Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

Here are my top 10 favorite couples:

1. Meredith and Derek (duh)

2. Cristina and Owen

3. Izzie and Alex

4. Addison and Derek

5. Izzie and Denny

6. Cristina and Burke

7. Callie and Sloan

8. George and Lexie

9. Richard and Adele

10. Callie and Hahn

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You know you're a Grey's fan when...

OMG i agree with EVERYTHING everyone has said. i totally agree bout the convention. at least im not the only person in the world that is overly obsessed. i quote episodes constantly, i have almost every song on my ipod, and i have NEVER missed an episode!!!


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MerDer moments (Relationships)

Wow there are too many to choose from but if I had to pick one from every season it would be....

Season 1- episode 1, when they are in the stair well discussing their one-night-stand!

Season 2- episode 15, after Meredith has to kill her old lady patient and they are sitting in the linen closet... love it!

Season 3- episode 8, definately hilarious bathtub scenes.... they are the best!

Season 4- episode 16, well i guess there are two from this episode- 1. when they get their patients laid and they call themselves PIMPS!, and of course 2. the candle house!

Season 5- episode 11, dancing it out in the living room (this is my fav so far)

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