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Amanda - the girl who got saved by George from being hit by a bus.

Bright and shiny

Cardio gods only (what Cristina tells Owen when he shows up in one of the floors of SGH where only cardio people go)

Dude, she's Callie O'Malley! (Alex, after George and Callie come back from their wedding in Vegas)

Elevators that are evry hornyy (haha sorry couldnt think of anything)

"Fighting leads to good make-up sex" (Allison, the cancer patient to Izzie)

Ghandi-(season 4... Addie tells Izzie to be like Ghandi

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MerDer BABIES (Relationships)

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a mcbaby!! People are making the comments about who would stay home with the baby. Even though Bailey's husband stayed with Tuck, she still took him to the hospital daycare. I think that they could take turns staying home for a couple episodes and then take it to the day care. They could always visit it there. I think Mer will be a great mother and be involved in the baby's life, because her mother and especially her father were absent in her childhood. Also, Derek would make a wonderful father. He comes from a large family, and he's said that he's ready. Plus he waited over 11 years with Addison, and they never had any kids.

Those are my thoughts about it. Can't wait for September!!I <3 MerDer!!!!!

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Favourite non-main characters?

WOW... there are alot of great guest stars... i guess i can name some of them that i love...ok here we go......( in no particular order)

Joe, Adele, Nurse Tyler, Nurse Olivia, Thatcher, Ellis, Harold O'Malley, Mrs. O'Malley(don't remember her first name), Carolyn Shepherd,"superhero girl", Sydney Heron, the guy whose carotid atery blew, Arizona Robbins(idk if she's a regular or guest star), Denny, Cristina's mother, Burke's Mother, Derek's sister Nancy......

well i can't think of anymore right now.......

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~*~Grey's Anatomy Trivia~*~

its definatly... All I Need by Mat Kearney

this was a great idea.... can't wait for the next question!!!!!!!

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MerDer moments (Relationships)

okay... so it's been awhile since i posted my favorites..... here's another list of one from every season...

Season 1- Car sex...when bailey catches them!!Season 2- Prom...duh! super sexy!!Season 3- All of the "snoring" scenes...lolSeason 4- Break-up kiss, break-up sex!Season 5- THE PROPOSAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 most romantic scene ever!!!Favorite Scene Overall- Proposal Scene!!!!!

I <3 Mer/Der

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i read or saw somewhere that they are not writing it in..... im kinda sad cause i think that it would be very funny to see mark being a dad!!

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Would you rather..

i would definatly be in a scene with meredith and derek!!!!! i love them!!!! <3

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MerDer moments (Relationships)

Okay... there are just way too many scenes...

Here's another list of favorite scenes:

Season 1 Episode 5- Having sex in the car and Bailey finds them.

Season 2 Episode 27- Exam room sex!! Super hott!!

Season 3 Episode 15- Derek pulling Meredith out of the water.

Season 4 Episode 1- Breakup kiss... breakup sex!! Love it!!

Season 5 Episode 13- Derek waiting for Meredith outside of the prison.

Maybe I'll post some more later!!

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Derek and Mark - Behind the Punches... (Relationships)

My theory behind the fight is this:

Lexie tells Meredith about her and Sloan.Meredith tells Derek.Mark finds out the Lexie told Meredith.Mark tells Meredith about the engagment ring.Derek finds out Mark told Meredith, and then he starts the fight.

I read somewhere that it has something to do with Lexie... and Derek is mad at Addison. Can't wait to find out!!

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Meredith and Derek (Relationships)

OMG i sooooo want them to get married too!!! and have lots of little doctor babies!!!

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