs to:

Mourn her baby

Take out that bitch assistant that lied to her and nearly bankrupted her marriage


Nate needs to:

Get a storyline that doesn't center around some girl


Lily needs to:

Chill the hell out and respect her mother's wishes


Lola needs to:

Take out serena


Serena needs to:

Give Gossip Gir her site back before she puts out a hit on her.


Your turn.

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Royal Wedding Theories

Now THAT would be a fuckin good stoline

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Chair fans killed baby?

Chair fans killed the show

Of course they did. Either them or the shitty storylines the writers threw at us.

Because every potentionally good storyline has to go back to *chair*

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What happened to gossip girl???

did anyone have an answer to my above question? Why is each episode written and directed by a different person?

This is just how a lot of shows work. It's a hollwood thing.

This is my favorite show ever and i am watching season 5 becasue of that but i have to wonder, What happend to my favorite show?

The show is baisically run by shippers. The writers actually pay attention to the fans, and most of them are all "If Chuck and Blair don't end up together for endgame I will burn down everything and hate GG forever" even though Chair is dead and going back is like beating the same dead horse over and over.

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Chair fans killed baby?


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Chair fans killed baby?

At this moment? Blair/Blair. Blair/Chuck keep proving that they are exciting apart and boring singlend the foreplay is getting old, and as far as Blair/Louis?:


4x22 - Chuck arrives at an empty Constance to find Louis is still there.

Chuck: "You're still here"

Louis: "Why wouldn't I be?"

Chuck: "Party's almost over."

Louis: "I know but Blair hasn't arrived yet"

Chuck: "How can you be sure she's even coming?"

Louis: "Because I love her. And just as important, I believe in her. I know she's scared, but she'll figure it out. And I'll be here when she does."




She doesn't deserve him.

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Chair fans killed baby?

To spellcheck errors:





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Chair fans killed baby?

Gossip Girl writers do like to listen to fans and get rid of disliked characters. They did it to Vanessa and Jenny and Arron and Emma and almost everyone Nate's been with....but here's the thing.


Fans have been campaigning to get rid of Louis. When Gossip Girl  gets rid of characters they like to sever ties, right? And why do you want Louis gone? To be with Chuck?


Even if she just went with Chuck, that baby would still connect her with Louis.


and then BAM! Car crash. I don't think it's stupid to assume that GG Writers made the car crash not just as a tacky princess Di moment, but also to kill of Blair's baby. Is it stupid to assume that Blair praying 'Let him live' isn't her possible son? That it's Chuck?

Chair fans complain about the writing yet they have GG writers in a corner where if they try to let Chuck and Blair have seperate relationships they HAVE to end up together again. ndgame, is it? Well it's repetitive and it's ruining the show.

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Well I do hate Chuck. He's tried to sell Blair for a hotel, guilt trip her, seduce her while she's tring to be in other relationships and almost hit her. I know it's really messed up, but think of the writing GOLD that would come with his death. A whole new depth in other characters that have been getting rather flat i.e. Blair, and Nate and maybe even Serena if you want to dig a hole in that shallow puddle to make it deeper.

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