Where Can I Get "Fondue For Two" Theme Song?

Funniest thing ever! :) Love Brittany! :P

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Santana sticking up for Klaine

That was SO good. I was so happy that Santana stood up for someone! :D

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Something's Been On My Mind...

That could be so interesting! :] I never liked Terri but they should bring her back just for some Will/Emma/Terri drama, like there was in the first season! 

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The Quinn Fabray Appriciation Thread.

She has definatly had the most eventful storyline which is AWESOME!!! :D

Season 1- Getting pregnant, Finn/Puck trouble

Season 2- Sam/Finn trouble, trying to become prom queen, losing nationals and prom queen, cutting her hair (It still looks cute!)

Season 3- Her meltdown, losing Beth, trying to get Beth back.


Although most of these things that happened to her are bad, she is still the best character! :D

I love Quinn.... She is so amazing..

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AWWW sam!

He can be a little cheesy but i still LOVE him! :D <3

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The warblers are still shown in some episodes in the 2nd and 3rd series. I think that is super exciting :)

Yah for Kurt though, he's back with his friends! :D

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um did dianna cut her hair?

It looks nice short but I LOVED it long.. so when i saw the promo for the new episode, i was a little upset :(

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"My Cup" Appreciation Thread

Brittany thinks it is so swesome (and in some ways it is!), Arite is trying so hard not to laugh and Puck is just like 'oh my gosh, what is she going on about'. Still one of my favourite glee original songs! :D

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Do you think that Quinn/Puck will come back together?

I wish that they would get together.. :( I love them together with Beth. They could be such a cute little family... Shelby could become Beth's God mother. :)

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I think that Puckleberry was really cute and they were so cool together. Shame it lasted like 1 or 2 episodes.. :(

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